Daniel Kegel

dank@kegel.com, http://www.kegel.com

Senior software engineer with over 10 years experience in C, Linux, and TCP/IP and several years experience in C++, Java, and Win32

Familiar with Apache, Buildbot, Clang, CMake, GCC, GDB, Git, Javascript, MySQL, Perl, PHP, Python, Valgrind, and Visual C++


Aug 2012-present: Software Engineer, Oblong Industries

June-July 2012: Software Engineer/Consultant, Tanner Research

Short, targeted gig to help port their CAD application to 64 bit Linux using Wine

2010-2012: Software Engineer, startup, confidential

2004-2010: Software Engineer, Google, Santa Monica, CA

2001-2004: Senior Engineer, Ixia Communications, Calabasas, CA

Developed the Ixia Linux SDK (a simple embedded Linux with GNU cross-development tools) and a high-performance scripting language for load generation.

While there, developed the open source C/C++ toolchain build script Crosstool

1999-2001: Senior Developer, Disappearing, Inc. / Omniva Policy Systems, San Francisco, CA

Designed and implemented secure, high-performance, highly available email server software using C++, Java, SSL, SNMP, JDBC, and Sybase on Linux and Solaris.

I designed and implemented the following aspects of the Omniva server:

My supervisor wrote:

Dan is one of Disappearing Inc.'s key assets. He has a deep commitment to our product and a sense of ownership over its technology. His ability to create a full keyserver from a clean sheet of paper is a testimony to his value to our organization.

1995-1999: Senior Programmer, Activision, Santa Monica, CA

Designed and implemented portable multiplayer networking code for games on the Win95, Linux, MS-DOS, and MacOS platforms, and game servers on the Linux and Solaris platforms. About fourteen games were shipped using this code. My supervisor wrote:
Dan has been responsible for most of Activision's technical innovation during [1996].



BS, Engineering and Applied Science and Biology, 1986, Caltech

Other Activities

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