Daniel Kegel

Senior software engineer with 20+ years total experience in embedded systems, server, desktop, and cloud development. Comfortable working at all levels of the system from bare metal on up.

Languages: C/C++, x86/amd64 assembly, Python, shell, Java, Golang, Javascript
Platforms: Linux, MacOS, Windows; server, desktop, embedded
Tools: ASan, Valgrind, Meson/CMake, Github/Gitlab/Buildbot, docker, qemu, strace, ...
Techniques: test driven, cross-platform, open source, pair programming, CI

dank@kegel.com :: www.kegel.com :: github.com/dankegel


May 2020: open source contributor

Aug 2012-Apr 2020: Senior Platform Engineer, Oblong Industries

Promoted shortly before coronavirus forced company to drop my department. My supervisor wrote:
Dan always went above and beyond the call of duty. He not only met expectations with every project but would make all the tangential bits better as well in the process. His attention to detail is incredible.

2010-2012: Software Engineer, startup, confidential

2003-2010: Software Engineer, Google, Santa Monica, CA

2001-2003: Senior Engineer, Ixia Communications, Calabasas, CA

1999-2001: Senior Developer, Disappearing, Inc. / Omniva, San Francisco, CA

Designed and implemented the following aspects of the Omniva server:

My supervisor wrote:

Dan is one of Disappearing Inc.'s key assets. He has a deep commitment to our product and a sense of ownership over its technology. His ability to create a full keyserver from a clean sheet of paper is a testimony to his value to our organization.

1995-1999: Senior Programmer, Activision, Santa Monica, CA

My supervisor wrote:
Dan has been responsible for most of Activision's technical innovation during [1996].

1993-1995: Software engineer, Knowledge Adventure, Glendale, CA

1992-1993: Electrical Engineer, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA

1989-1991: Electrical Engineer, Mars Observer Project, Caltech, Pasadena, CA.



Other Activities

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