Software Engineering with Wine

During 2002-2004, I'd been looking for ways to inject a little practical Linux-oriented programming into local CS cirricula. I talked with several CS departments, and out of those conversations came my essay/talk "The Case for Linux in Universities" as well as projects with two computer science departments over several years. Here's a record of what happened (and is currently happening).


From 2005 on, I have had the great pleasure of being one of four industry customers for Professor Paul Eggert's CS130 Software Engineering course at UCLA each winter term. Even better, UCLA alumni Tommy Kho, Lei Zhang, and Dan Hipschman acted as co-customers, writing lots of project documenation, and helping students.

Here are project descriptions and notes for each year.

Harvey Mudd

In 2004, I was fortunate to participate in Harvey Mudd College's CS Clinic. You can read a postmortem of the project here.

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