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Open Letter to DOJ Re: Microsoft Settlement

To: microsoft.atr@usdoj.gov
Subject: Microsoft Settlement

To: Renata B. Hesse
Antitrust Division
U.S. Department of Justice
601 D Street NW
Suite 1200
Washington, DC 20530-0001

28 January 2002

Ms. Hesse,

Please find below a joint open letter signed by 2366 people from across the United States. I composed the open letter and offered to collect signatures by email as a simple way for people to express their views on the Proposed Final Judgment.

I certify that the following list of names was compiled from email sent to petition@kegel.com; that return email was used to provide some small degree of assurance that each submission came from a valid email address; and that I have verified to the best of my ability that all co-signers are US residents or citizens.

I am sending the document (http://www.kegel.com/remedy/remedy2.html) referenced in the joint open letter under separate cover as my personal Tunney Act comment.

Dan Kegel
901 S. Sycamore
Los Angeles, CA 90036

To: Renata B. Hesse
Antitrust Division
U.S. Department of Justice
601 D Street NW
Suite 1200
Washington, DC 20530-0001

Ms. Hesse,

Under the Tunney Act, we wish to comment on the proposed Microsoft settlement. We agree with the problems identified in Dan Kegel's analysis (on the Web at http://www.kegel.com/remedy/remedy2.html), namely:

We also agree with the conclusion reached by that document, namely that the Proposed Final Judgment, as written, allows and encourages significant anticompetitive practices to continue, would delay the emergence of competing Windows-compatible operating systems, and is therefore not in the public interest. It should not be adopted without substantial revision to address these problems.


Aaron Croyle, Columbus, Ohio; Student, Ohio State University
Aaron Hamid, Ithaca, NY; Java Applications Developer, Cornell University
Aaron J. Grier, Portland, OR; Embedded Systems Engineer, Frye Electronics
Aaron Krol, Elma, NY; Electrical Engineer, member, IEEE
Aaron Lambers, Boise, Idaho; System Administrator, Manpower Professional
Aaron Sakowski, Cleveland, OH; Information Management, n/a
Aaron Swartz, Highland park, IL; Lead Developer, The Plex Project
Aaron Tillema, La Crosse, WI; Student, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
Aaron Zinman, San Diego, CA; Student, University of California at San Diego
Ab Kuenzli, North Pole, Alaska; Technology Manager, Lathrop High School, Fairbanks North Star Borough
Abraham Ingersoll, Venice, CA; Programmer, Dajoba
Adam A. Turetzky, Evanston, IL; Technical Support Consultant, Northwestern University
Adam Bowker, Dover, NH; Student, University of New Hampshire
Adam Bregenzer, Atlanta, GA; Vice President Of Information Technology, WebEntrada
Adam Burrill, Seattle, WA; Technology Consultant, n/a
Adam Clayton, Norwich, VT; Software Engineer,
Adam Hitchcock, Ann Arbor, MI; Software Programer, n/a
Adam Houghton, San Antonio, TX; Student, Trinity University
Adam Johnson, Decatur, GA; Graduate Student, Georgia Institute of Technology
Adam Jones, Fishers, Indiana; Software Engineer, Flexware Integration
Adam Kessel, Somerville, MA; Student, Northeastern University School of Law
Adam K. Keys, Dallas, Texas; Student, Southern Methodist University
Adrian P. Sinnott, Huntington Station, NY; Former campus rep, Apple
AE Mustain, Oakland, CA; Software Engineer & Manager, NextBus Information Systems
Afsheen Bigdeli, Boston, MA; n/a
Agris Taurins, Lincoln, NE; Unix Administrator, n/a
Ahmad Baitalmal, Issaquah, WA; IT, Etelos Inc.
Akkana Peck, San Jose, CA; Software Engineer, Netscape
Alain James Bertrand II, West Valley, Utah; PC Technician, Alorica Inc.
Alan J. Miller, Des Plaines, IL; Senior Engineer, The Standard Register Company
Alan Overton, Marietta, Georgia; Web content developer, Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access, Georgia Tech
Alan Shoemaker, Moreno Valley, California; Customer Service Technician, MandrakeSoft Inc.
Alan V. Shackelford, Baltimore, Maryland; Senior Systems Software Engineer, The Johns Hopkins University
Alan Wilkinson, Burke, VA; President, Results Computing Corporation
Alan Zabaro, Glendale, CA; Programmer Analyst, Los Angeles County
Al Cuenco, Portland, OR; System Administrator, NW Natural
Aleksandr Drel, Brooklyn, NY; Developer, Keane
Alena Waller, Georgetown, KY; Concerned Citizen,
Alex, Aaarons, Indianapolis; System Administrator, Star News
Alex Alegado, Rosemead, CA; President, ThoughtShop Networks
Alexander Johns, Montgomery Village, MD; Programmer, n/a
Alexander Kazura, Pittsfield, Massachusetts; Head Technician, n/a
Alexander M. Johnson, Santa Cruz, CA; Principal, Arete Systems
Alexander Shvedoff, San Francisco, California; COO & Programmer, Isomorphic Software
Alexander Stefansky, Santa Cruz, CA; Consultant,
Alexander Wallace, Cedar Park, Texas; Lead Developer / Network Administrator, RW
Alex Belits, Denver CO; CTO, Belits Computer Systems
Alex Deucher, Arlington, Virginia; Sales Engineer, n/a
Alex Johnson, Cincinnati, Ohio; Freelance Video Producer, n/a
Alex Nicksay, New York, New York; Student, Computer Science and Film Studies, Columbia University
Alex Weissman, Johnston, RI; Artist and Animator, Worldwinner
Alfredo Azpiazu, Sarasota, Florida; Student, New College of Florida
Ali Bawany, Austin, TX; n/a
Alice Schafer, Acton, Ma; Senior Database Analyst, MITRE Corp
Alison Chaiken, Fremont, CA; Chief Scientist, WSRCC
Alison N. Smith, Austin, Texas; n/a
Allan T. Walters, Philadelphia, PA; Systems Administrator, Note.com
Allen Cook, Bowling Green, KY; Student, Western Kentucky University
Allen D. Malony, Eugene, Oregon; Associate Professor, University of Oregon
Allen J. Lopp, Lanesvile, IN; Owner/Consultant, 21st Century Cyber
Allen S. Rout, Gainesville, Florida; Systems Programmer, University of Florida
Allen W. Goetsch, Chicago, IL; Consultant, Jen-Tech Steele
Alon Harpaz, Ashland, MA; Electrical Engineer, Dover Instrument Corporation
Alyssa Canann, Costa Mesa, California; Owner, For the Love of Peat
Amber Jain, Los Angeles, CA; Graduate Student, USC
Andrea J Cameron, Los Angeles, CA; Developer, Avacast
Andre Valente, Los Angeles, CA; Consultant, n/a
Andre Vrignaud, San Jose, CA; n/a
Andrew Barak Sweger, Seattle, WA; Software Developer, n/a
Andrew Bezella, Chicago, IL; n/a
Andrew Biddle, Lake Forest Park, WA; Network Engineer, AT&T Wireless Services
Andrew C. Bertola, Sunnyvale, CA; Owner, drewb.com
Andrew Chaplin, Buffalo, NY; Lead Operator/System Admin I, Canisius College
Andrew Chen, East Lansing, MI; Graduate Assistant, Michigan State University
Andrew Deckowitz, Buffalo Grove, Illinois; Systems Engineer, n/a
Andrew D. Hwang, Worcester, MA; Professor, College of the Holy Cross
Andrew Gray, Las Vegas, NV; Systems Administrator, University of Nevada
Andrew Helsley, Calabasas, CA; Student, University of California, Riverside
Andrew Hermetz, Dayton, Ohio; TechnoShaman, Humanadyne
Andrew Hon, Berkeley, California; Student, University of California Berkeley
Andrew James Alan Welty, Twentynine Palms, CA; n/a
Andrew J. Murren, Mendham, NJ; Partner, Omni-Tech Solutions
Andrew Klenzak, Atlanta, GA; Embedded Software Engineer, CIENA Corporation
Andrew Klopp, Denver, CO; HelpDesk Supervisor, Ultimate Electronics
Andrew Lenharth, Everett, WA; Information Technology Systems Specialist, State of Washington
Andrew Longton, Rockville, MD; President, Metamark Corporation
Andrew Lubbers, Phoenix, AZ; Software Engineer, Helm Software
Andrew Lundberg, Baltimore, Maryland; Staff Engineer, Equinox Corporation
Andrew M. Page, Ithaca, NY; Media Assistant, Cornell University
Andrew O'Brien, Wyomissing, PA; Sattelite Communications Instructor, NATO
Andrew Park, Cleveland, Ohio; Systems Analyst, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
Andrew Pavelchek, San Diego, CA; Sr. Electrical Engineer, Maxima Corporation
Andrew Pfiffer, Aloha, OR; Software Developer, Citizen of USA
Andrew Spencer, Salt Lake City, UT; Software Engineer, falling blue
Andrew S. Zbikowski, Minneapolis, MN; Information Technology Specalist, University of Minnesota Computer Science Dept
Andrew Valkanas, Chicago, IL; Student, NEIU
Andy Barclay, Concord, California; Solaris Systems Architect, Digital Island
Andy Catalano, College Place, WA; Student, Walla Walla College
Andy Chin, Los Angeles, CA; Student, University of California, Los Angeles
Andy Cristina, New Orleans, Louisiana; Student, University of New Orleans, Penta Corporation
Andy Mroczkowski, Philadelphia, PA; , Drexel University
Andy Wismar, Cleveland, Ohio; Internet Application Developer, Weatherhead School of Management
Angus Crome, Maryville, IL; Systems Administrator, n/a
Anthony Britton, Fairfax, Virginia; Network Engineer, N/A
Anthony Lastowka, Philadelphia, PA; NT/W2K/Linux Administrator, University of Pennsylvania Medical School
Anthony L Borchers, Coconut Creek, Florida; Senior Engineer, PowerVision Corporation
Anthony McDowell, MS State University, MS; Student, Mississippi State University
Anthony Spears, Ames, Iowa; Software Developer, Universal Systems and Technologies (UNITECH)
Antone Roundy, Spanish Fork, UT; Manager, Mouken
Antonio Arredondo, San Jose, CA; Student, n/a
Ara Aroyan, Davis, California; CSE Student, UC Davis
Aric Stewart, Minneapolis, MN; Programmer, CodeWeavers
Ari Turetzky, Normal, IL; Development Team Lead, Illinois State University
Aron S. Spencer, Irvine, CA; Ph.D. Candidate: Graduate School of Management, UC Irvine
Arrigo Benedetti, Los Angeles, CA; Staff scientist, Caltech
Arthur Corliss, Anchorage, AK; Independent Programmer, n/a
Arthur Michaels, Parsippany, NJ; Software Engineer/Technologist, Lucent Technologies
Art Johnson, Los Angeles, California; Member lula.org, linuxatlax.org, CSC-SERC
Artur Kedzierski, Walnut, CA; Graduate Student, University of California
Ashley M. Kirchner, Boulder, Colorado; System Administrator, Photo Craft Laboratories, Inc.
Athur Abraham, Oakland, CA; Senior Software Engineer, A-Squared Systems Group
Attila Mate, New York, NY; Professor of Mathematics, Brooklyn College of CUNY
Audrey Lee, Princeton, New Jersey; Graduate Student (PhD program in Electrical Engineering), Princeton University
Aurangzeb M. Agha, San Francisco, CA; President and CEO, Missing Link Technology Partners
Austin Schutz, Portland, OR; Sr. Network Engineer, Global Crossing
Barak A. Pearlmutter, Albuquerque, NM; Professor, University of New Mexico
Barrett Sylvies, Woodland Hills, CA; Field Service Technician, n/a
Barrington King, Washington, DC; Co-Founder, Wyrdwright
Barry E. Tolnas, Olympia, WA; Adjunct Faculty, The Evergreen State College
Barry Rountree, San Diego, CA; Software Engineer, Freelance
Barry Wilson, Beaverton, OR; Software Engineer, n/a
Baxter Michael Gilley, Chester, VA; Student, ECPI Technical College
B. Charles Reynolds, Seward, Alaska; Independant Business Owner, Unicity Network
Benjamin C. Kite, Santa Cruz, CA; n/a
Benjamin Cressey, Chapel Hill, NC; Systems Architect, n/a
Benjamin Gilbert, Pittsburgh, PA; Engineering student, Carnegie Mellon University
Benjamin J. Liberman, Santa Fe, NM; Programmer/Analyst, Accent Optical Technologies
Benjamin Moore, Marina del Rey, California; Programmer Analyst IV, USC Institute for Creative Technologies
Benjamin Morse, Somerville, Massachusetts; Student, MIT
Benjamin Moser, Floyds Knobs, Indiana; System Engineer, Kimball International
Benjamin R. Eastwood, Albany, CA; IT Manager, wilweb.com
Benjamin Russo, Herndon, Virginia; UNIX Systems Administrator, Currently Unemployed
Benjamin W Pearre, Cambridge, MA; Research Associate, MIT
Ben Messinger, Kennewick, WA; Network Systems Administrator, HFG
Bennett Neale, Santa Monica, California; Software Engineer, Edmunds.com
Ben Penning, San Diego, CA; Web Programmer, Einstein Industries
Ben Wilson, Louisville, KY; Systems Analyst/Designer, Corvus Digital Solutions
Beth A. Roe, Sarasota, Florida; Financial Controller & Consumer
Bevan C. Bennett, Pasadena, California; Manager of Information Technology, n/a
Bill Abbas, Sanford, FL; Senior Systems Architect, CRM Solutions
Bill Bennett, Gallatin, Tennessee; President, Double B Consulting
Bill Bisho, Colorado Springs, Colorado; V.P. Information Technology, H.I.S. Financial Services Corp.
Bill Brody, Troy, Michigan; Electrical Engineer, n/a
Bill Bryan, Paso Robles, California; Owner, Paralegal Services
Bill Cunningham, Sparks, NV; Technical Lead, Bally Gaming and Systems
Bill Denney, LaGrange, GA; College Student, Georgia Institute of Technology
Bill Ezell, Manchester, NH; Sr. Software Architect, Granite Systems
Bill Glover, Amarillo, TX; Enterprise Java Architect, n/a
Bill Huey, San Diego, CA; Software Engineer
Bill Jetzer, Madison, WI; Software Developer, SVA Consulting
Bill Sconce, Milford, NH; President, In Spec, Inc.
Bill Toole, New York, NY; self employed, n/a
Binu Parayil, Ocean, NJ; System Engineer, n/a
Blake Huber, Austin, TX; Director of Eng. Operations, Coremetrics
Blake Wesley Thomas, Chicago, Illinois; Student, Senior Tutor, CS, University of Chicago
Bob Alvarez, Chicago, IL; Human Factors Engineer/Software Engineer, bobalvarez.net
Bob Armstrong, Conway, MA; Consulting Engineer, Compaq
Bobby Hays, Lawrenceville, GA; Graphic Systems Developer, Network Communications, Inc.
Bob Dehnhardt, Reno, NV; n/a
Bob Hardy, Santa Clara, CA; UNIX Sysadmin, Sanmina-SCI Corp.
Bob Horvath, Arlington Heights, IL; Software Engineer, n/a
Bob Mileti, Torrington, CT; President, Trlby Innovative
Bob Nicksic, Chicago, IL; Technical Product Manager, Peter Martin Associates
Bob Pendleton, Round Rock, Texas; Owner, Gameprogrammer.com
Bob Stephan, Pebble Beach, California; Owner/Consultant, Moby Disk
Boyce Fullmer, Plano, TX; Systems Analyst, Flash Computers and Networks
Brad Baylor, Columbus, OH; Supervisor, Qwest
Bradford Carpenter, Camino, CA; Database Programmer, Construction NewsNet
Brad Garcia, Freedom, PA; Senior Software Engineer, n/a
Brad Harvell, Chandler, AZ; Senior Engineer, n/a
Bradley Greger, Los Angeles, CA; Neuroscientist, Caltech
Bradley J. Christensen, Berrien Springs, Michigan; Oracle Database Administrator, Andrews University
Bradley M. Alexander, Amissville, VA; Security Engineer, VeriSign (acting on my own accord...)
Bradley R. Stone, Columbus, Ohio; Graduate Student, The Ohio State University
Brad Midgley, Salt Lake, Utah; Developer, n/a
Brad Myers, Bridgeport, WV; Senior Systems Administrator, n/a
Brad O'Hearne, Irvine, CA; Software Engineer
Brad Showalter, Richmond, VA; Information Security Specialist, Federal Reserve Bank - Richmond
Brad Smith, Savannah, GA; Computer Engineering Major, Georgia Institute of Technology
Brandi Weed, Davis, CA; Consultant
Brandon Low, Chicago, Illinois; Graphics and Imaging Specialist, Copytec, Inc.
Brandon M. Reynolds, Akron, Ohio; Systems Engineer, Commercial Timesharing Inc. [http://www.comtime.com/]
Brandon Neill, Westminster, CO; Technical Support Engineer, Sun Microsystems
Brandon Stephens, Huntsville, AL; Network Security Administrator, CFD Research Corp
Brendan Billingsley, Boulder, Colorado; Student, University of Colorado at Boulder
Brendan Bouffler, New York, New York; Global Tech Support Manager, Proximity Corp
Brendan Byrd, Louisville, KY; Web Programmer, Resonator Software
Brent Bryan, Friday Harbor, Washington; Student, Yale University
Brent Chivers, Arlington, VA; Systems Administrator, Mitretek Systems
Brent Geske, Vancouver, WA; Software Engineer, self
Brent Laminack, Atlanta, GA; Director of e-commerce, Enweben, LLC.
Brent Pickert, Scottsdale, Arizona; Student, Arizona State University
Brett Barton, Dublin, OH; Pricing Coordinator, Ashland Distribution Company
Brett Carter, Portland, OR; Web Engineer, Kavi
Brett Coon, Milpitas, CA; Technical Director, n/a
Brett Johnson, Windsor, CO; Software Engineer, n/a
Brett Kislin, Pompano Beach, FL; Pres., Kislin Consulting
Brett Lorenzen, Alexandria, VA; Consultant and Developer, n/a
Brett Miller, Nashville, TN; Systems Administrator, n/a
Brett Peckinpaugh, Denver, Colorado; System Support Specialist, Avaya
Brett Presnell, Gainesville, Florida; Associate Professor, University of Florida
Brett Sanger, Williamsburg, VA; Web Programmer, n/a
Brett Schwarz, North Bend, WA; Lead Network Engineer, n/a
Brian Allemana, Chicago, IL; Web Developer/Consultant, n/a
Brian A. Redding, Champaign, IL; Software Engineer, n/a
Brian Beveridge, Oakland, CA; General Partner, Paradigm Three
Brian Casten, Elgin, IL; Student, Columbia College
Brian Chiko, Saratoga, California; VP Marketing, Vpacket Communications
Brian Cleverly, Sacramento, CA; ex Software Developer and now angry captive Microsft user., Anzam Yacht Refurbishing
Brian Davis, Beaverton, OR; Unix Systems Administrator, n/a
Brian Dellert, Prior Lake, MN; Software Developer, Independent Consultant
Brian DeRosa, Elk Grove Village, IL; Principal, The Net Squad
Brian D. Klar, Dayton, OH; VTC Engineer, OTS / WPAFB
Brian Fahrlander, Evansville, Indiana; Owner, Kamakiriad.com
Brian Feathers, Arlington, VA; Consultant, n/a
Brian Filipiak, Ypsilanti, MI; Grant Associate, Eastern Michigan University
Brian Grossman, Fort Collins, Colorado; President, SoftHome
Brian Hall, Colorado Springs, CO; Software Engineer, Northrop Grumman
Brian Hellman, Osceola, IN; IT manager, 1st Source Bank
Brian Horton, Pflugerville, TX; n/a
Brian J. Brondel, Springfield, MO; Student, Southwest Missouri State University
Brian Johnson, Durham, NC; IT Analyst, Duke University
Brian Kelly, Chicago, Illinois; Student, DePaul University
Brian Koppe, Buffalo Grove, IL; Undergraduate Student, DePaul University
Brian LaMere, San Diego, California; UNIX Sysadmin, Diversa
Brian Lau, Huntington Beach, CA; Software Engineer, Gordian Inc.
Brian Martin, Champaign, IL; Webmaster, Farm Credit Services
Brian Mason, Hinesburg, Vermont; Web Developer, Image Mason Design
Brian McFadden, Altamonte Springs, Florida; Device Driver Engineer, CDP
Brian M. Fisher, Chapel Hill, NC; Graduate Student in Nuclear Physics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Brian M. Schkerke, St. Louis, MO; Vice President Information Systems, NETCO
Brian Olsen, Aurora, Colorado; Senior Software Developer, Pixxures Inc.
Brian P. Bilbrey, Sunnyvale, CA; IT/Web/Consultant/Author, Orb Designs
Brian Redfern, Los Angeles, CA; Linux Programmer
Brian Reichert, Bethlehem, PA; Systems Engineer, n/a
Brian R. Furry, Hackettstown, New Jersey; Mathematics and Computer Science Teacher, Watchung Hills Regional High School
Brian R. Swan, Elgin, Illinois; internetwork Solutions Engineer, ThruPoint
Brian Strand, Oakland, California; CTO, Switch Management
Brian Teague, Houston, TX; Computer Science student, Rice University
Brian Templeton, Starkville, MS; Student, Mississippi State University
Brian T. Johnson, Bainbridge, GA; Electronics Calibration Specialist, USN
Brian Vincent, Breckenridge, CO; Telecom Engineer, Copper Mountain
Brian Weir, Cleveland, Ohio; student, Hiram College
Bridgette Ruggles, Waldwick, NJ; Computer Support/Web Designer, Cline
Brien Dieterle, Chandler, Arizona; Computer Technician, Maricopa Community Colleges
Brock Organ, Chapel Hill, NC; QA Engineer, Red Hat Inc
Bruce Armstrong, Orem, Utah; Software Quality Assurance Engineer, NTT/Verio (www.verio.net)
Bruce Buckelew, Oakland, CA; Director, Oakland Technnology Exchange - West
Bruce E. Birch, San Diego, California; Information Systems Administrator, Biostruct
Bruce Hamilton, Redondo Beach, CA; n/a
Bruce Horn, Mammoth Lakes, CA; Chief Technical Officer, Marketocracy, Inc.
Bruce McCready, Baltimore, MD; Software Engineer, Advertising.com
Bruce McFarland, Wilmington, DE; President, Absolute Systems Inc
Bruce Rakes, Atlanta, GA; CTO, Zmed
Bruce Rogovin, Cincinnati, Ohio; President, Bruce J. Rogovin DMD
Bruce Timberlake, Carlsbad, CA; Technology Engineer, Sun Microsystems
Bruce W. Calkins, Wales, MA; n/a
Bryan Carpenter, Loveland, CO; Software Development Engineer, Agilent Technologies
Bryan Durkee, Oshkosh, WI; NT Server Manager, Winnefox Library System
Bryan Housel, Philadelphia, PA; Software Engineer, CIM of Philadelphia
Bryan Newman, Seattle, WA; Programmer, n/a
Bryan Waterman, Monterey, CA; Lieutenant, DOD
Bryce Schober, Seattle, WA; Software Engineer, Dynon Development
Buckley Collum, Los Angeles, CA; Partner, MenaceFX
Buford Lemon, Midland, MI; Dr., A Big Chemical Company
Caleb Mardini, Bellevue, WA; Real Estate Coordinator, WhyNotOwn.com
Calvin Harrigan, Atlanta, Georgia; Software Engineer, n/a
Calvin S. Taylor Jr., Tigard, Oregon; President, Sandforge Engineering
Canyon Russell, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Consultant, n/a
Carl Alexander, Watertown, Massachusetts; Senior Systems and Network Administrator, Technical Education Research Center
Carl Christian Brink, Portland, OR; CTO, ONSITE! Technology
Carl Drake Jr, Chillicothe, OH; Commander USN(Ret)
Carl Friedberg, New York, NY; President and CEO, Comet and Company
Carlie J. Coats, Jr., Ph.D., Chapel Hill, NC; Mathematician/Analyst, MCNC-Environmental Modeling Center
Carl J. Youngdahl, Ph.D., Evanston, IL; Software/Content Developer, n/a
Carl Klutzke, Indianapolis, IN; Software Developer, Covance Inc.
Carl M. Holmberg, Kihei, HI; Systems Analyst, AFRL - Maui High Performance Computing Center
Carl M. Keil, Portland, OR; Multimedia Producer, Portland Community College
Carl Mueller, Seattle, WA; Software Engineer, Nintendo
Carlos Eberhardt, White Bear Twp, MN; Consultant / Software Engineer, n/a
Carlos Santellanes, Montebello, California; Graphic Designer, Freelance
Carl Spangenberger, Wyoming, Michigan; Software Engineer, n/a
Carl Youngblood, Orem, Utah; Software Engineer, n/a
Caroline Lambert, Palo Alto, CA; IT Infrastructure Manager, Agilent Technologies
Carolyn Cooper, Princeton, NJ; Computer Science graduate student, Johns Hopkins University
Carroll Grigsby, Raleigh, NC; Retired, n/a
Cary Roys, Aurora, IL; Resnet Consultant, North Central College
Case Matthew Wiedner, Arlington Heights, Illinois; Network Administrator, American Telephone and Telegraph
Casey Gordon, Athens, Georgia; Web Administrator, College of Family & Consumer Sciences
Casey Hutchinson, Santa Cruz, CA; Network Administrator, Nadel Phelan, Inc.
Catherine Jenkins, Cambridge, MA; Student, MIT
C. Brandon Forehand, Pflugerville, TX; Software Developer, n/a
Cerrise Weiblen, Louisville, Colorado; Freelance XA, XA Business Services
Chadd Horanburg, Ferndale, MI; Security Engineer, Internet Security Systems
Chad Kavanaugh Bisk, Reston, Va; Senior Consultant, Braun Consulting
Chad Kay, Milwaukie, Oregon; n/a
Chad Margetts, West Jordan, Utah; Independent Consultant, Ron Allen Consulting Services
Chad Miller, Valdosta, GA; Developer, Debian
Chad Vogelsong, Carlisle, PA; Student, The Pennsylvania State University
Charles B. Cranston, Burtonsville, Maryland; Staff computer programmer, University of Maryland at College Park
Charles Borner, Lisle, IL; Owner, EvilNET.net
Charles D. Galler Jr., Houston, Tx; System Admin, C2C Fiber
Charles D. McJilton, Laporte, Colorado; System Administrator, JYM Information Systems LLC
Charles Durst, Arlington, MA; Senior Software Engineer, n/a
Charles E Chandler III, New Orleans, LA; Computer Technician, Computer Source, LLC.
Charles E Mason IV, Tallahassee, FL; Student, Florida State University
Charles E. Oesterle, Plymouth, Michigan; programmer, CEO Image Systems
Charles F. McKnight, Fayetteville, Arkansas; PC/LAN Specialist, Mercy Health Systems - NWA
Charles Forsythe, Dallas, TX; Enterprise Systems Consultant, Texas Home Health of America
Charles F. Wilkins, III, Houston, TX; Systems Analyst, Cullen College of Engineering
Charles Hasegawa, Mesa, Arizona; Software Engineer, Cottonwood Technology Group
Charles Hinson, King of Prussia, PA; Senior Engineer, Avercom
Charles Hopkins, Foothill Ranch, CA; Systems Analyst, Boeing Satellite Systems
Charles Hurlocker, Renton, WA; Retired Software Engineer
Charles Jenkins, Oak Ridge, Tennessee; Software Developer, n/a
Charles Kendrick, San Francisco, CA; Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Isomorphic Software
Charles Kerr, Oklahoma City, OK; Senior Software Engineer, University of Oklahoma
Charles Krug Smart, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Undergraduate Student, Carnegie Mellon University
Charles Kuske, New York, NY; Engineer, Metropolis DVD
Charles L. Hethcoat III, Houston, Texas; Concerned citizen, n/a
Charles Mattice, Stone Mountain, GA; Technical Director, Permite Corporation
Charles Mercer, Wichita, KS; Lead Analyst, Cessna Aircraft Company
Charles Noble Baker, Van Nuys, California; Systems Administrator, Solar Webb, INC
Charles "Pat" Kelley, Norcross, Georgia; Firmware Engineer, Enrev Power Solutions
Charles R. Fry, Sunnyvale, California; Computer Scientist, n/a
Charles Steinkuehler, Topeka, KS; Electronics Engineer, NewTek Partners; member, Linux Router Project
Charles Wiltgen, San Diego, CA; Product Manager, PacketVideo
Charlie Eidem, Rohnert Park, California; Student, Sonoma State University
Charlie Kilian, Wamego, KS; Director of Software Development, Aphelion Studios
Charlie Zender, Irvine, CA; Professor of Earth System Science, University of California at Irvine
Chase Caster, Ames, IA; Student, Iowa State University
Chase Grund, Dayton, Ohio; Web Administrator, LOGTEC, Inc.
Chester Hoster, Dallas, TX; IT Network Engineer, n/a
Chip Hart, Burlington, VT; Director of Marketing, Physician's Computer Company (PCC)
Chip Witt, Santa Rosa, CA; Sr. Network Administrator, Westwave Communications, Inc.
Chris A. Miller, Omaha, NE; Application Architect, Withheld out of fear
Chris Armstrong, Sterling, VA; Product Engineer, America Online, Inc.
Chris Bare, Fort Lauderdale, FL; Technical Director, Metro Link Incorporated
Chris Barr, Wayland, MA; Software Engineer, Strider Software, Inc.
Chris Beattie, Columbia, South Carolina; System Administrator, Independent
Chris Bopp, Honolulu, HI; System Administrator, Travel Hawaii
Chris Carlin, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Student, Texas A&M University
Chris Davis, Minneaplois, MN; Software Developer, KRS Software
Chris Dawson, Portland, Oregon; Software Engineer, Contractor
Chris Dos, Highlands Ranch, CO; President, Open Innovations
Chris Gamble, Grapvine, Texas; Developer, CPB Inc
Chris Gebhardt, State College, PA; Student of Computer Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University
Chris Hadley, Memphis, TN; System Engineer, Infuturo
Chris Hamilton, Anchorage, AK; IT Contractor, C&S Management Associates
Chris Harmon, Copley, Ohio; Student, University of Akron
Chris Holland, Costa Mesa, CA; Programmer, Contractor's Source Inc
Chris Hruska, Ithaca, NY; Graduate student, Cornell University
Chris Humphres, Durham, North Carolina; Software Engineer, n/a
Chris Lea, Los Angeles, CA; Senior Technologist, Lucid Designs
Chris Loendorf, Sacaton, Arizona; Project Director, Gila River Indian Community Cultural Resource
Chris March, Buffalo, NY; Network Administrator, Prep Incorporated
Chris Marckel, Minneapolis, Mn; QA analyst, IBMGS
Chris Mccraw, Denver, CO; unix consultant, independent
Chris McGraw, Clark, SD; Information Systems Operator/Maintainer, SDARNG
Chris Monson, Provo, UT; Chief Architect, Orangatango
Chris Rabkin, Naples, Florida; Internet Business Strategist, imageProjektions-DGL
Chris Scheller, Palmdale, CA; Presidnet/Founder, Antelope Valley Linux Users Group
Chris Sexton, Raleigh, NC; Student, North Carolina State University
Chris Sutton, Seattle, WA; Software Engineer, iFloor.com
Chris Telfer, West Lafayette, Indiana; Graduate Student, Purdue University
Christian Greika, Atlanta, GA; Software Engineer, NCR Corporation
Christian H=F6ltje, San Jose, Texas; Lead Developer, Rackspace Managed Hosting
Christian Schumann-Curtis, Denver, CO; R&D Manager, Pixxures
Christian Walker, San Francisco, California; Software Developer, Ubiquitos Information
Christine Eck, Columbia, MD; software engineer, n/a
Christopher A. Baumbauer, Lafayette, IN; student, Purdue University
Christopher A. Worth, Louisville, KY; Biomedical Engineer, Univ. of Louisville
Christopher Caldwell, Woburn, Massachusetts; Chief Engineer, Interliant Corporation
Christopher Corayer, Newton, MA; Network Engineer, ADE Corporation
Christopher Elmquist, St. Paul, MN; Software Engineer, Elmquist Microsystems
Christopher Fitch, Memphis, TN; Senior Software Engineer, n/a
Christopher Foley, Atlanta, Georgia; Systems Engineer, Stevens Communications
Christopher Holley, Durham, NC; Medical Student, Duke University Medical School
Christopher J. Armstrong, Clinton, Pennsylvania; Web Developer, NOVA Chemicals
Christopher J. Kucera, Green Bay, WI; Software Engineer, n/a
Christopher Mende, Colorado Springs, Colorado; Systems Engineer, Raviant Networks
Christopher Michael Werner, Brooklyn, New York; Student, SUNY Binghamton
Christopher N. Lawrence, Oxford, MS; Computer Systems Manager, University of Mississippi
Christopher O'Brien, Raleigh, North Carolina; Contracted Developer, CDI
Christopher Palow, Miami, Florida; Student Computer Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University
Christopher Park, Jacksonville, Florida; Software Developer, Independant
Christopher Plummer, Flemington, NJ; Lotus Notes Administrator, Independent Contractor
Christopher R. Wren, Cambridge, Massachusetts; Research Scientist, MERL
Christopher Sean Morrison, Aberdeen, MD; Senior Software Engineer, U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Christopher Smith, Los Angeles, California; Senior Technologist, Xdrive Technologies
Christopher S. Swingley, Fairbanks, Alaska; Computer / Network Manager, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Christopher Vargas, Arlington, VA; Web Publisher, HHMI
Christopher Wallace, Austin, TX; System Architect, Dell Computer Corporation
Christopher Weuve, Alexandria, VA; Senior Research Specialist, n/a
Christopher Wolske, Gaithersburg, MD; Consultant, n/a
Chris Turner, El Paso, TX; Graduate Student, UTEP
Chris Watson, Wellington, KS; President, Open Systems Inc.
Chris Wells, Lexington, KY; Software Engineer, rpcnet.com
Chris Williamson, Wilmore, KY; Instructional Technology Assistant, Asbury College
Chris Wingate, Fort Wayne, Indiana; Real Estate Investor, n/a
Chris Worley, SLC, UT; Programmer, Liberate Technologies
Chuck Messenger, Rochester, NY; Software engineer, self employed
Chuck Moss, Manassas, VA; President, Complete Network Solutions
C. J. Keist, Fort Collins, CO; UNIX admin, Colorado State University
Clark N. Quinn, Walnut Creek, CA; Executive Director, OtterSurf Labs
Claude Keswani, Boston, Massachusetts; Student, University of Massachusetts
Claudia Santoro, Somerville, MA; Systems Architect, Elm Square Technologies
Clay J. Claiborne, Jr., Los Angeles, California; President, Cosmos Engineering Company; Founder, lula.org
Clayton S. Chan, Irvine, CA; Computer Technician, n/a
Clif Cox, Eugene, OR; System administrator, OCFnet
Cliff Earle, Sunland, CA; n/a
Clifton Leonard, Oklahoma City, OK; Systems Engineer, CACI
C. Megan Larko, Laurel, MD; Systems Administrator, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
C. Michael McCallum, Elk Grove, CA; Associate Professor of Chemistry, University of the Pacific
Colin Dean, Volant, PA; Web Designer, Student, Freelance
Colin Kinlund, Bristol, Vermont; Student, The Red Cedar School
Colin Spencer, Norfolk, VA; Consultant, Independent
Colin Steele, Charlottesville, VA; n/a
Colleen Shannon, San Diego, California; Programmer/Analyst, CAIDA, San Diego Supercomputer Center, UCSD
Collin Anderson, Osceola, IN; Student, Penn High School
Conan Heiselt, Fremont, California; Systems Engineer, Kodak
Connor Smith, New York, NY; Computer Support, Cline Davis & Mann
Conrad Clark, Morgantown, WV; IT Consultant, Self Employed
Cory McKinstry, Austin, TX; Field Engineer, Northrop Grumman Information Technology
Coy T. Thorp, Vallejo, California; Network Systems Administrator, MDL Information Systems
Craig Butcher, Chelsea, Michigan; Foreman, University of Michigan Plant AC Shop
Craig I. Hagan, Seattle, Washington; Systems Engineer, n/a
Craig R. Campbell, Everett, WA; Software Engineeer, Fluke Networks
Craig Sparks, Overland Park, KS; Former CEO, NetGames USA (acquired by Microsoft)
Craig Van Degrift, Los Angeles, CA; President, Kanji-Flash Softworks
Craig Welch, Denver, Colorado; Systems Administrator, Consulting
Craig Znamierowski, Charlton, MA; Network Engineer, GweepCo
CR Jones, Walnut, MS; Systems Engineer, Consultant
C. Scott Ananian, Cambridge, MA; PhD student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Curt Cox, University City, MO; Programmer, n/a
Curt Holmer, Sterling, VA; Chief Consultant, CIHolmer Consulting Inc., http://www.ciholmer.com
Curtis Lisle, Orlando, FL; Visual Systems Scientist, SGI
Curtis R. Danner, Batavia, IL; Tech Specialist, Fermilab
Curtis Rey, Madison, Wisconsin; R.N. B.S.N., Saint Marys Hospital
Curtis Rushing, Lake St. Louis, MO; President, Rushing Consulting Inc.
Curtis Turner II, Central, South Carolina; Systems Administrator, Integrated Support Systems, Inc.
Curtis Wood, Corpus Christi, Texas; System Administrator/Architect, BlueDomino Hosting
Curt Jacobson, Kalispell, MT; n/a
Curt Pederson, Madison, Wisconsin; Software Engineer, Berbee
Cushing Whitney, Hoboken, NJ; Information Security Consultant, n/a
Cyril Bortolato, Campbell, CA; Staff Software Engineer, Adaptive Silicon
Dagny Haug, Minneapolis, MN; Associate Program Director, University of Minnesota
Dale Schoeck, Houston, TX; Concerned Citizen, Individual
Dallas Legan, Downey, California; Member, linuxatlax.org
Damian Cunniff, Harrington Park, NJ; Computer Science, Ramapo College of NJ
Damon A. Brown, Alexandria, VA; Consultant, Booz | Allen | Hamilton
Damon A. Schmidt, Brooklyn Center, MN; PC Analyst/Intel Servers Support, Provell
Damon Cann, Port Jefferson, New York; Ph.D. Student, SUNY at Stony Brook
Damon Casantini, King of Prussia, PA; Computer Technician, n/a
Damon C. Richardson, St. Louis, MO; Software Developer, Express Scripts
Dana L. Parso, San Francisco, CA; Administrator, Santos & Urrutia
Dan Berger, Chino Hills, CA; Software Engineer, n/a
Dan Bidwa, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Multimedia Technologist, Carnegie Mellon University
Dan Carrigan, Yellow Springs, OH; Librarian, Antioch College
Dan Devine, Seattle, Washington; n/a
Dane Johnson, Minneapolis, MN; Senior Systems Analyst, Supervalu
Danial Hinshaw, Honolulu, Hawaii; Electrician, Federal Employee
Danial Howard, Pocatello, ID; IT Programmer/Analyst, Idaho State University
Daniel Boudrot, Lewisville, TX; SW Engineer, ForeLogic, LLC
Daniel Bungert, State College, PA; Student, Pennsylvania State University
Daniel Bunn, Bedford, Virginia; Talent Scout / Artist, EB Muzik
Daniel E. Shown, St. Louis, MO; Administrative Secretary, Saint Louis University
Daniel Fuhr, Topeka, KS; Intern, Kansas Department of Health and Environment
Daniel Gryniewicz, Ann Arbor, Michigan; Software Engineer, Nexthop Technologies
Daniel Helfman, Los Angeles, California; Systems Administrator, Jim Henson's Creature Shop
Daniel Holdren, Albany, NY; System Administrator, SUNY Albany
Daniel Hong, Redwood City, CA; Unemployed Graduate, n/a
Daniel Kupka, Worcester, Massachusetts; PC Administrator, Framingham Heart Study
Daniel Lake, Portland, Oregon; Electrical Engineer, Mentor Graphics
Daniel Lee, San Mateo, CA; Senior Software Engineer, Entelos
Daniel Lipofsky, San Rafael, CA; Senior Software Engineer, n/a
Daniel Maas, Ithaca, NY; President, Maas Digital, LLC
Daniel Martinelli, Worcester, Massachusetts; Webmaster, Cancer Detection and Prevention
Daniel Paquette, Apalachin, NY; Software Engineer, n/a
Daniel Paul Veditz, Ben Lomond, California; Software Engineer, Netscape
Daniel Poston, Florence, SC; Computer Technician, N/A
Daniel R. Gowans, Fort Collins, Colorado; Design Engineer, Agilent Technologies
Daniel Rozinsky, Marlboro, New York; President, Brainstorm Technology Associates
Daniel Stringfield, Wayne, NJ; Site Supervisor, Arsenal Digital Solutions
Daniel Stutzbach, Eugene, Oregon; Graduate Student, University of Oregon
Daniel T. Drea, Salem, CT; Owner, Daniel T. Drea P&H
Daniel W. Brown, Gloucester, MA; Senior Software Engineer, n/a
Daniel W. Drake, Apex, NC; Vice President, Oak Grove Software
Daniel Wolstenholme, Chandler, AZ; Software Engineer, Intel Corporation
Daniel Wright, Redwood City, California; President, ComputerX
Dan Marker, Kettering, OH; Technical Support Engineer, SGI
Dan Milstein, Boston, MA; Consultant, n/a
Dan Moore, Salt Lake City, Utah; Programmer, Sandstar Family Entertainment
Danny Espinoza, Washington, DC; Senior Software Engineer, eMotion
Dan Reese, Spanish Fork, UT; Software Engineer, Clearstone Corporation
Dan Speers, Morristown, NJ; Editor, The Naturist Journal
Dan Trevino, San Antonio, TX; President, bluemagnet, llc
Dan Wilder, Seattle, WA; Tech Manager, Specialized Systems Consultants
Dan Wood, Alameda, CA; Founder, Karelia Software
Darcelle Bleau, Los Angeles, California; Research Analyst - IT, Major HMO
Darcy James Argue, Boston, MA; Musician, n/a
Darlene Wallach, San Jose, CA; Software Engineer, n/a
Daron D. Fraley, Plainfield, IN; IT Manager, DCM Indiana
Darren Hiebert, Madison, Alabama; Senior Software Engineer, XonTech
Darren Nguyen, San Mateo, CA; System Administrator, Talaris Inc.
Daryl Biberdorf, Carrollton, Texas; Database administrator, n/a
Dave Blankenship, Boise, Idaho; Senior Software Engineer, n/a
Dave Gardner, South Pasadena, CA; Network Administrator/Security Analyst, ExacTax Inc.
Dave Greene, Albany, NY; Technical Support, n/a
Dave Lyon, Sandy, Utah; Web Engineer, TeachStream
Dave Mallery, Ramah, NM; Editorial Director (retired), Professional Press
Dave Ruske, Sussex, WI; Sr. Software Engineer, Rockwell Software Inc.
Dave Seltzer, Rochester, NY; Network Software Engineer, n/a
Dave Serls, Littleton, CO; Software Engineer, n/a
Dave Wreski, Upper Saddle River, NJ; Director, Guardian Digital, Inc.
David A. Rogers, La Grange, Illinois; Senior Software Engineer, SPSS Inc.
David B. Caplinger, Omaha, NE; Information Technology Manager, Meridian, Inc.
David Beahm, Williamsport, PA; Programmer, Champion Parts
David Bechberger, Bozeman, MT; Hardware/Software Engineer, n/a
David Benfell, San Francisco, California; Systems Administrator, n/a
David Bilton, Colchester, CT; n/a
David Border, Bowling Green, Ohio; Assistant Professor, Bowling Green State University
David B. Peterson, Palo Alto, CA; Systems Administrator, n/a
David Buehler, Albuquerque, New Mexico; Graduate Student (Computer Science Ph.D.), University of New Mexico
David Castro-Diephouse, Philadelphia, PA; Software Engineer, Retek
David Chapman, Sonoma, CA; Software Tester, LucasArts Entertainment
David C. Hill, Centennial, Colorado; Consumer
David Christensen, Berkeley, CA; UC Berkeley
David C. Johanson, Gaithersbutg, MD; Aviation Physiologist, US Navy
David Clark, Simi Valley, CA; Software Engineer, Consultant
David Cotton, Santa Cruz, CA; Systems Administrator, vortex4.net
David C. Sloane, Boston, Massachusetts; Sr. Systems Admin., Vanderweil Facility Advisors
David Dahl, Chicago, IL; President, ddahl.com
David Daniel, Lyons, CO; Advisory Engineer, Storage Technology Corp.
David Diplock, San Diego, California; Software Engineer, Peregrine Systems
David Dittrich, Seattle, Washington; Member, The Honeynet Project
David D. Lewis, Chicago, IL; Independent Consultant
David Dolinar, Provo, Utah; Software Developer, n/a
Davide Libenzi, Beaverton, OR; Sr Software Engineer, NAI/McAfee
David Ford, Meriden, CT; Blue Labs Software
David F. Williams, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Network Administrator, Onbravo of Tulsa
David Gabler, Atascadero, CA; Network and Systems Security Engineer, n/a
David Gessel, Oakland, CA; Engineer, Black Rose Technology
David Goodwin, Sunnyvale, CA; Software Engineer, Tensilica
David Graser, Port Neches, Texas; Process Operator, Huntsman Corp.
David Greenberg, Highland Park, IL; President, David Data
David Hamilton, Nashville, Tennessee; Technical Consultant, n/a
David Hartwell Clements, Golden, CO; Math/CS Student, Colorado School of Mines
David Henning, Montgomery Village, MD; Senior Security Engineer, CACI
David Hershberger, Pittsburgh, PA; Ph.D. student, Carnegie Mellon University
David HM Spector, Huntington, NY; President and CEO, DropZone Networks
David Hudson, Cerritos, CA; Technologist, The Capital Group, Inc.
David Hutchens III, Largo, FL; Operations Support Technician, n/a
David James Burneff, Columbus, Ohio; Developer, n/a
David J. Carlson, Farmington, Utah; Airline Pilot (Retired)
David Lance Smith, Newnan, Georgia; Owner/ CEO, smithSyndicate
David Lesher, Wheaton, MD; Engineer,
David L. Gantose, Cleveland, OH; Software Engineer, n/a
David L. Williams, San Diego, CA; Sr. Software Engineer, Stellcom
David Mandala, Phoenix AZ; President, THEM Productions
David Marsh, Palmdale, CA; Network Engineer, Medical Research Products
David May, Houston, TX; Senior Analyst, Dow Chemical
David McCuskey, Portland, Oregon; Owner, McCuskey Consulting
David Medinets, Flanders, NJ; President, Eclectic Consulting
David Merrill, Byfield, MA; Software Engineering Consultant, Merrill SCM Consulting
David Mestel, St. Louis, Missouri; Systems Analyst, Free-Source.com
David M. Hull, Menlo Park, CA; Member of Technical Staff, TIBCO Software, Inc
David Minor, Reston, Virginia; System Architecht, Orbotech Inc.
David Morgan, Los Angeles, CA; Professor of CS, Santa Monica College, Los Angeles City College, UCLA Extension
David Neu, West Lafayette, Indiana; Computing Center Consultant, Purdue University
David Newman, Naperville, Illinois; Principle Software Engineer, Private Citizen
David Noonan, Atlanta, GA; Network Engineer, n/a
David O. Blanchard, Ph.D., Flagstaff, Arizona; Atmospheric Scientist, n/a
David O'Brien, Alameda, CA; Computer Engineer, Consultant
David Pearson, Walnut Creek, CA; Attorney, Law Offices of David S. Pearson
David Polenychko, Troy, Michigan; Network Administrator, ACE Controls
David Pool, Sunland, California; Software Developer, n/a
David R Dick, Nashua, NH; President, Software Innovations
David R. Roth, Portland, OR; Systems Analyst, Bureau of Labor and Industries, State of Oregon
David Rush (US Citizen/Expatriate), Dunlavin, Republic of Ireland; Principal Engineer, AOL Technologies/Dublin
David Rysdam, Milford, NH; Software Engineer, n/a
David S. Goldberg, Belmont, MA; IT Manager, n/a
David Small, Kent, OH; Computer Science Major, Kent State University
David Smith, Kalamazoo, MI; Director of Development, Zooropa Design
David Smith, Morgantown, West Virginia; Systems and Network Administrator, West Virginia University
David Sowder, Cleburne, Texas; Systems Administrator, Southwestern Adventist University
David S. Roland, Denver, Colorado; President, Advanced Intelligent Networks Corporation
David Stair, Asheville, NC; College Student, Member, ACM
David Sullivan, Denver, CO; Associate Professor, MSCD
David Walker, Pescadero, Ca; QA Manager, Rocket Network
David White, Stockbridge, Georgia; Computer User, Private Individual
David Wiley, Ph.D., Logan, Utah; Assistant Professor, Utah State University
David Wilk, Gallup, NM; Systems Administrator, Community Internet Access
David Witherspoon, Salt Lake City, Utah; Algorithm Engineer, Idaho Technology
David W. Kennedy, Champaign, IL; Student, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
David W. Thurston, Monroe, La.; Systems Administrator, CenturyTel
David Yates, Central, South Carolina; Devleopment Scientist, Perrigo Company
Dean Brettle, Gaithersburg, Maryland; Software Engineer, brettle.com
Deane Thomas, New York, NY; Senior Software Architect/Analyst, Goldman Sachs & Co.
Dean Jefferson, Madison, WI; Instructor, Madison Area Technical College
Deanna Cheung, Long Beach, CA; Director, Tara School
Deanna Thompson, Las Vegas, Nevada; System Adminitrator
Debbie Shrock, Spangle, WA; Girls' Dean, Upper Columbia Academy
Deborah Tribble, Scottsdale, Arizona; housewife, n/a
Delbert Hart, Huntsville, Alabama; Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department, University of Alabama in Huntsville
Del Teel, Charlotte, NC; IT Architect / Engineer, IBM Corp
Denise Schilling, Big Bend, WI; Consumer, n/a
Dennis Cruise, Beaverton, Oregon; Developer, Professional Data Exchange
Dennis Jarecke, Kent, Ohio; Physicist, Kent State University
Dennis Jenkins, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Alpha Geek, Universal Savings Bank
Derek Ramsey, Philadelphia, PA; Software Engineer, n/a
Derek Scott Young, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Lead Developer, Orcacom Worldnet
Derek Tarvin, Tulsa, OK; Manager, DecisionOne
Derek Warnick, Salt Lake City, UT; Software Engineer, 3M
Derek W. White, Las Vegas, Nevada; IT Student, Community College of Southern Nevada
Derick Siddoway, Salt Lake City, UT; Seriousdata Company, Systems Architect
D.Erickson, San Jose, CA; M.Dir., AdVenture Group
Devin Kyle Irby, Tivoli, New York; Video Installation Engineer (VIE), Ingest Digest
Dhaval Patel, Roselle Park, New Jersey; n/a
Diane F. Engles, Raleigh, NC; Software Developer, Rho, Inc.
Diane McSweeney, San Jose, CA; Webmaster, n/a
Diane M. Napolitano, Ossining, New York; Linux programmer, n/a
Diane Walter, Menlo Park, CA; Senior Research Engineer, SRI International
Dj Merrill, Lebanon, New Hampshire; Sr. Unix Systems Administrator, Dartmouth College
D. Mark Abrahams, Berkeley, CA; President and principal analyst, Abrahams-Rizzardi, Inc.
Dominic Eldridge, Sheridan, Michigan; Computer Lab Monitor, Montcalm Community College
Dominic Franchetti, San Mateo, CA; Software Engineer/Project Manager, eJiva
Donald Byrd, Bloomington, IN; Senior Scholar, Indiana University
Donald Grayson, Louisville, Kentucky; System Administrator, n/a
Donald J Bindner, Kirksville, MO; Asst Professor of Mathematics, Truman State Univ
Donald R. Clarke, Northport, New York; Staff Operations & Training Specialist, USAR
Donald R. Fairchild, Chesterfield, VA; CEO, Fairchild Software Inc.
Don Black, Newport Beach, CA; Director, Digital ChoreoGraphics
Don Holmgren, Batavia, IL; Computer Professional, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Don J. Rude, Gaithersburg, Maryland; Owner/CTO, Steem
Don J Smith, Columbus, Ohio; Sr. Staff Software Engineer, n/a
Don Soegaard, Sutter, California; Industrial Engineer, entrepreneur
Dorab Patel, Santa Monica, California; President, Digicraft
Dorothea Salo, Madison, WI; n/a
Doug Alcorn, Kings Mills, Ohio; Independant Software Developer, Lathi.net
Doug Bryant, Charleston, SC; Software Engineer, Arthur D. Little
Doug Burks, Augusta, GA; Systems Administrator, n/a
Douglas James, West Jordan, UT; Chief Systems Administrator, I-Net Innovations
Douglas Lewan, Brick, NJ; Senior Software Engineer, Adir Technologies
Douglas Loss, South Williamsport, PA; Data Network Coordinator, Bloomsburg University
Douglas R. Glenn, Mauldin, SC; Enterprise Applications Analyst, KEMET Electronics Corp.
Douglas Rohrer, Cincinnati, Ohio; Chief Technology Officer, Safe@Work
Doug Matheson, Stockton, CA; Professor, University of the Pacific
Doug McBride, San Mateo, California; Software Developer, Liberate Technologies
Doug Raichle, Princeton, NJ; Member Technical Staff, Sarnoff Corp.
Doug Schafer, Agoura Hills, CA; Principal Hardware Engineer, Ixia
Dow Hurst, Acworth, Georgia; System Support Specialist, Kennesaw State University
Dow McKeever, Valley Cottage, NY; Sound Designer, Sine Post Audio
Doyle Hopkins, Fort Collins, Colorado; Systen Engineer, LSI Logic
Drake Wilson, Pittsburgh, PA; Student, University of Pittsburgh
Drew Poulin, Edmonds, WA; Translator, Sole Proprietor, TransCom Japan
Dr. Kenneth R. Brownsberger, Boulder, CO; Software and Operations Scientist, University of Colorado - Boulder
Dr. Paul E. Black, Gaithersburg, MD; Computer Scientist, Member, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Dr. Scott McCormick, Hamilton, OH; President, ESM Software
Dr Steve Otto, Portland, Oregon; CTO, TrueDisk Inc.
Dr. Thomas A. Cleland, Ithaca, NY; Research Associate, Cornell University
D. Scott Alexander; Warren, NJ; Chief Architect, Activium, Inc.
Duane Gustavus, Denton, Texas; UNIX Research Consultant, University of North Texas
Dudley Irish, Salt Lake City, Utah; IT Consultant, Ars Magna, Inc.
Duncan Murphy, Midway, KY; Consultant, Problem Solved!
Durwood Gene Bland, Jr., Cary, North Carolina; Software Consultant, Analysts International Corporation
Dusty Wright, westminster, CO; Content development, Sun Microsystems
Dwayne Parks, Fayetteville, AR; Software Engineer, Shinkoh Technologies Inc.
Dwight Briggs, Orange City, Fl; Software Engineer, n/a
Dwight N Buchanan, San Jose, CA; Senior Programmer, IBM
Dwight Thornton, Reseda, Ca; Owner, Symple Engineering
Edan Dalton, Atlanta, GA; Research Assistant, Georgia Institute of Technology
Ed Chapman, Point Mugu, CA; Assistant Administrative Officer, US Navy
Eden Crane, Stockton, California; Network Administrator, Tonecontrol.net
Ed Hagerty, Addison, TX; Owner, General Knowledge Corporation
Ed Howland, St. Louis, MO; Independant Software Consultant, n/a
Ed Huott, Latham, NY; Consultant, SuperGeek Consolidated
Ed Leafe, Penfield, NY; Independent Consultant/ Developer, n/a
Edmond Temple, Piedmont, California; College Instructor, UC Berkeley Extension
Edmund Charles Lewis, Keene, Texas; Dir Administrative Computing, Southwestern Adventist University
Edmund Mitchell, Kingston, NY; Programmer/Analyst, Micro General Corporation
Ed O'Connor, Madison, New Jersey; Independent Software Developer, Rebol Scripting Community http://www.rebol.com
Ed Saipetch, Indianapolis, IN; Developer, Indianapolis Star
Edward Burton, Lewiston, Idaho; Proprietor and Mediator, Clearwater Peace (alternative dispute resolution)
Edward Byfield, New York, NY; Faculty, Parsons School of Design
Edward Figarsky, Holland, PA; Programmer, FASTNET Corporation
Edward F. Valeev, Atlanta, GA; Research Scientist, Georgia Institute of Technology
Edward Kaeufer, Blaine, WA; Software Engineer, CMPI
Edward Langenback, Cherokee Village, AR; Web designer / promoter, n/a
Edward Lentz, Conshohocken, Pa; Programmer/Analyst, Glaxo Smith Kline
Edward Resnick, Toronto, Ontario; Systems Engineer, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Edward Schlunder, Mesa, Arizona; Software Engineer, SHEF Systems
Edward Simmonds, Glendale Heights, IL; Financial Systems Consultant, National Association of Realtors
Edward Smith, Cincinnati, OH; Windows Programmer/Consultant, n/a
Edward Starback, Troy, MI; Application Engineer, n/a
E John Swift, Aurora, CO; Technology Teacher, Castle Rock Middle School
Elaine Lindelef, Glendale, CA; Partner, Cognitivity
Elias Lutfallah, Chicago, IL; System Administrator/Programmer, Endeavor Information Systems
Elijah C. Menifee, Bethany, OK; Software Engineer, da Vinci Network Services
Elijah Wright, Athens, Ohio; Webmaster, http://stderr.org
Eliot Mason, Waunakee, WI; Lecturer, University of Wisconsin
Elizabeth Bonney, Cranford, NJ; Library and Information Science Graduate Student, Rutgers University
Elizabeth Edwards, Cambridge, MA; Software Engineer, n/a
Elizabeth Mieczkowski, New Orleans, LA; Web Developer, Medical Center
Elliot Abramowitz, Glendale, AZ; Student, Private Citizen
Elliot Jordan, Decorah, IA; Student, Luther College
Elliott Wilcoxon, Minneapolis, MN; Student, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
E. Matthew Schulz, Iowa City, Iowa; Statistician, ACT, Inc.
Emily Stambaugh, Chapel Hill, NC; Librarian, American Library Association
Eric A Bolden, Madison, WI; IPC, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Eric Albers, Jefferson, Maryland; CEO, Vertigo Simulations
Eric Anderson, Northfield, Minnesota; Software Engineer, Lockheed Martin
Eric Benedict, Madison, WI; Lecturer, Department of Electrical and Software Engineering
Eric D. Burgess, Farmers Branch, Texas; Senior Programmer, VarTec Telecom
Eric Fisher, Manilla, Indiana; Student, Novice Programmer
Eric Gold, Albuquerque, NM; Physician, University of New Mexico
Eric Hendrickson, Eden Prairie, Minnesota; Systems/Commerce Architect, Albedo Applications
Eric Hidle, Bryn Mawr, PA; Electrical Engineer, Honeywell International INC
Eric Howland, Madison, WI; Consultant and Programmer, n/a
Eric Irrgang, Austin TX; Computer Programmer, University of Texas at Austin
Eric Jergensen, Bethany, Oklahoma; President, da Vinci Network Services
Eric J. Gleske, Dover, NH; Television Producer/Director, Freelance
Eric Knudstrup, Saratoga, 95070; n/a
Eric Ludlum, New York City, New York; President, Core77
Eric Lundquist, Austin, Texas; President, The Robot Group, Inc
Eric McGough, Pleasanton, CA; CEO, Random Cube, Inc.
Eric Nedervold, Mountain View, CA; software engineer, self-employed
Eric Nichols, Marlborough, MA; Programmer/Analyst, Raybeam Solutions
Eric Roe, Sarasota, Florida; Chemical Engineer, n/a
Eric Smith, Williamsport, PA; Network Admin, Carole Hochman Designs Inc
Eric Spiegelberg, Savage, MN; Software Developer, n/a
Eric Stechmann, Shoreview, MN; Software Engineer, n/a
Eric Stierna, St. Petersburg, Florida; Software Engineer, IEEE Member
Eric Stoll, Rochester, NY; Software Engineer, n/a
Eric Weeks, Bountiful, Utah; Attorney, Weeks Law Firm
Eric Williams, Pittsburgh, PA; PhD student, University of Pittsburgh
Erik Hanson, Fremont, CA; Software developer, Independent
Erik Hovland, La Crescenta, CA; Software Engineer, Jet Propulsion Laboratory and USCLUG member
Erik Vered, Indianapolis, Indiana; Consultant/Analyst, n/a
Ernest Fisch, Phoenix, Arizona; Retired
Ernest R. Smothers, Burke, VA; n/a
Esten N Porter, Clinton, MD; Systems Engineer, Galaxy Computer Services, Inc. http://www.gcsi.com
E. Trasel Rowland, M.D., Fort Pierce, Florida; n/a
Eugene Clement, Palm Springs, CA; Program manager, n/a
Eugene Lee, West Lafayette, Indiana; Department of Computer Science, Purdue University
Evan Anderson, Troy, OH; Software Engineer, Oxford Systems Integration
Evan Edwards, Palm Beach, FL; Vice President, Inforule Inc.
Evan Flink, Santa Rosa, CA; Owner, Electronic Warrior Computer Games
Evan Marshall, Rochester, MN; Systems Administrator, n/a
Fan Li Tai, Memphis, TN; Senior Data Protections Analyst, FedEx
Felix Finch, Dutch Flat, CA; Programmer, Scarecrow Repair
Felix Tan, Oakton, VA; Systems Developer, n/a
Fen Labalme, San Francisco, CA; Consultant, ACM
Fletcher Bartley Hubbard, Raleigh, NC; Software Developer, n/a
Fong Vang, Pleasanton, California; Systems Engineer, Zantaz
Ford Crews, Jackson, MS; Programmer, ERDC-VBG
Forde Prigot, Hoboken, NJ; Systems Analyst, Lehman Brothers
Forrest N Austin, San Francisco, CA; Sr Systems Administrator, Digitalpipe
Frances Felix, Winchester, VA; NOC Liaison Specialist, Covad Communications
Francine Taylor, Tigard, OR; Senior Programmer, Northwest Analytical
Frank DeRosa, Charlottesville, Virginia; Student, University of Virginia, Computer Science Department
Frank Goetz, Wheaton, IL; Computer Program Director, People's Resource Center
Frank J. Cameron, Beaverdale, PA; Student, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown
Frank J. Iacovino Jr., Baltimore, Maryland; System Administrator, n/a
Frank Riha, Cleveland, Ohio; Senior Systems Consultant, KeyBank
Frank Skorupski, Nashua, New Hampshire; Account Support Engineer, n/a
Frank Tobin, Long Beach, NY; Software Developer, In-tel-tec (http://www.inteltec.com/)
Frans de Wet, Tallahassee, FL; Software Engineer, n/a
Fred Cheng, Los Angeles, CA; Student, UCLA
Frederick C. Smith, Stoneham, MA; Senior Applications Programmer/Analyst, n/a
Frederick Geier, Berkeley, California; VP, Geier & Geier Consulting
Frederick Haab, Atlanta, Georgia; Software Engineer, Turner Broadcasting System
Frederick Malouf, Mountain View, CA; Technical Lead, Glyphic Technology
Fred L. Drake, Jr., Reston, Virginia; Software Engineer, n/a
Fred Martin, Concord, MA; Educational Technology Designer, Gleason Research
Fumitaka Hayashi, Boston, MA; Research Fellow, Massachusetts General Hospital
Gabriel Freund, West Palm Beach, FL; Financial Analyst, Ocwen
Galen Seitz, Portland, Oregon; Senior Engineer, Seitz & Associates
Galen Stocking, Moreno Valley, CA; Student, California State University San Bernardino
Gareth J. Greenaway, Thousand Oaks, CA; President, Simi Conejo Linux Users Group
Garrick James, Seattle, WA; Network Security Engineer, Frank Russell Company
Garry Stahl, Dearborn, MI; Editor in Chief, DCG Computer club.
Garth Minette, San Jose, California; Member of Technical Staff, Verisity, Inc.
Gary Calvin, Los Angeles, California; Systems Administration Manager, Kenwood Americas Corporation
Gary D. Cupp, Jr., Harrisonburg, VA; Owner, HelpNet
Gary Downing, Menlo Park, CA; Technology Evangelist, Palm, Inc.
Gary Gordhamer, Waukesha, WI; OWNER / DBA, H&H Consulting Services, LLC
Gary Heller, Orlando, Florida; VP. Development & QA Manager, ImageSoft, a Fiserv Resource
Gary L. Withrow, Santa Cruz, California; Senior DP Programmer/Analyst and Oracle 8i DBA, County of Santa Cruz
Gary Peck, Berkeley, CA; Computer Science Student, University of California, Berkeley
Gary Schulte, Dallas, TX; Systems Analyst, Singular Software
Gavin Jefferies, San Francisco, CA; Consultant, Emptytree
Geff Underwood, Ames, Iowa; System Administrator, Iowa State University
Gene Schmidt, Scottsdale, AZ; Professor, Scottsdale Comm. College
Geng Yang, Austin, TX; Software Engineer, Ashley Laurent, Inc.
Geoff Hoyer, Oxford, MI; Software Engineer, Clarity
Geoffrey Bennett, Austin, Texas; Network Security, TICOM
Geoffrey Gerber, St. Paul, MN; Computer Consultant, n/a
Geoffrey H. Kuenning, Claremont, CA; Assistant Professor, Harvey Mudd College
Geoff Sanders, San Diego, CA; Systems Engineer, Self
George B. Czerw, Rancocas, NJ; Network Design & Administration Consultant, n/a
George Chong, Palo Alto, California; Systems Engineer, Quinstreet, Inc.
George Grayson, Chicago, IL; neuroscientist, Abbott Laboratories
George Hartogensis, Chicago, Illinois; Team Leader - Unix Systems Administration, Rush-Presbyterian St. Lukes Medical Center
George Rebovich, Acton, MA; Private Citizen, None
George Robinson II, San Clemente, Ca; n/a
George Seff, Arlington, VA; President, Limbic Systems
George Soler, San Francisco, CA; Software Developer, eRide Inc.
George Vamos, Studio City, California; Principal Engineer, Advanced Bionics Corporation
George Wagner, Sylvania, OH; President, Computers, Support, & Consulting
Gerald Perkins, Brentwood, Tennessee; Retired, n/a
Giles Hoover, Bradenton, Florida; Co-Owner, MacTampa (http://www.mactampa.com)
Gina Erickson, Camarillo, CA; Tech Support, VCNet, Inc.
Girard Jergensen, Edmond, OK; Software Engineer, n/a
Gita Sukthankar, Cambridge, MA; Member of Research Staff, Compaq Computer
Glen Canaday, Clearwater, FL; Support tech, BobCAD-CAM, Inc.
Glen McGraw, Greenville, SC; Consultant, n/a
Glen M Cornell, Grosse Pointe Park, MI; Software Engineer, Metro Link, Inc.
Glenn Focht, Ph.D., Gordonsville, TN; Owner, Focht Research
Glenn Hauman, Weehawken, NJ; President & Publisher, BiblioBytes
Glenn Holmer, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Programmer/Analyst, Weyco Group, Inc.
Glenn Josefosky, Ferndale, MI; Sr. Software Engineer, CGN & Associates
Glenn Sokol, Philadelphia, PA; Student, Drexel University
Glenn Stone, Seattle, WA; Consultant, Gamma Delta Iota
Glenn Strauss, Manalapan, NJ; Founder, Glue Logic
Gordie Freedman, Palo Alto, CA; Principal Developer, Dotcast, Inc.
Gordon Fischer, Austin, Texas; Software Developer, Advent Networks
Gordon MacGinitie, Pittsburgh, PA; Sr. Hardware Engineer, retired
Gordon Marx, Charlottesville, VA; Student, University of Virginia
Gordon S. Bauer, Erie, PA; Computer Hardware Technician, Rentway
Govind Salinas, San Antonio, Texas; Software Developer, n/a
Graham Mitchell, Leander, TX; computer science teacher, Leander High School
Graham West, Chicago, Illinois; Game Programmer, Midway Games
Grant Goldade, Mandan, ND; ITD Computer Operator, ITD, ND
Greg Bailey, Salt Lake City, UT; Consultant, LXPRO.COM
Greg Barnes, Seattle, Washington; Software Engineer, UW
Greg Baugher, Hannibal, MO; PC and Network Support, Prince Manufacturing Company
Greg Briggs, Tacoma, Wa; ASPLU Student Government Senator, Pacific Lutheran University
Greg Foster, Columbus, OH; Senior Consultant, 3X Corporation
Gregg Rice, Toledo, OH; Computer Consultant, n/a
Greg Koch, Tampa, Fl; Computer Consultant, PW Technology
Greg Kuchta, Fort Collins, CO; Design Engineer, LSI Logic
Greg Licon, San Francisco, CA; Network Administrator, Key Resources
Greg Lim, Atlanta, GA; Software Developer, InfiStar
Gregory A. Lund-Chaix, Portland, Oregon; Systems Administrator, State of Oregon
Gregory A. O'Neil, Glendale, NY; Systems Engineer, n/a
Gregory James Berkholtz, Portland, Oregon; Senior Systems Administrator and Information Security Specialist, Yoshida's Inc.
Gregory Kirkendall, Parker, CO; President and CEO, OpenEtools
Gregory Recine, Lyndhurst, NJ; Grad Student (Comp Physics), Stevens Institute of Technology
Gregory R. Warnes, Ph.D., Groton, CT; Statistician and Software Developer, n/a
Gregory R. Wold, Langhorne, PA; , n/a
Gregory Y. Tada, Salt Lake City, UT; Software Developer, IAS Design
Greg Roy, Norwell, MA; Software Quality Assurance Engineer, PentaSafe Security Technologies
Greg Steiert, Aloha, OR; Hardware Design Engineer, n/a
Greg von Beck, Mesa, AZ; Programmer/Analyst, TRW Automotive
Greg Willden, San Antonio, Texas; Research Engineer, Southwest Research Institute
Griffin Foster, Ramona, California; President, Tera256 Computer Club
G. Robert Mattix, Allen, Tx; Data Network Engineer, n/a
Guillermo Maturana, Ph.D., Berkeley, CA, CTO Andes Networks, Inc.
Guy Albertelli II, Ann Arbor, MI; Specialist in Educational Technology, Michigan State University
Guy Garrison, San Francisco, California; Motion Graphics Designer, Garrison Guybernetics
Guy Speier, La Crescent, MN; Sr. System Administrator, n/a
Gwen L. Veneskey, Pittsburgh, PA; Director of Marketing and Sales, Ounce of Prevention Software
Hal Black, Columbia, MD; Director, Software, n/a
Hal Bundy, Ottawa, Kansas; Librarian, Ottawa Library
Hal King, Knoxville, TN; Systems Programmer, University of Tennessee
Hal Vaughan, Richmond, VA; Owner, Threshold Digital
Hamlin R. Krewson, Ames, IA; Macintosh Support Tech, Beacon Microcenter
Hank Fisher, Arvada, Colorado; Software Engineer, Private Citizen
Hans Hazelton, Anchorage, AK; Sr. Network Technician, GCI
Hans Kugler, Tempe, AZ; software engineer, n/a
Hargun Khanna, San Jose, CA; Student, Archbishop Mitty High School
Harold L. Brooks, Urbana, IL; Network Administrator, Scitec
Harry Barrett, Canyon Country, Ca.; PC User (12 years), n/a
Harry G. Harbin, Woodinville, WA; Programmer/Analyst Contractor, Tmp.Wordwide/Washington Mutual
Harvey C. Scobie III, Manchester, NH; Technical Specialist, Kollsman
Harvey Lange, Toney, Alabama; Systems Analyst, n/a
Harvey Ussery, Hume, Virginia; Member, Northern Virginia Linux Users Group
Harvie Branscomb, Carbondale, CO; Owner, Charybdis
Heath Oderman, Suffolk, VA; Senior Consultant, netdecisions
Hector Vasquez, Edinburg, TX; Computer Specialist, The University of Texas-Pan American LAC Dept.
Heidi Miller, Los Gatos, CA; Technical Writer, Gatespace Inc.
Heidi Shanklin, Portland, OR; Apple Service Tech, Metro
H. Emery Ford, Kensington, MD; Senior Programmer, CodeRyte
Henry Keultjes, Mansfield, OH USA; President, Microdyne Company
Herb DaSilva, Andover, MA; Senior Software Engineer, Adaptive Optics Associates
Herrick Goldman, Boston, MAss; Designer, Herrick Goldman Lighting Design
Hollie Schmidt, Lexington, Massachusetts; President, Lifting Mind Inc.
Holly Shaltz, Boyne City, MI; Freelance Web Designer, Shaltz Farm
Holly S. Robinson, Tamarac, FL; Technical Writer, Metro Link
Howard Allen Cohen, Holllywood, Florida; Attorney, Atkinson, Diner, Stone, Mankuta and Ploucha, P.A.
Howard E. Melton III, Sacramento, California; Registered Voter, Self Employed
H. W. Egdorf, Los Alamos, NM; Technical Staff Member, Los Alamos National Laboratory
H. William Welliver III, Mountain Top, PA; Systems Administrator, Fairchild Semiconductor
Ian Ballantyne, Vienna, ; Software Engineer and System Administrator, Schuster and Hwesta GmbH
Ian Billington, Ester, AK; Student / Network Tech, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Ian Felton, Morgantown, West Virginia; n/a
Ian Hall-Beyer, Prairie Village, KS; Consultant
Ian McMahon, Atlanta, GA; Linux Software Engineer, e-VERIFILE.com
Ian Ragsdale, Austin, Texas; Software Engineer, SKYLIST
Ian Sterling, Memphis, TN; System Administrator, n/a
Igor Furlan, San Jose CA; IC Design Engineer, National Semiconductor
Ilan Rabinovitch, Encino, CA; n/a
Ilya Volynets, Belmont, CA; VP of Engineering, Total Knowledge
Imad Hussain, West Lafayette, IN; Student, Purdue University
Ismet Kursunoglu, MD, Manhattan Beach, CA; Founder, linuxatlax.org
Ivan Kohler, San Francisco, CA; Developer, Debian
Jack Dunn, Omaha, Nebraska; Citizen, n/a
Jack Gott, Austin, Texas; Software Engineer, Compaq
Jack Green, San Francisco, CA; n/a
Jackie D. Smith, Imperial, Missouri; retired
Jack L Caldwell, Jr., Sugar Hill, GA; Member Technical Staff, Movaz Networks
Jack Lloyd, Baltimore, MD; System Administrator, Johns Hopkins University
Jack Park, Brownsville, CA; Independent Software Developer, Thinkalong Software
Jack Wenger, Madison, WI; IS Sytems Specialist, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Jacob Gemmell, Juneau, Alaska; Network Specialist, Alaska Department of Labor & Workforce Development
Jake Robb, Grand Rapids, Michigan; Software Engineer, 43rd Parallel Technologies
James Adams, Denver, CO; Software Engineer, Agilent Technologies
James Altes, Washington, DC; Electronic Publishing Specialist, American Red Cross
James Ault, Albany, NY; Information Security Leader, Noble Consulting
James B. Bushman, Medina, Ohio; President, Bushman & Associates
James B. Evins, Alexandria, VA; Electrical Engineer, n/a
James B. Greer, Memphis, TN; Concerned Citizen, Group Of Linux Users in Memphis
James B. Rimmer, San Diego, California; Software Engineer, CenterComm
James Damour, Albany, New York; Principle Consultant, Keane
James David McIninch, Ph.D., Burlington, MA; Computational Biologist, Cereon Genomics
James Dixon, Mannington, WV; n/a
James Domenico, San Francisco, CA; TECH, Self-employed
James E. Collins, Jr., Hinesburg, VT; V. P., Treasurer, Vermont BS
James E Flemer, Troy, NY; Student, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
James E. Powell, Englewood, CO; President, Silver Future Software
James Fitch, Napa, CA; Chief Deputy and System Administrator, Solano County Public Defender
James Flynn, Sunnyvale, California; Software Engineer, Self Employed
James Gallagher, Cypress, CA; Software Engineer, Boeing - C-17 Engineering Data Management
James Gettys, Carlisle, Massachusetts; Principal Member of Technical Staff, Compaq
James Giacchi, Warren, NJ; Personel, persinel
James Gregory Davidson, San Diego, California; Instructor, Learning Tree International
James Hardwick, Salt Lake City, Utah; Software Engineer, GE Medical Systems
James Hebert, Paradise, CA; Consultant, Self Employed
James Henderson, Salt Lake City, UT; Sr. Systems Engineer, n/a
James H. Kimura, Berkley, Michigan; End User, Private Citizen
James John Ewell III, Katy, Texas; CEO, Ewell Enterprises
James Kennedy, Topeka, Kansas; Progammmer/System Administrator, Standard Beverage Corporation
James Lamanna, Pasadena, CA; Student, California Institute of Technology
James Landon, Overland Park, Kansas; Senior Network Engineer, Sprint Corporation
James LasCola, Portland, OR; Systems Admin, Romar
James LewisMoss, Durham, NC; Developer, Linux Developers Group
James Lieb, Fremont, California; Software Consultant, Wild Open Source Inc.
James Lopez, Carrollton, Texas; Sales Manager, CompUSA
James L Osborn, Jr MSEE, Melbourne Beach, Florida; Senior Account Engineer, PacketVideo Corporation
James L. Sullivan, Fort Pierce, FL; Supervisor, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution
James Lucha, Moreno Valley, CA; Programmer/Analyst, San Bernardino Medical Group
James Mitchell Ullman, Statesboro, Georgia; Technical Support Specialist I, Georgia Southern University
James Moss, Gresham, Oregon; Creative Director, Personal Image Concepts
James M. Smith, St. Louis, MO; Manager, Technical Services, Intercon
James Myers Jr., Middletown, NY; Water Operator, Town of Goshen
James Newby, Carbondale, IL; Undergraduate, SIUC
James Patrick Miculka, Houston, Texas; Software Engineer, BMC Software
James Perkins, Beaverton, OR; Software Engineer, IEEE Associate Member
James Price, Atlanta, Georgia; System Administrator, n/a
James R. Hofmann, Naperville, IL; Senior Software Engineer, Ricardo Software
James Richard Tyrer, Green Valley, AZ; Consultant; Member, ACM
James R. Leu, Allison Park, PA; Independent Software Developer, n/a
James R. Maynard III, Fairmont, Minnesota; Senior Systems Engineer, Global MAINTECH Corporation
James Roberts, Birmingham, AL; Software Engineer, BankWare
James Rogers, Ridgecrest, CA; Software Engineer, NAWCWD
James Salsman, Mountain View, CA; Private Citizen, United States of America
James Sanford, Norwood, OH; Developer, Reynolds and Reynolds
James Shofstall, Carterville, Illinois; Owner, Select Synthetics
James Simons, Atascocita, Texas; Webmaster, International Webmasters Association
James Sterling Jr., McCrory, Arkansas; Computer Technician, Crabtree's Computer
James S. Wadell, Anchorage, Alaska; Systems Analyst, SAIC
James Wartell, Tucson, Az; Programmer, University of Arizona
James White, Laguna Hills, CA; Software Consultant, Pagesmiths
James W. Wiebmer, Petaluma, CA; Manager Systems Administration, Westwave Communications, Inc.
James Zach II, Frankton, IN; Electronics Technician, Smurfit-Stone Container
Jamie Dow, Newport Beach, CA; Student, University of California, Irvine
Jamie Lee Cho, North Bergen, New Jersey; Technical Architect, Zelo Technologies
Jamie Piperberg, Hamden, CT; Software Engineer, n/a
Jamie Yukes, Seattle, WA; Independent Consultant, TCN Communications
J , Fargo, North Dakota; Student, info removed by request
Jared Curtis, Fresno, CA; Student, Fresno City College
Jared Robinson, Springville, UT; Software Engineer, Symantec Corporation
Jarred Fehr, Marietta, Georgia; PC Coordinator, Peachtree Business Products
J. Arruda, Santa Clara, CA; Corporate Alchemist, VA Software
Jason A. Dujardin-Terry, Spokane, WA; Computer Tech, Descriptive Imaging
Jason A. Tripp, Edenton, NC; Independent Software Developer, n/a
Jason Baietto, Boca Raton, Florida; Principal Engineer, Concurrent Computer Corporation
Jason Balicki, St. Louis, MO; Sr. Network Engineer, Alexander Systems
Jason Bergstrom, Portland, OR; System Administrator, Mentor Graphics
Jason Box, Binghamton, New York; Software Engineer, Self
Jason Cox, Irvine, Ca; IT Manager, E-Commerce Exchange
Jason Day, Atlanta, GA; Software Engineer,n/a
Jason Greene, Fairway, Kansas; Software Eng. IV, Sprint
Jason Guidry, Brackettville, Texas; Director of Bands, Brackett ISD
Jason Henriksen, Concord, CA; President, Hardy Henriksen Hughes Consulting, Inc.
Jason Howard, Oakdale, CA; Software Engineer, SpectSoft
Jason Jobe, Purcellville, VA; President, Datalore
Jason L. Shiffer, Vienna, VA; Senior Software Engineer, Zerotao.com
Jason McC. Smith, Chapel Hill, NC; PhD Candidate, Univ of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Jason M. Crist, Lexington, Kentucky; New Media Specialist, Hart Media Services
Jason M. Felice, Cleveland, OH; Technology consultant and business owner, Cronosys
Jason Noble, Atlanta, Georgia; Software Engineer, n/a
Jason Penney, Dracut, MA; Software Engineer, n/a
Jason Pierce, Greensboro, NC; Computer Field Technician, Softwired Systems
Jason Purdy, Cary, NC; Chief Technology, Journalistic, Inc.
Jason Radecki, Porter, Indiana; Engineer, Local 150
Jason Reich, San Diego, CA; Software Engineer, Qualcomm, Inc.
Jason Rennie, Cambridge, MA; Graduate Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jason Samsa, Appleton, Wisconsin; Database Administrator, Airadigm Communications
Jason Scheirer, Riverside, California; Professional Student Intern, County of Riverside, CA
Jason Shonk, Montclair, NJ; Electronic Engineer, n/a
Jason Shupe, Pasadena, CA; System Engineer/Student, JPL/Cal Poly Pomona
Jason Stefanovich, Alexandria, VA; Software Test Analyst, US Government
Jason Titus, Brooklyn Park, MN; Consultant, Independent
Jason Waterman, Cambridge, MA; Research Scientist, MIT
Jason Westlake, Newnan, Georgia; Computer Technician, ICA Consulting
Jason Woolever, Sunnyvale, CA; Sr. R&D Engineer, Synopsys, Inc.
Jayan Moolayil, Chicago, IL; Senior Software Engineer, n/a
Jay Beale, Baltimore, MD; President, JJB Security Consulting
Jaye Mathisen, Medford, OR; Manager, Western Telephone Integrated Communications
Jay R. Walker, Valparaiso, IN; Application Developer, Golden Technologies, Inc.
Jay Sachs, North Adams, MA; Development Architect, Eziba.com
Jay Sulzberger, Yonkers, New York; Corresponding Secretary, LXNY, New York's Free Software Organization
Jay W. Luther, San Anselmo, CA; Attorney, Law Offices of Jay W. Luther
J.B. Nicholson-Owens, Champaign, Illinois; Consultant & Owner, Forest Field Consulting
J. Clifton Bullard, Memphis, TN; Programmer, US Postal Service
JC Pollman, Burke, Virginia; Major, US Army
J. David Eisenberg, San Jose, CA; Programmer/Teacher/Writer, n/a
Jeanne S. Glazer, Silver Spring, MD; Consultant, The Seva Group
Jean-Pierre, Ann Arbor, Michigan; student, University of Michigan
Jedediah Roach, Davis, California; Student, University of California, Davis
Jeff Adams, Kyle, TX; System Administrator, n/a
Jeff Brown, San Diego, CA; Graduate Student Researcher, UC San Diego
Jeff Carlson, Encino, CA; Systems Administrator, InfoUSA / www.easytel.net
Jeff Coffin, Nevada City, CA; Software Engineer, contractor for American Airlines
Jeff Couturier, Tampa, FL; Web Application Developer, ATT
Jeff Donner, Randolph, Massachusetts; Software Engineer, Scheduling Systems Inc
Jeff Greenman, Los Angeles, CA, Paralegal, General Counsel's Office, Los Angeles Community College District
Jeff Hayas, Boulder, Colorado; Senior Software Engineer, Storage Technology Corporation
Jeff Holcomb, Tucson, Arizona; Software Engineer, Red Hat
Jeff Hostetler, Jeffersonville, IN; President and Software Craftsman, Jeff Hostetler
Jeff Jackowski, Cary, North Carolina; Software Developer, n/a
Jeff Jennings, Boulder, CO; Advisory Firmware Engineer, Benchmark Storage Innovations
Jeff Lightfoot, Peoria, AZ; Systems Controller, US Air Force
Jeff Mayzurk, Los Angeles, CA; Vice President, Technology, E! Entertainment Television, Inc.
Jeff McKenna, Redmond, WA; President, McKenna Consulting Group
Jeffrey A. Ebert, Half Moon Bay, CA; Senior Logic Designer, Sonics, Inc.
Jeffrey A. Worth, Stoneham, MA; Senior Vice President/MIS Manager, Stoneham Savings Bank
Jeffrey Barger, Mason's Neck, Virginia; Systems Admin/Engineer, Maczilla Heavy Industries
Jeffrey Bridge, Houston, TX; Programmer, Thyme Technology
Jeffrey C. Albro, Duxbury, MA; Consultant, interaction-engineer.com
Jeffrey Dale Greenfield, Grand Rapids, MI; Systems Engineer, Calvin College
Jeffrey D. Kent, Austin, Tx; Stores Manager, Physics Dept.
Jeffrey Goff, Forest Heights, MD; Software Engineer, Blackboard Inc.
Jeffrey Johnson, Livermore, CA; Computer Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Jeffrey K. Downey, Raleigh, NC; Editor, Triangle Sports Journal
Jeffrey L. Clark, Coon Rapids, MN; Principal Software Engineer, EDS PLM Solutions
Jeffrey L. Susanj, Florissant, MO; Member, ACM
Jeffrey Quinn, Nashville, TN; System Software Specialist, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Jeffrey Rehbein, Water Valley, MS; Macintosh Games Developer, n/a
Jeffrey R Pitman, Hillsboro, OR; Software Engineer, Brooks Automation
Jeffrey S. Morgan, Cleveland, Ohio; Director of Technology, Bristol West Insurance
Jeffrey Wescott, San Francisco, California; Software Developer, n/a
Jeffrey Willis, Columbus, Ohio; Student, Ohio State University
Jeffrey Y. Sue, MD, Honolulu, HI; Diagnostic Radiologist, n/a
Jeff Rosowski, Las Vegas, NV; Network Systems Specialist, n/a
Jeffry Jones, Marietta, GA; Senior Internet Application Developer, weather.com
Jeff Shultz, Sacramento, CA; Partner, Sunfire Design and Consulting
Jeff Wandling, Fall City, WA; Software Development Engineer, RealNetworks
Jeff Wieland, West Lafayette, IN; Network Analyst/Engineer, Purdue University
Jef Spaleta, Princeton, NJ; Graduate Student, Princeton Plasma Physics Lab
Jemaleddin S. Cole, Glen Burnie, MD; Systems Analyst, Data Computer Corp. America
Jem Lewis, Seattle, WA; Software Engineer, n/a
Jennifer Bohmbach, Minneapolis, MN; Information Architect, Imaginet
Jennifer Mandel, Los Angeles, Ca; Computer Tech, freelance
Jeremiah Bachmann, Pittsburgh, PA; Software Engineer, n/a
Jeremiah Gilbert, Moriah, New York; Consultant, vtnetworks.net
Jeremiah Stanley, Arvada, CO; n/a
Jeremiah Trudeau, Tolland, CT; Graduate Student, University of Connecticut
Jeremy D. Foshee, Seneca, SC; Programmer/Systems Analyst, Integrated Support Systems, Inc.
Jeremy Green, Norman, OK; CTO, Digital Commerce Solutions
Jeremy Howes, Charlotte, NC; Product Mechanical Designer, Eurotherm Drives Inc
Jeremy Leader, Arcadia, CA; Software Developer, self employed
Jeremy McMillan, Chicago, IL; Unix System Administrator, Aon
Jeremy Noetzelman, Seattle, Washington; Senior Network Engineer, University of Washington
Jeremy Padfield, Dallas, TX; Design Verification Engineer, n/a
Jeremy Pastore, Bethlehem, PA; systems analyst, libra consulting corp.
Jeremy Petersen, Draper, Utah; Manager, TeachStream
Jeremy Schiffer, NYC, NY; Computer Security Administrator, Columbia University
Jeremy Stanley, Orem, UT; Software Engineer, LDS Missionary Training Center
Jeremy Walker, Southfiled, MI; Software Developer, i33
Jeremy White, Saint Paul, Minnesota; President & CEO, CodeWeavers, Inc.
Jerome D Krough, Laurel, Maryland; Chemist, n/a
Jerome Falatko, Reading, PA; Computer Systems Analyst, n/a
Jerry C. McGill, Ph.D., Crowley, Texas; Associate Professor, UNTHSC-FW
Jerry L. Neff, Fresno, CA; Programmer/Analyst, State Center Community College District
Jerzy Puchala, Alpharetta, Georgia; Senior Sftware Engineer, Still Current Development
Jeshua Smith, Madison, WI; Undergraduate Student, University of Wisconsin
Jesse Becker, Evanston, IL; Systems Administrator, n/a
Jesse Burson, Boston, MA; Manager of MIS, Adaptive Optics Associates
Jesse Donaldson, San Jose, CA; Senior Software Engineer, Palm, Inc.
Jesse Holden, Ukiah, CA; Web Designer / Computer Technician, Independent Contractor
Jessica Slason, Southington, CT; Microsoft Alternatives Hobbyist, n/a
J.F. Neveau II, Essexville, MI; Trooper, Michigan Dept. of State Police
Jill Ratkevic, Sunnyvale, Ca; Consultant, n/a
Jim Barnes, Bellevue, WA; Network Administrator, S&B Inc.
Jim Belant, Pulaski, Wisconsin; Electrical Engineer, System Engineer
Jim Bengtson, Nevada, Iowa; Sr. Programmer/Analyst, Ruan Transportation
Jim Bertin, Hysham, MT; Tech Coordinator, Hysham Public Schools
Jim Eikner, Austin, Texas; Network Administrator, n/a
Jim Gamble, Warrenton, VA; Software Engineer, n/a
Jim Matisi, Richardson, Texas; Sr. Middleware Administrator, CompUSA
Jim Miller, Cedar Rapids, IA; Chief of Software Infrastructure, i-OP
Jim Priest, Raleigh, North Carolina; CTO, ClickCulture
Jim Quinn, Shelton, CT; Desktop Systems Administrator, Getronics
Jim Roland, Irving, TX; Consultant, n/a
J. Kenneth Gentle, Lincoln University, PA; Software Architect, iMedium, Inc.
J Matte, Atlanta, GA; Application Programmer, Peachtree Business Products
J. Nathan Matias, Mount Joy, PA; Technologist, Allied Networks (www.allied.net)
JoAnna Minneci, Los Angeles, CA; Webmistress, On Target Design
Joe Howard, Puyallup, WA; Student, University of Puget Sound
Joe Kazura, Durham, NH; Information Technologist, University of New Hampshire
Joel F. Leland, Oceanside, Ca; Owner, http://www.moonstoneservices.com/
Joel Garringer, Tulsa, OK; Senior Web-Designer/Developer, Tek-Systems
Joel Harris, Indianapolis, IN; Consultant, Bravura Systems
Joel Kickbusch, Rockledge, FL; Lead Software Engineer, e-Security
Joel Miles, Maplewood, MN; IT Support Specialist, Science Museum of Minnesota
Joel Schneider, Bloomington, Minnesota; Software Developer, Effective Tech Services
Joe Marcotte, Honolulu, HI; Network Security/Firewall Administrator, n/a
Joe Naccarato, Wilmington, DE; Programmer, Dade Behring
Joe Provo, Needham, MA; Director, RCN Corporation
Joe Smith, Philadelphia, PA; biomedical research fellow, Thomas Jefferson University
Joe Weber, Louisville, CO; Senior Technologist, Cable Television Laboratories
John August, New Orleans, Louisiana; Analyst, Tulane University
John A. Varela, McLean, VA; Retired
John Beal II, Bend, OR; Network Engineer II, Orcom Solutions, Inc.
John Beamon, Baton Rouge, LA; Internet Systems Administrator, EATEL
John Bekas, Jr., Chicago, IL; Software Architect, Confirmative Technologies, Inc.
John Bryan, Austin, Texas; Programmer Analyst, Broadwing Communications
John Callaway, Santa Cruz, California; Software Engineer, VisiComp
John Carpenter, Brookfield, WI; Software Engineer, Penta Technologies
John Clayton Long, Tallahassee, Florida; Programmer, Graphic Artist, Student, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
John Clymer, Fairmont, MN; Software Engineer, Kahler Automation
John C Meuser, West Lafayette, Indiana; Student, Purdue University
John Crowley, Somerville, MA; Web Consultant, johncrowley.net
John D. Heintz, Austin, TX; Software Integrator, Isogen International, LLC.
John Diley, Gaithersburg, Maryland; n/a
John D. Mitchell, Moraga, CA; Citizen, USA
John Donaldson, Brattleboro, Vermont; Director, K2Kid:HyperMedia
John Edstrom, Newport, OR; Senior Programmer, NewSof Group
John E. Ivory, New Hartford, NY; President, Blue Vista Solutions
John Enters, Cedarburg, WI; Web and Database Developer, Sysnetweb
John Evans, Boston, Massachusetts; Computer Specialist, Association of Computing Machinery
John Ewart, San Bernardino, California; Software Developer, LANtrocity
John F Biggs II, Charlotte, North Carolina; Systems Admin, Wachovia
John F. Chamblee, Tucson, AZ; Graduate Research Associate, Center for Applied Spatial Analysis
John F. Houde, San Francisco, California; Assistant Research Neuroscientist, University of California
John Franks, Evanston, IL; Professor, Northwestern University
John G. Hasler, Elmwood, Wisconsin; Debian Developer
John Goodleaf, Seattle, Washington; Technology Coordinator, Immunex
John Grayless, San Antonio, Texas; IT Director, Gerloff Company, Inc.
John Guthrie, Washington, DC; Software Developer, American Institutes for Research
John Hall, Fairbanks, Alaska; Programmer, University of Alaska
John Hardin, Snohomish, Washington; Internal Systems Administrator, Apropos Retail Management Systems, Inc.
John Hatch, Dundas, MN; Computer User: Microsoft, Linux and Apple Products, n/a
John Heasley, Portland, Oregon; n/a
John Hohm, Oak Forest, IL; Software Developer, Applied Systems, Inc.
John Holcomb, Greenville, IL; n/a
John Holstein, Charleston, WV; Helpdesk/Support Coorinator, www.cotse.com
John H. Robinson, IV, San Diego, CA; Systems Administrator, University of California
John (Jack) Varga, Lafayette, Colorado; Data Systems/Software Architect, Independent
John J. Beach, Waterville, MN; Instructor, PC/LAN, IT Department, Brown College
John Karakash, Raleigh, NC; Senior Software Engineer, Lvl7 Systems Inc.
John K. Edwards, Burke, VA; Vice President, Results Computing Corporation
John K. Herndon, Kansas City, Missouri; Student, DeVry
John K. Molnar, Atlanta, GA; Network Security Developer, Trellis Network Security
John Kroll, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Systems Analyst, n/a
John Langley, Hollis, NH; Director of Platform Archtiecture, KANA Software
John L. Grzesiak, Derry, NH; Senior Analyst, The Learning Incentive
John Manning, Sterling, VA; President, electronworks, inc.
John McCain, Birmingham, Alabama; Systems Engineer, Layer3 Communications
John Medway, Austin, TX; Human Being, Human Race
John Meek, Dallas, Tx; Owner, Your IT Services
John Merryweather Cooper, College Place, Washington; Student/FreeBSD Maintainer, n/a
John M. Siino, Reno, NV; Sole-Proprietor, Advanced Engineering Services
John Napiorkowski, New York City, NY; Senior Programmer, Bristol Myers Squibb
John Oglesby, Snohomish, Washington; President, Data Index, Inc.
John Oliver, San Diego, CA; Systems Administrator, hosting.com
John Paquin, Freeland, Maryland; Senior Programmer, Breakaway Games
John P. Conner, Colorado Springs, CO; President, Empire Digital Instruments
John Peter Hermes, Waterloo, Illinois; DBA, Fleishman-Hillard
John Pierce, Palatine, IL; Consultant, n/a
John Pulliam, Frisco, Tx; Associate Technical Profesional, Halliburton Energy Services
John Quigley, Greenwich, Connecticut; Student, SUNY Maritime College
John Reyst, Royal Oak, Michigan; Owner, Net-Mechanics.com
John Rohrbaugh, Fort Collins, CO; Design Automation Engineer, Agilent Technologies
John Seals, Minneapolis, MN; Consultant, Solution Design Group
John Soliday, Marietta, GA; Systems Administrator, Self
john Stillwagen, San Diego, CA; Database Administrator, La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunlogy
John Stoneham, Baltimore, MD; Associate Software Engineer, eOriginal, Inc.
John Stoner, Chicago, Illinois; Software Developer, Independent
John Sweeney, Satellite Beach, FL; Systems Administrator, SAIC
John Tebbutt, Frederick, MD; Computer Scientist, The National Institute of Standards and Technology
John Tobias, San Francisco, California; Sr. Network Engineer, Marin Networks Inc.
John Vann, Collegeville, PA; Web Developer, Kaloke Technologies
John Van Patten, Petoskey, Michigan; Violinist/Music Instructor, Self employed
John Viega, Warrenton, VA; CTO, Secure Software Solutions
John Vitek, Anderson, SC; Owner/President, Ideal Solutions
John V. Martinez, Atlanta, GA; Principal Software Engineer, Ciena
John Voigt, Terre Haute, Indiana; System Administrator, Valley Technology
John Walsh, Broomfield, CO; Java Architect, Sun Microsystems
John Wedoff, Somerville, MA; Software Developer, n/a
John Wendel, Monterey, CA; Computer Programmer, U.S. Navy
John Wenger, Ph.D., Redondo Beach, CA; Internet Consultant, Wenger Consulting
John W. Linville, Mebane, NC; Computer Engineer, LVL7 Systems, Inc.
John Wohlers, Somonauk, IL; Library Technology Assistant, Waubonsee community College
Jonathan Abbey, Austin, TX; Senior Operating System Specialist, The University of Texas at Austin
Jonathan Blocksom, Vienna, VA; President, GollyGee Software
Jonathan Booth, Urbana, IL; Graduate Student, UIUC
Jonathan Cameron, Chandler, Arizona; Software Engineer, Motorola
Jonathan D. Nolen, Santa Barbara, CA; Web Developer, n/a
Jonathan E. Greenberg, Ann Arbor, Michigan; Lead Consultant, Innovative Process Solutions
Jonathan Freiermuth, Rochester, NY; Lead Systems Engineer, VoiceWeb Corporation
Jonathan Hartley, Denver, CO; Senior Software Engineer, SchlumbergerSema
Jonathan Hart, Livermore, CA; Citizen, Citizen
Jonathan Haskins, Los Angeles, CA; Web Designer, n/a
Jonathan Hill, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Systems Administrator, Marshall & Ilsley Corporation
Jonathan Kamens, Brighton, MA; Senior Software Engineer, Curl Corporation
Jonathan Korman, San Francisco, CA; Principal designer, Cooper Interaction Design
Jonathan Lindstrom, St. Louis, MO; Senior MIS Specialist, Anheuser-Busch Companies
Jonathan McLin, Tempe, AZ; Chief Technology Officer, Cottonwood Technology Group
Jonathan M. Hamlow, Minneapolis, MN; Development Coordinator, Public Radio International
Jonathan Morris, Portland, Oregon; ASQ Certitified Software Quality Engineer, private citizen
Jonathan Newquist, Kearney, Nebraska; computer technician, n/a
Jonathan Niebling, Boston, Mass.; Flight Attendant, American Airlines
Jonathan Nizar, Baltimore, Maryland; Student, Johns Hopkins University
Jonathan Powers, Melbourne, FL; Digital Designer, Harris Corp.
Jonathan Troiano, Los Angeles, CA; IT Consultant, Freelance
Jonathan Walton, Newport Beach, CA; Design Engineer, Gordian
Jonathan Weeks, Seattle, WA; Director of Engineering, Performant
Jon Beckett Schreiber, Milwaukee, WI; IT Testing Analyst, Manpower
Jon Ciesla, Des Moines, IA; PC Systems Support, American Republic Insurance Company
Jon Hartwell, La Crescent, MN; Consultant, MDS
Jon McClintock, El Cerrito, CA; Project Engineer, Blue Mug
Jordan Peterson, Watertown, WI; Network Administrator II, DeLaRue Cash Systems
Jorge Guerra, Miami, FL; Business Development Manager, Opera Software
Joseph A. Knapka, El Paso, TX; Sysems Engineer, TransCore Intelligent Traffic Systems, Inc.
Joseph Alek Piasecki, Danville, Illinois; Systems Administrator, Danville Holdings, Inc.
Joseph Buck, Campbell, CA; Principal Engineer, Synopsys
Joseph Cooper, Portland, Oregon; Programmer, Torment Interactive
Joseph Crowley III, Dedham, MA; Data Entry Specialist, Preferred Temporaries
Joseph Daniel Lyman, Tigard, OR; CIO, Exacura Professional Technologies
Joseph Esrey, Gainesville, FL; Student, Anthropology, University of Florida
Joseph Foley, Cambridge, MA; Senior Software Engineer, Akamai Technologies
Joseph J Collins, Middlesboro, Kentucky; Pharmacist, n/a
Joseph Kanowitz, Ridgefield, CT; Network Administrator, Individual
Joseph K. Fish, Raytown, Missouri; Programmer / Analyst, DataCapture Technologies
Joseph L. Hill, Hanover, NH; Unix Systems Manager, Dartmouth College
Joseph L. McCay, Manchester, NH; Software Engineer, n/a
Joseph Lubin, New York City, New York; Senior Software Engineer, emagine solutions
Joseph Majeske, Highland Park, NJ; VP Software, Sonorus, Inc.
Joseph Palmer, San Jose, CA; (Former) Director of Hardware Engineering, Be, Inc.
Joseph R. Justice, Alexandria, VA; Computer Programmer, self-employed
Joseph Rock, Ann Arbor, MI; Communications Engineer, NextHop Technologies Inc.
Joseph Shraibman, New York, NY; Director of Internet Operations, Xtenit Inc (http://www.xtenit.com)
Joseph Sloan, Fullerton, Ca; Systems Engineer, Mirai Consulting
Joseph Vandevander, Raleigh, North Carolina; System Administrator, n/a
Joseph W. Gibson, Pasadena, CA; Lead Software Engineer, n/a
Josep L. Guallar-Esteve, Chapel Hill, NC; QA Testing Engineer, Red Hat Inc. & member of IEEE Computer Society
Josh Bauguss, Albuquerque, New Mexico; Senior Programmer, Web-Galleries
Josh Douglas, Bedford, VA; Systems Administrator, Smyth Companies
Josh Jackson, Houston, TX; Founder, University of Houston Linux Users Group
Josh Mayers, Boston, MA; Network Engineer, n/a
Josh Prokop, Brewster, MA; Independent Softeware Developer, n/a
Josh Simon, Aurora, IL; Principal, Joshua S. Simon Consulting
Joshua Arnold, Austin, Texas; Systems Administrator, IronRhino
Joshua Bennett, Chicago, IL; Corporate Systems Technologist, ABN Amro
Joshua Crone, Baltimore, Maryland; Unix Systems Administrator, Advertising.Com
Joshua Fluty, Greenville, SC; Independent Programmer, n/a
Joshua Fritsch, Stamford, CT; Security Analyst, UnixGeeks.Org
Joshua Fryman, Bogart, GA; PhD Student and Researcher, Georgia Institute of Technology
Joshua Kayse, Smyrna, Georgia; Student, n/a
Joshua Keith, Malden, MA; n/a, n/a
Joshua Kirby, Little Rock, Arkansas; IT Specialist III, Southwest Power Pool
Joshua Levenson, Raleigh, NC; Premier ISV Partner Engineer, Red Hat
Joshua Smith, East Lansing, Michigan; Student, Michigan State University
Joshua Willingham, Phoenix, AZ; Technical Coordinator, Aries Technology, Inc.
Josh Varner, Bartlesville, Oklahoma; Programmer, Diversified Systems Resources
Josiah Royse, Lexington, KY; Technical Contractor, Analysts International
J. Scott Evans, Springfield, VA; Chief Technology Officer, Computational Physics, Inc.
J. Scott Jaderholm, Provo, Utah; Student, Brigham Young University
Juan Lang, San Jose, CA; software engineer, Cranite Systems
Judd Rogers, Austin, Texas; Product Developer, BMC Software
Judith Phillips, Atlanta, Georgia; Learning Products Engineer, HP
Jules Agee, Seattle, WA; System Administrator, Pacific Coast Feather Co.
Jules Siegel, Cancun, Quintana Roo; Writer and Graphic Designer, CafeCancun.com
Julia Christianson, Arlington, VA; Administrative Director, ICON Community Services
Julia Hart, NYC, NY; Student, Columbia University
Julia Mackert, Galesburg, Illinois; PC Support Specialist, OSF
Julia Mason M.D., Waunakee, WI; Pediatrician, Physicians for Social Responsibility
Julie Szekely, Austin, Texas; Web Designer, Self-employed
Julio A. Cartaya, Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey; Systems Engineer, AT&T
Justin A. Faughn, College Station, TX; Student, Texas A&M University
Justin Anderson, Amherst, MA; Student, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Justin Ballou, Burlington, VT; EDI Project Manager, The Physician's Computer Company
Justin Dugger, Olathe, KS; Student, Kansas State University
Justin D. Whitney, Worcester, Massachusetts; n/a
Justin Fletcher, Murray, KY; Network Technician, Murray State University
Justin French, McPherson, KS; Student, n/a
Justin Georgeson, Plymouth, MN; Software Engineer, Optical Solutions Inc.
Justin Guerin, Colorado Springs, Colorado; Product Engineer, Atmel Corp.
Justin Hall, Cincinnati, OH; Network Administrator, The Sant Corporation
Justin Lee, Denver, CO; Senior Software Development Architect, Harland Financial Solutions
Justin Miller, Somerville, Massachusetts; Senior Software Architect, Oculus Technologies Corp.
Justin Wojdacki, Santa Clara, CA; Senior Engineer, Analog Devices
Kanayo Orji, East Lansing, MI; Student, n/a
Karen Mirande, Dufur, OR; Landscape, U.S. Citizen
Karl Bellve, PhD, Worcester, Massachusetts; Research Engineer, University of Massachusetts
Karl J. Smith, Portland, OR; Systems Engineer, n/a
Karl M. Hegbloom, Portland, Oregon; Developer and Consultant, The Debian Project
Karl S. Griffiths, Edwardsville, Illinois; Microcomputer Technician, I cannot disclose
Katherine Smith, San Jose, CA; Scientific Programmer, n/a
Kathleen L Smith, Seattle, WA; Retired, Seattle schools
Kathy Cook, Los Angeles, CA, Registered Psychologist, Didi Hirsch Community Mental Health Center
Kathy Evans, Antioch, TN; Web Designer, E.I.C.C.
Kathy I. Morgan, Tok, Alaska; just a US citizen who uses computers
Kaushik De, Arlington, TX; Professor, The University of Texas at Arlington
Keith Bierman, San Jose, CA; Software Developer, n/a
Keith Hays, Champaign, IL; Senior Support Engineer, Argus Systems Group
Keith H. Hayden, Dumont, NJ; Web Site Developer, powersolution.com
Keith Holland, Bowling Green, KY; Software Developer, Independent Consultant
Keith Keller, San Francisco, CA; System administrator, n/a
Keith K Gross, Madison, WI; Development support specialist, Wisconsin Department of Revenue
Keith Reed, Detroit, Michigan; UNIX/SAN Administrator, CareTech Solutions/Detroit Medical Center
Keith Wissing, Lititz, PA; Senior Software Engineer, IDenticard
Kelly Cordellos, Santa Rosa, CA; Apple Sales Consultant, Apple Computer
Kelly Hatcher, Austin, Texas; Senior Software Engineer, Vignette Corporation
Kelly Hickel, Minneapolis, MN; Senior Software Architect, n/a
Kelvin Kakugawa, Champaign, IL; Student, Self
Ken Bowman, Mt. Pleasant, SC; IT Manager, Quovadx
Ken Conrad, Dayton, OH; Network Analyst, Motoman, Inc.
Kendall Bailey, De Pere, WI; Software Engineer, Schneider National
Kendall Whitlatch, Duvall, Washington; IT Consultant/Software Engineer, Grendel Industries
Ken Engel, Berkeley, CA; Software Engineer, member, Tau Beta Pi National Engineering Honor Society - tbp.org
Ken Fox, Ann Arbor, Michigan; Programmer, Ford Motor Company
Ken Horton, Indian Harbour Beach, FL; Developer, ImageLinks
Ken Kelley, Charlottesville, VA; Software Engineer, n/a
Ken Klavonic, Concord, NC; Systems Admin, Wachovia
Ken Kumayama, Glendale, Arizona; System Administrator, n/a
Ken Martin, Woodinville, WA; Software Engineer, n/a
Ken McKee, Hillsborough, NC; Analyst Programmer, Duke University Medical Center
Kenneth Badertscher, San Jose, CA; Technical Yahoo!, Yahoo! Personals
Kenneth Bromberg, Garden City, NY; College Lab Technician, City University of New York Graduate Center
Kenneth E McFarling, Portland, Oregon; Software Engineer, n/a
Kenneth Eschrich, Branford, CT; Student, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Kenneth J. Hendrickson, Tucson, AZ; Principal Engineer, Raytheon Missile Systems
Kenneth J. Lund, Houston, Texas; Hardware Engineer IV, COMPAQ
Kenneth M. De Tullio, Huntsville, AL; Programmer, BRC
Kenneth Miller, San Francisco, California; Associate Professor, University of California
Kenneth V. Cuvelier, Canby, OR; Computer Consultant, Becken Computer Services
Kenneth W. Cochran, Alexander City, Alabama; Consultant, Independant
Kenneth W. Melvin, East Bend, North Carolina; Citizen, United States of America
Kenn Murrah, Dallas, Texas; Webmaster, Ussery Printing
Ken Settle, Newport Beach, CA; Software Developer, TransMedia Productions, Inc.
Kent Benedict, Iowa City, Iowa; Systems Administrator, n/a
Kent Peterson, Charlottesville, Virginia; Senior Quality Assurance Analyst, n/a
Kent Pirkle, Atlanta, Georgia; Systems Administrator, n/a
Kent Schumacher, Minneapolis, MN; IS Manager, Structural Wood Corporation
Kermit Woodall, Glen Allen, VA; President, Nova Design
Kerry Crouse, Nashua, NH; Owner/Engineer, Crouse Consulting
Kevin A. Sesock, Stillwater, Oklahoma; Deskside Computer Support Specialist, Oklahoma State University
Kevin D. Clark, Nottingham, NH; Software Engineer, n/a
Kevin Dickson, Billerica, MA; Software Engineer, Raytheon
Kevin H. Devin, Bothell, WA; Systems Administrator, n/a
Kevin Hostelley, Cleveland, OH; Technology Master, KeyBank
Kevin Hutson, Austin, TX; Programmer, Insomniac's Lounge
Kevin J. Butler, Spanish Fork, Utah; Software Architect, Campus Pipeline
Kevin Martin, Tuxedo Park, NY; Owner, Brass Cannon Consulting
Kevin McFadden, McLean, VA; consultant, n/a
Kevin Michael Pansky, Cleveland, OH; Student, Northwestern University
Kevin Morgan, Los Angeles, CA; Consultant, Self-employed
Kevin Nelson, St. Louis, MO; Senior SMC Staff, Cybercon
Kevin O'Connor, Ardsley, NY; Systems Analyst, McGraw-Hill
Kevin O'Mahoney, Palo Alto, California; Senior Software / Hardware Engineer, n/a
Kevin Oster, Milpitas, CA; Software Engineer, Member, ACM
Kevin Rayhons, San Antonio, TX; Multimedia Specialist, Southwest Research Institute
Kevin Sonney, Pittsboro, NC; Programmer, webslingerZ, Inc
Kevin Swearingen, Saint Charles, Missouri; President, Reliable Group
Kevin White, Newbern, TN; Computer Support Technician, Collierville Municipal Government
Kevin Wright, Dallas, TX; Systems Technician, Neiman Marcus
Khouri Giordano, Melville, NY; Software Technology Researcher, Nikon
Kimberly A. Brosan, Irmo, SC; Library Media Specialist, Mid-Carolina High School
Kimberly Claffy, La Jolla, CA; associate research scientist, Principal Investigator, UCSD, CAIDA
Kimberly Menninga, Grand Rapids, Michigan; Research and Development Coordinator, The Composing Room of Michigan
Kip Gebhardt, San Francisco, CA; Software Engineer,n/a
Kip Manley, Portland, Oregon; Writer and designer, Freelancer
Konrad Nagel, Santa Cruz, CA; Application Manager, SZ Testsysteme
Kory Hamzeh, West Hills, CA; President, Avatar Consultants, Inc.
Krishna Sethuraman, Sunnyvale, CA; Programmer/Analyst, SGI
Kris Klindworth, Urbana, Illinois; Database Administrator, Carle Clinic Association
Kristian Kvilekval, Santa Barbara, CA; Graduate Researcher, UC Santa Barbara
Kristine Sawyer, Castro Valley, California; Concerned Citizen
Kurt Andersen, Liberty Lake, Washington; Postmaster, Agilent Technologies
Kurt Anderson, Bangor, Maine; Info Security Assoc, Eastern Maine Healthcare
Kurt D. Starsinic, Brooklyn, NY; Senior Software Architect, WolfeTech Development
Kurt Overberg, San Francisco, CA; Analyst, KMDI Inc.
Kurt Schaeffer, Houston, TX; Technical Support Representative, Larson Software Technology
Kurt Yoder, McLean, VA; Network administrator, Sport & Health Clubs
K.V. Moffet, Lancaster, CA; Owner, Offworld Press
Kyle Davenport, Dallas, TX; SysAdmin, CompUSA
Kyle Hasselbacher, Elmhurst, IL; Programmer, n/a
Kyle Hoyt, Pinellas Park, FL; System Engineer, Raytheon
Kyle MacLea, Norwich, VT; Graduate Student, Dartmouth College
Kyle Mandli, Madison, Wisconsin; Software Engineer / Researcher, Mandli Communications
Kyle McDonald, Burlington, MA; System Engineer/Programmer, Sun Microsystems
Kyle Mesnard, Crystal Lake, IL; Student, University of Illinois
Kyle Wheeler, Cincinnati, Ohio; Student, Ohio University
Lamar Prosser, Charleston, SC; IT Coordinator for Ctr for Health Care Research, Med Univ of SC
Lance Dryden, Astoria, New York; Network Administrator, Modelwire
Lance Ivy, College Place, WA; Student, Walla Walla College
Lane Weast, Fort Myers, FL; Programmer Analyst I, Lee County Clerk of Court
Lanny Powers, Athens, Alabama; President, LANPOWERS Inc.
Larry Groebe, Dallas, TX; VP New Media, Insider Marketing
Larry Hammer, Williamsburg, Virginia; Network Administrator, Ecpi Technical College
Larry McVoy, San Francisco, CA; CEO, BitMover, Inc.
Larry Norris, Oklahoma City, OK; Director of Development, AFA eDirect
Larry Sendlosky, Leominster, MA; Consulting Software Engineer, Storigen Systems
Larry Smithmier, Cary, NC; Software Engineer, Oak Grove Software
Larry Staton Jr., Winter Park, Florida; Paralegal/Economist, Holihan Diaz
Larry Works, Charlottesville, Virginia; Network Engineer, n/a
Lars R. Damerow, Oakland, CA; Senior UNIX System Administrator, n/a
Laura Wick, San Diego, CA; Homemaker
Laurence Mills-Gahl, Chicago, IL; President, Webfarm, Inc.
Laurence Schorsch, Evanston, IL; Graduate Student, University of Chicago
Lawrence Alkoff, Austin, TX; retired, n/a
Lawrence Gohar, New York, NY; Sr. Server / Network Engineer, n/a
Lawrence M. Brinley, Greenfield, IN; President/CEO, SOHO Solutions
Lawrence R. Doolittle, Walnut Creek, California; Staff Engineer, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Lawson Whitney, Concord, North Carolina; Citizen, United States of America
Lee Adams, Lake Mary, Florida; BOFH, Synergy Southeast
Lee C Smith, Tyrone, GA; Regional Sales Mgr (Retiring), Plastican Inc
Lee Glenn, Des Moines, Iowa; Software Engineer, n/a
Lee Graba, Minneapolis, Minnesota; Principal Engineer, Honeywell, Inc.
Lee M. Bernbaum, Midwest City, OK; Programmer/Analyst, self-employed
Lee Wenzbauer, Chicago, IL; Senior Consultant, DanielGraphics
Lee Willoughby, Kansas City, MO; Web Developer, AP Network Services
Leif Sawyer, Anchorage, AK; Network Engineer, General Communication, Inc
Lei Zhang, Los Angeles, CA; Student, UCLA Linux Users Group
Len Frazier, McAllen, TX; Systems Manager, Rio Grande Valley Publishing
Leonard Park, Salem, MA; Sales Associate, Apple Computers
Leonard Schrieber, PhD, Fair Lawn, NJ; Senior Trading Systems Analyst, n/a
Leon D. Shaner, Dearborn, ; Internet Architect, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Lewis Vincent, Melbourne, Vic; Manager, eDream Designs
Lex Mierop, Newbury Park, CA; Senior Software Engineer, Network Telephone Services
Linchuan Liu, Mountain View, California; Student, University of California at Berkeley
Linda Lawson, Phoenix, AZ; Flash Design and Production, n/a
Lindsay Pallickal, Elmsford, New York; Principle, Guidewalk LLC
Lion Templin, Minneapolis, Minnesota; Owner, LCR Systems
Lisa Applegate, Pekin, IL; Network/Systems Administrator, Pekin School District 108
Lisa A Uber, Highland Park, New Jersey; Consultant/Project Manager, Starling
Lisa Corner, Princeton, WV; System/Network Administrator, n/a
Lisa R. Bogue, Los Angeles, CA; System and Network Administrator, n/a
Lisa Werner Carr, Dallas, Texas; Senior Content Developer, imc2
Lou Glassy, Bozeman, Montana; Software Engineer, RightNow Technologies
Louis Canaiy, Fort Collins, Colorado; Systems Administrator, Engineering Network Services (Colorado State University)
Lou Miller, Washington, DC; Project Coordinator, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
Lucas McCauslin, Worcester, MA; Embedded Systems Engineer, Microwave Radio Communications
Luc Lapalme, Sudbury, Ontario; Software Developer, Accutron Instruments
Luke A. Kanies, Nashville, Tennessee; Infrastructure Architect, Caterpillar Financial
Luke Crawford, Rochester, NY; Web Programmer, R Brooks Associates
Lyle D. Vogtmann, Oak Harbor, WA; Pres., Whidbey Island Linux User Group
Lynn Yuan, West Covina, California; Executive Director, i2s Inc.
MacDonald Jackson, Corvallis, OR; CAD Engineer, Intel
Malcolm Gin, Columbia, Maryland; Systems Architect, Member, ACM
Marcel Valcarce, Hollywood, CA; Designer/Director, Pacific Title and Art Studio
Marc Grubb, Roslindale, MA; Director, IS, Panache Editorial
Marcia Baczynski, Jersey City, NJ; Member, New York Linux Users Group
Marc Levine, Ukiah, California; Systems Analyst Programmer, County of Mendocino
Marcus B. Sellers, Homer City, PA; Masters Candidate Biology, Indiana University of Penna
Marcus I. Ryan, Ames, IA; Computer Engineer, Iowa Department of Transportation
Marcus Porter, Falls Church, VA; Systems Engineer, National Institutes of Health
Margaret Stephanie Leber CCP, Jeffersonville, PA; Chief Technical Officer, Matrisync
Mario Martinez, New York, NY; Systems Engineer, Thomson Financial
Marion Bates, Hanover, NH; Research Engineer, Institute for Security Technology Studies
Mark "Adam" Baum, Elk River, MN; Software Engineer, Lockheed Martin ATM
Mark Allshouse, Baltimore, Maryland; Student, Anne Arundel Community College
Mark A. Lytle, Houston, Texas; Network Analyst, Phillips Petroleum Co.
Mark Anderson, Chandler, Arizona; Component Engineer, Intel Corp.
Mark A. Thomas, Germantown, Maryland; Owner, Play by Electron Games
Mark Belnap, Pleasant Grove, UT; Software Developer, n/a
Mark C. Bradley, Eden Prairie, MN; Senior Software Engineer, n/a
Mark Clancy, Rochester, MN; Senior Analyst/Programmer, Mayo Clinic
Mark Ericksen, Omaha, Nebraska; Software Engineer, n/a
Mark Fasheh, Los Angeles, CA; Student, UCLA Linux Users Group
Mark Gray, Atlanta, GA; Computer Systems Analyst, n/a
Mark Greene, Concord, NH; Sr. Systems Engineer, Capital Region Health Care
Mark H. Bickford, Portland, ME; Programmer / Analyst, n/a
Mark Holbrook, Pocatello, Idaho; IS manager, AMI Semiconductor
Mark Horning, Aurora, CO; Unix Systems Administrator, IBM Global Services
Mark Jackson, Fort Collins, Colorado; Software Engineer, Shuffle Master
Mark Jacob, San Diego, CA; Software Engineer, Sony Computer Entertainment America
Mark Jaroski, San Francisco, California; Senior Software Engineer, World Health Organization
Mark J. Horn, Charlotte, NC; System / Network Administrator, n/a
Mark Juliano, Atlanta, GA; Unix Administrator, Autotrader.com
Mark King, Sun Valley, NV; Graphic Artist, n/a
Mark Kinzie, Baltimore, MD; Software Engineer, Johns Hopkins University
Mark Martin, Rochester, New York; Experience Designer, Element K
Mark Miller, Berkeley, CA; Student, Univ. of California
Mark Mynsted, Lewisville, TX; Senior Application Developer, n/a
Mark Nottage, Berkeley, CA; Systems Engineer, n/a
Mark Parker, Salt Lake City, Utah; Lead Web Developer, Medicity
Mark Plimley, San Jose, CA; President, Plimley Consulting
Mark R. Andrachek, Jr., Richmond, VA; Concerned Citizen, n/a
Mark R. Millsap, Potomac Falls, Virginia; Business Development Manager, Affiliated Information Resources, Inc.
Mark Rottler, Indianapolis, IN; Owner/President, SLM Industries LLC
Mark R. Ritschard, Loveland, CO; Director of Computing, Colorado State University
Mark Rushing, Seattle, WA; IT Consultant, Orbis Lumen
Mark Salisbury, Chelmsford, Ma; Senior Software Engineer, Salisbury and Salisbury Inc.
Mark Schafer, Defiance, Ohio; student, NSCC
Mark Schweikle, Gilbert, Arizona; Student, Byte Rain Development Corporation
Mark Shepard, Dallas, TX; Software Engineer, Consultant
Mark Stevenson, Indianapolis, IN; Small businesss owner, n/a
Mark Stock, Ann Arbor, MI; PhD student, U of Michigan
Mark Stratman, Hoffman Estates, IL; Systems Administrator and Software Developer, EMC Capital Management
Mark Swayne, Portland, OR; Computer Programmer, n/a
Mark Symonds, Fountain Valley, CA; Systems Administrator, n/a
Mark Tucker, Clifton Park, NY; Unix Systems Consultant, n/a
Mark Wagner, Fremont, California; Database Administrator, IBM / CrossWorlds
Mark W. Alexander, Orlando, FL; Consumer, n/a
Mark Whiteford, Baltimore, MD; Network Administrator, WW PCTechs
Mark Wilson, Ithaca, NY; Student, Cornell University
Marlene Morley, Cleburne, Texas; Linux Administrator, Hypernet Communications
Marshall D. Lewis, Charlottesville, VA; Senior Programmer, ScholarOne Inc.
Martin Middleton, Bridgewater, MA; Release Engineer, n/a
Martin Slade, Pasadena, CA; Scientist, non-profit research lab
Marty Altman, Orlando, Florida; Senior Scientist, SAIC
Marty Paul Combs, San Francisco, CA; Systems Administrator, Techprose
Mary Pat McDonald, Phoenix, Arizona; Educator, Cartwright School District
Mary Peterson Hartzler, Alexandria, Virginia; self employed, n/a
Matt Curtis, American Fork, UT; Software Engineer, Clearstone Corporation
Matt Dew, Denver, CO; Hardware Engineer, SEAKR Engineering
Matt Graham, Lansing, MI; QA/Testing Lead, Group InfoTech
Matt Hellman, Urbandale, Iowa; Network Security Analyst, Principal Financial Group
Matthew A. Miller, Ahaheim, California; Software Engineer, The van der Roest Group
Matthew Barr, New York, NY; Systems Administrator, Barr Consulting
Matthew Bogosian, San Francisco, California; Software Engineer, Grand Central Communications
Matthew Bohnsack, Ames, Iowa; Software Developer, bohnsack.com
Matthew Caughron, Omaha, Nebraska; Co-Founder, Proteron LLC
Matthew Conway, Cambridge, Massachusetts; Senior Software Engineer, i2 Technolgies Inc.
Matthew C. Rees, Greenville, Rhode Island; Computer Programmer, n/a
Matthew Goheen, Rochester, NY; Consultant, MRRC Consulting Corp.
Matthew Hornyak, Pittsburgh, PA; CTO, rTheory
Matthew Hudson, Seattle, WA; Network Security Engineer, AT&T Wireless
Matthew Jenove, West New York, New Jersey; Software Engineer, n/a
Matthew J. Evans, Espanola, New Mexico; Owner/Operator, Oasis CyberCafe
Matthew Jones, Fort Wayne, Indiana; Macintosh computer lab Administrator, Taylor University Fort Wayne
Matthew J. Turk, Grand Rapids, Michigan; Student, Northwestern University (IL)
Matthew Kerr, Walnut Creek, CA; Student, Saint Mary's College of California
Matthew Luu, Santa Ana, CA; Helpdesk Administrator, Goodwill Industries of OC
Matthew Manor, Valley Stream, New York; President, Kingmanor Enterprises
Matthew McNeil, Pocatello, ID; Student, Idaho State University
Matthew Patton, Springfield, VA; Network Security Officer, VGS
Matthew Poor, Englewood, FL; Citizen, Venice Auction
Matthew Radway, Rapid City, SD; Student, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Matthew Ray, Austin, Texas; Software Developer, 360 Commerce
Matthew R Burack, Ames, IA; Software Developer, Computer Data Services
Matthew Reed, Seattle, Washington; Student, n/a
Matthew Ross, Ephrata, Washington; Founder, nineinchnerds.org
Matthew Sachs, Merrick, NY; Lead Developer and Project Manager, Zevils Software
Matthew Sexton, Kirkland, WA; Design Engineer, n/a
Matthew Strait, Oak Park, IL; Student, Carleton College
Matthew Toia, Washington Crossing, PA; Student, n/a
Matt Krabbenhoft, Austin, Texas; Graphic Designer, n/a
Matt Leonard, Denver, CO; Consultant, n/a
Matt Lewis, Sacramento, CA; Network Security Manager, WINfirst
Matt Oquist, Nashua, NH; Software Engineer, Compaq Computer Corporation
Matt Potosnak, New York, New York; Programmer, RiskMetrics Group
Matt Pujol, Fort Collins, Colorado; Electrical Engineer, IEEE
Matt Schmill, Amherst, MA; Research Assistant, University of Massachusetts
Matt Vanderveer, Charlottesville, VA; Systems Administrator, Boxer Learning
Matt Welsh, Berkeley, CA; Graduate student researcher, UC Berkeley Computer Science Division
Maureen Duffy, Troy, NY; Student, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Maurice P., Buckfield, ME; Technology Manager, MSAD #39
Max Bell, Portland, Oregon; Senior Systems Analyst, Max Bell Consulting
Maxx Christopher Lobo, San Jose, CA; Network Architect, ArrayComm, Inc.
Mayer Ilovitz, New York, NY; AVP, Citibank
Melissa Grams, Appleton, WI; Systems Analyst, Airadigm Communications
Melissa Woo, Champaign, IL; Research Programmer, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Meredith Dixon, Mannington, WV; Webmaster, Raven Days
Meryl Newbern, New York, NY; Consultant, n/a
Micah Cox, Kingston, TN; Lead Programmer, Ethereal Software
Micah John Cowan, Mountain View, CA; Software Engineer, Transmeta Corporation
Michael A. DeLuca II, Hatboro, PA; Web Designer, Psidonia.org
Michael A. Jaskowiak, Centreville, VA; n/a
Michael Alatorre, Los Angeles, CA; EIS Liaison Analyst, Cedars-Sinai Health System
Michael A. McLean, Raleigh, NC; QA Testing Engineer, Red Hat Inc.
Michael Amster, Los Angeles, CA; Chief Technology Officer, WebEasy
Michael A. Raymond, Eagan, MN; Software Engineer, SGI
Michael A. Schupp, New York, NY; Senior Developer/Systems Architect, Crosslinks Systems
Michael Barnes, San Mateo, CA; Software Engineer, Cisco Systems
Michael Batchelder, Redwood City, CA; Software Engineer, Counterpane Internet Security, Inc.
Michael Battle, Phoenix, AZ; Software Engineer, Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector
Michael Bell, Pewaukee, WI; Programmer, n/a
Michael Blakeley, Foster City, CA; Internet consultant, self-employed
Michael Bolen, Mishawaka, Indiana; Field Enginner, Service Express, Inc.
Michael Bourgon, Fort Worth, TX; Database Administrator, n/a
Michael Brauwerman, Chevy Chase, MD; Software Engineer, OPNET Technologies
Michael Buice, Chicago, Illinois; Graduate Student, University of Chicago
Michael Challis, Oklahoma City, OK; President, NeoDigita
Michael Charrier, Colorado Springs, Colorado; President, Charrier Consulting International
Michael Cope, Richmond, VA; Photographer, Michael Cope Photography
Michael Creighton, St. Louis, MO; Interactive Designer, Omni Creative Group
Michael C. Schultheiss, Indianapolis, IN; CEO / CIO, Amellus Enterprises, Ltd.
Michael D. Barry, Baltimore, MD; Application Developer, n/a
Michael Desjardins, Gray, ME; Computer Programmer, n/a
Michael Dill, San Jose, CA; Systems Administrator, Novellus Systems
Michael Dinsmore, Gaithersburg, MD; MacGenius, Apple
Michael E Brown, Pflugerville, TX; Software Engineer, Dell Computer Corp
Michael Fairchild, Ventura, CA; n/a
Michael Fair, Los Angeles; Member, linuxatlax.org
Michael F. Klein, Palo Alto, CA; Engineer and Domain Administrator, n/a
Michael Fox, Seattle, Washington; Software Engineer, Self
Michael Galloway, Lenoir City, TN; System Engineer, Oak Ridge National Lab
Michael Granger, Lakewood, CO; Architect, The FaerieMUD Consortium
Michael Guymon, New York, NY; Systems Architect, Igicom
Michael Hagedorn, Houston, Tx; Sr Software Engineer, Pentasafe, Inc
Michael Heyes, Fort Wayne, Indiana; Electrical Engineer, Lincoln Foodseervice Products
Michael Hnatko, Syracuse, NY; Student, Syracuse University
Michael Hollander, San Francisco, CA; Software Engineer, Intraspect Software
Michael Houda, Soquel, CA; Senior Engineering Technician, CSJ/DPW/D&C
Michael Hrubik, Norton, Ohio; Student, The University of Akron
Michael Isaac Jones, Columbus, Ohio; Computer Science Student, The Ohio State University
Michael Jennings, Portland, OR; Business Owner, FuturepowerŪ Computer Systems
Michael J. Manning, London, Ohio; Software Engineer, n/a
Michael J Myers, Manchester, PA; Sr Applications Developer, PA State Employee's Retirement System
Michael J. O'Donnell, Chicago, Illinois; Professor in Computer Science, The University of Chicago
Michael Jones, Ruckersville, VA; Java Programmer, Boxerlearning
Michael J. Porter, Newark, DE; Senior Systems Programmer, University of Delaware
Michael King, Wheeling, Illinois; QA Software Tester, Zebra Technologies
Michael Klein, Hermosa Beach, CA; Chief Architect, Greatmark Software
Michael Komarnitsky, Boulder, CO; President, Komar Consulting Group
Michael Kriss, Naperville, Illinois; System Administrator, n/a
Michael L. Broggy, New York, NY; System Analyst, New York Times
Michael Lee, Phoenix, Arizona; Cell Biologist, Environomics Southwest
Michael Lewis, Fort Collins, Colorado; CEO, NicheStaffing
Michael Logue, Asheville, NC; Business Owner (Partner), Earth Guild
Michael Lucas, Saint Clair Shores, MI; Consultant, Great Lakes Technologies Group
Michael McConnell, Edina, Minnesota; Chief Architect, http://info-sapient.sourceforge.net
Michael McCray, San Bernardino, CA; Computer Technician, San Bernardino Medical Group
Michael McGonagle, Chicago, Illinois; Owner, FoundSoundRealizations
Michael McHenry, Long Beach, CA; Consultant, Rossum Technologies
Michael Mirande, Dufur, OR; Videographer, Self
Michael Monasco, Minneapolis, Minnesota; President, Cycle Software Services
Michael Morrison, San Diego, Ca.; Software Engineer, Stonefly Networks
Michael O'Neill, Holden, MA; n/a
Michael O'Toole, San Jose, Ca; Engineering Director, n/a
Michael Owens, Santa Fe, New Mexico; Systems Analyst, State of New Mexico
Michael Parker, Los Angeles, CA; Software Architect, n/a
Michael Peay, Murrieta, CA; IT Manager, RedZone Interactive
Michael Percy, San Ramon, CA; Software Engineer, Portera Systems
Michael P McGill, Bethesda, MD; Director of Software Development, HealthASPex Inc.
Michael Poole, Reston, Virginia; Design Engineer, n/a
Michael Remski, Merrimack, NH; Principal Software Engineer, n/a
Michael R. Jinks, Chicago, Illinois; Unix Systems Administrator, James Franck Institute
Michael Roberts, Bloomington, Indiana; Owner, Vivtek http://www.vivtek.com
Michael Roman, Ithaca, NY; Sr Systems Analyst, Cornell University
Michael Sandford, Jacksonville, Florida; Student, University of North Florida
Michael Shiplett, Ann Arbor, MI; Senior Software Developer, Cisco Systems
Michael Sierchio, San Francisco, California; Information Security Consultant, Tenebras, LLC
Michael Skora, Ann Arbor, MI; Web Master, University of Michigan
Michael Spencer Jr., Council Bluffs, Iowa; Programmer/Analyst, Celebrity Personnel
Michael S. Scaramella, Esq., Cherry Hill, NJ; Senior Partner, Scaramella & Hoofnagle
Michael Tesch, Minneapolis, MN; Software Engineer, Independent Contractor
Michael Tomkins, Kingman, AZ; Consultant, VMSupport
Michael T. Rankin, Walker Valley, NY; Software Support Manager, n/a
Michael T. Scheidler, Greentown, IN; Unix/NT System Administrator, Delphi Automotive Systems
Michael Warnock, San Francisco, California; Artificial Life Programmer, InOrbit Entertainment Inc.
Michael Westcoat, San Francisco, CA; Software Engineer, n/a
Michael Wimpee, Olympia, Washington; Student, Whitman College
Michael W. Shaffer, Palo Alto, California; Network and Security Administrator, Agilent Technologies
Michelangelo Grigni, Atlanta, GA; Associate Professor, Emory University
Michelle Arden, Palo Alto, CA; Consultant, Arden Consulting
Michelle Klein-Hass, Van Nuys, CA; Citizen of the United States of America, n/a
Mignon Belongie, Redwood City, CA; Software Engineer and co-founder, Digital Persona, Inc.
Mike Cathey, Collegedale, TN; Network Administrator, RTC Internet DBA Catt.com
Mike Dean, Cleveland, OH; Programmer, NBD, Inc.
Mike Doherty, Cleveland, OH; Self, Self
Mike Grello, Gaston, South Carolina; Principal Programmer, MaranaTha Software
Mike Heath, Provo, UT; Software Developer, Terrapin Technologies
Mike Hokenson, Green Bay, WI; Systems Admin, DCT Technologies
Mike Lundy, San Jose, CA; Founder, Leland High School Linux/BSD Club
Mike Schiller, Edgewater, MD; Electrical Engineer/Embedded Programmer, n/a
Mike Schiraldi, Ashburn, VA; Research Scientist, VeriSign
Mike Shupp, Los Angeles, California; grad student, Cal State University
Mike Simpson, Atlanta, Georgia; Senior Technical Architect, Abel Solutions
Mike Vondrasek, Fort Worth, TX; Senior Windows Engineer, CitiGroup
Mike Wexler, Santa Clara, CA; CTO, TIAS.COM
Mike Whitney, Austin, TX; Sr. Systems Analyst/Programmer, Motorola
Miles Pickering, San Francisco, CA; Owner, 4by6.com
Milind Rao, Atlanta, GA; Software Architect, Brickstream
Mingyan Bao, Fort Collins, CO; Software Engineer, n/a
Miron W. Neal III, Portland, OR; Instructor, Portland Community College
Mitch Lee, San Francisco, CA; Software Engineer, unemployed
M. Jamie Hejduk, Lexington Park, Maryland; Network Admin, www.memorabledvds.com
M. Lisa Colvin, Nederland, Colorado; Disabled, Concerned individual
M.L. McCauley, Dallas, Texas; President, Mtech Services
Molly Tomlinson, Somerville, MA; Consultant, PeaceGeeks
Mona T Magee, Tallahassee, Florida; State Worker, n/a
Morgan Collins, Yakima, WA; Owner, Morcant Software
Moses Lei, Falls Church, VA; Student, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, Alexandria, VA
Mukesh Agrawal, Pittsburgh, PA; Graduate Student, Carnegie Mellon University
Nadia Pervez, Goleta, CA; Graduate Student, EE/CS, UCSB
Najati Imam, Lexington, Kentucky; Masters Student, University of Kentucky
Nancy Goroff Whitney, East Setauket, NY; Assistant Professor, SUNY Stony Brook
Nancy Lehrer, Thousand Oaks, CA; Software Architect, self employed
Nasser Salim, Albuquerque, New Mexico; Systems Administrator, Albuquerque High Performance Computing Center
Nate Fichthorn, Nokesville, Virginia; Student, n/a
Nate Sammons, Denver, CO; Senior Consultant, BEA Systems
Nathan Bargmann, Bremen, Kansas; Lead Electronics Technician, Class A, Union Pacific Railroad
Nathan Black, Madison, WI; Consultant\Analyst, Digitalboy Networks
Nathan Clegg, San Diego, CA; Software Engineer, MUSICMATCH
Nathan Cohick, Quartz Hill, California; Design Engineer, (Advanced Bionics) Private Consultant
Nathan Currier, Los Alamos, NM; Graduate Research Assistant, University of California
Nathan Egge, Austin, TX; Software Developer, Trilogy Software
Nathan Feltch, Provo, UT; Software Analyst, Dentrix Dental Systems Inc.
Nathaniel Davis, Chicago, IL; Graphic Designer, The Creative Group
Nathaniel Gray, Pasadena, CA; Graduate Student, California Institute of Technology
Nathan Kunkee, Rolla, MO; Student, University of Missouri-Rolla
Nathan Myers, Placerville, CA; Software Engineer, n/a
Nathan Neulinger, Rolla, MO; Systems Administrator, University of Missouri - Rolla
Nathan O'Meara, Ravenna, OH; Student, SSCT
Nathan Paul Simons, Ridgecrest, California; Owner, Hard Core Hackers
Nathan Roach, San Antonio, Texas; Product Manager, small business
Nathan T. Spillson, Ann Arbor, Michigan; Principal, Innovative Process Solutions
Nathan W. Labadie, Detroit, MI; Sr. Security Specialist, Wayne State University
Neal J. Murphy, Orinda, CA; L.Ac., n/a
Neal Rauhauser, Omaha, Nebraska; Engineer, American Relay
Neal R. Haslam, Ashfield, PA; Telecommunications Engineer, electric utility
Neal Young, Cambridge, MA; Senior Research Scientist, n/a
Neeraj Tulsian, Austin, Texas; n/a
Neil D. Rosenthal, Schenectady, New York; Consultant, Applications Programming, James McGuinness & Associates, Inc.
Neil Drumm, Polk City, Iowa; Student, North Polk Community School District
Neil Getker, Cincinnati, OH; Network Administrator, HR ProFile
Neill Haggard, Cary, North Carolina; Consultant, Self employed
Nevin Lyne, Rochester, MN; Sr Network Administrator, Gippy's Internet Solutions
Nicholas Allen, Columbus, OH; Computer Engineering Student, Ohio State University
Nicholas Bender, Norton, MA; Quantitative Analyst, n/a
Nicholas Jones, Chicago, IL; Unix Administrator / Network Tech, DuckSystems / SignalCorp
Nicholas Paulick, Oshkosh, WI; Mechanical Engineer, n/a
Nick Fankhauser, Liberty, IN; Programmer, Doxpop
Nick Grossman, New York, NY; Software Developer, n/a
Nick Ienatsch, Orinda, CA; Retired, State of California
Nick K. Aghazarian, Stockton, CA; Windows Software Engineer, n/a
Nick Scott, Arlington, VA; Engineer, Veritect
Nick Traxler, West Lafayette, Indiana; Student, Purdue University
Nick Wesselman, Milwaukee, WI; Consultant, Digital Visions
Niels Provos, Ann Arbor, Michigan; Ph.D. candidate, CITI, University of Michigan
Nigel Gamble, Mountain View, CA; Operating System Software Engineer, Afara Websystems
Nigel Olding, Folsom, CA; Consultant, CDI
Nino R. Pereira, Springfield, VA; Sr. Scientist, Ecopulse
Nitin Borwankar, Oakland, CA; President and CEO, Borwankar Research Inc.
Noah Gibbs, Mountain View, CA; Software Engineer, Palm, Inc
Noel Holshouser, Plain Dealing, LA; Independent Consultant, n/a
Nolan Leake, San Francisco, CA; Software Engineer, Radik Software
Norbert Roma, Pittsburgh, PA; Research Scientist, n/a
Norman Yamada, New York, NY; Independent software developer, n/a
Ocie Mitchell, Pasadena, California; Software Engineer, Paracel
Oliver Azevedo Barnes, Brooklyn, NY; Web Developer, self-employed
Oliver Stacey, Berkeley, California; Software Engineer, n/a
Pablo Virgo, Middletown, Maryland; Student Tech Support, Earlham College
Pamela Eachus, Manchester, New Hampshire; IS Operations Analyst, Syndicated Services
Pamela Jasins, Ann Arbor, Michigan; GIS Technician, Washtenaw County Government
Paonia J. Ezrine, Chelmsford, MA; Sr. Unix Consultant, n/a
Partha Narasimhan, Santa Clara, CA; Network Architect, n/a
Pat Augustine, Jacksonville, FL; Systems Administrator, n/a
Patricia A. Rupe, Ormond Beach, FL; Senior Applications Analyst, n/a
Patrick B. Gardner, Aiken, South Carolina; Owner, Offdwall Computers
Patrick Corrigan, Tigard, Oregon; n/a
Patrick Finnegan, West Lafayette, IN; Student, Purdue University
Patrick Insko, Roscoe, Illinois; Principal, Insko Computer Consulting Group
Patrick J. LoPresti, Cambridge, MA; Founder, Curl Corporation
Patrick J. Santucci, Dayton, OH; Control Systems Programmer, MCSi
Patrick McDonald, Boston, MA; President, Heed Technology
Patrick McMahon, Newark, DE; Computer Information Technology Associate III, University of Delaware
Patrick Moon, Somerville, Massachusetts; Substitute Teacher, Somerville High School
Patrick Nichols, Norfolk, VA; Web Developer, n/a
Patrick Scannell, Fairbanks, AK; Network Manager, USFWS
Paul Belt, Franklin, MA; Networking Consultant, Self
Paul Blair, Bluffton, SC; Software Development Manager, Databuilt
Paul Bort, Euclid, Ohio; Systems Engineer, TMW Systems
Paul Bradley, Portland, Oregon; Technology Specialist, n/a
Paul Campbell, Seattle, WA; Tech Consultant, n/a
Paul Cantrell, St. Paul, MN; Software Engineer, Retek Inc.
Paul DeStefano, Beaverton, Oregon; Systems Analyist, n/a
Paul D. Robertson, Alexandria, Virginia; Director of Risk Assessment, n/a
Paul Eberle, New Prague, MN; Software Developer, BlueCross BlueShield of MN
Paul Felts, Ventura, CA; Network Administrator, CSF
Paul Forbes, Sunnyvale, CA; Network Engineer, Trimble
Paul G. Allen, El Cajon, CA; Engineering Consultant, Random Logic Consulting Services
Paul Gardner, Carlsbad, CA; Software Engineer, n/a
Paul G. Ennis, Chapel Hill, NC; Attorney at Law, n/a
Paul Herzog, Flanders, New Jersey; President, Gapware Systems
Paul H. Lewis, Aiken, South Carolina; Government Documents Librarian, University of S. Carolina - Aiken
Paul Hoehne, Reston, VA; Manager, T4 Consulting Group
Paul Howard, St. Joseph, Michigan; Sole Proprietor, Tomcat Robotics
Paul Keusemann, Savage, MN; Software Engineer, n/a
Paul Levitt, Brookline, MA; Space Systems Engineer, n/a
Paul Lorenz, Rochester, NY; Software Engineer, NetSetGo Inc.
Paul Lupa, Austin, TX; Sr. Systems Analyst, Motorola
Paul Lussier, Lunenburg, MA; Senior Network/Systems Administrator, Mission Critical Linux
Paul M. Dubuc, Columbus, OH; Software Engineer, CAS
Paul Miller, Kalamazoo, MI; Systems Analyst, Bary County Telephone
Paul Miller, Palm Bay, Fla.; Microsoft Support Tech, graphic-mac.com
Paul Notley, San Francisco, California; QA Engineer, Isomorphic Software
Paulo Raffaelli, San Francisco, CA; Principal Engineer, ImagiWorks, Inc.
Paul Rupe, Chapel Hill, NC; Software developer and computer hobbyist, n/a
Paul Schreiber, Cupertino, CA; Software Engineer, Apple Computer Inc.
Paul Stroud, Raleigh, NC; Software Engineer, IBM
Paul Walmsley, Boulder, Colorado; n/a
Paul Z. Myers, Morris, MN; Professor, University of Minnesota, Morris
Peter A. Schwenk, Newark, Delaware; CITA-3, Systems Administrator, University of Delaware
Peter Bakke, Portland, Oregon; Webmaster, Independent
Peter Benjamin, Santa Monica, CA; Consulting Scientist, n/a
Peter Boothe, Laguna Beach, CA; Software Developer, Gordian Inc.
Peter DeWeese, Fairfax, VA; Developer Support Engineer, webMethods
Peter F. Hollings, Atlanta, Georgia; Software Consultant, n/a
Peter Flugstad, Iowa City, Iowa; System Architect, Icon Labs
Peter Frischknecht, Clemson, SC; Net Admin, Empowering Solutions Inc
Peter Gephardt, Columbus, Ohio; Engineer, n/a
Peter Havens, Dever, CO; Senior Engineer, Level 3 Communications
Peter J Scordamaglia, Holiday, FL; Senior Systems Engineer/Developer, Pegasus TransTech
Peter Kasting, Santa Barbara, CA; Software Development Engineer, Green Hills Software, Inc.
Peter Luichinger, Fort Wayne, Indiana; Software Engineer, TEK Interactive Group
Peter Marreck, Greenwich, CT; Software Developer, FactSet
Peter Rinehart, Jupiter, FL; student of computer science, Cornell University
Peter Schneider, Nashville, TN; Software Engineer, n/a
Peter Tagtmeyer, Hamilton, NY; Librarian, Colgate University
Peter Vessenes, Cambridge, MA; President, Ybos Corp
Pete Smith, New Smyrna Beach, Florida; Electronics Technician, Bellsouth
Pete Toscano, Fairfax, VA; Systems Research Manager, n/a
Petre Scheie, St. Louis Park, MN; Unix System Administrator, Nextel Partners
Petr Vicherek, Richester Hills, MI; Software Engineer, Eaton Corporation
Phil Harris, Reston, Virginia; System Administrator, Cable & Wireless
Philip Brogden, Tijeras, New Mexico; Senior Engineer, CWS
Philip Brown, Lakewood, California; System Administrator, bolthole.com
Philip Budne, Arlington, MA; Consultant, n/a
Philip Hilton, Farmington, Maine; Student, University of Maine at Farmington
Philip Sagstetter, Littleton, Colorado; Software Developer, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Astronautics Company
Phillip Cox, Mesa, AZ; Network Engineer, Charles Schwab
Phillip Jones, Raleigh, NC; Java Devloper (Contractor), IBM
Phillip Karlsson, New York, NY; General Partner, Goats, LLC
Phillip Mocek, Seattle, WA; Software Engineer, Internap Network Services
Phillip Pollard, Lansdale, PA; Programmer, Diversified Consulting
Phil True, M.S., Eagan, MN; System Architect, n/a
P. Ryan Bergman, Des Moines, Iowa; Web Developer, GeoLearning
P. T. Kornman, Notasulga, AL; Dr., Central AL Comm College
P T Withington, Plymouth, MA; Software Journeyman, callitrope
Rachel Slatkin, Atlanta, Georgia; Electrical Engineer, n/a
Rafal Boni, Stoughton, MA; Software Engineer, n/a
Ralph Stanley, Austin, Texas; Probe Test Engineering, Motorola
Ramon R. Aviles, Montgomery, IL; Private citizen, n/a
Randall Campbell, Fort Collins, Colorado; Software Engineer, Hewlett-Packard
Randall J. Parr, Seattle, WA; owner, Temporal Arts
Randall W Smock, Arvada, Colorado; Hardware/Software Systems Engineer, Storagetek
Randolph H. Kramer, Bethlehem, Pa; Consultant, n/a
Randolph S. Kahle, Tucson, AZ; President, Kahle Associates, LLC
Randy Froc, Pepperell, MA; Software Engineer, Curl Corporation
Randy Tidd, McLean, VA; Software Engineer and Private Investor, (Self)
Raylynn Knight, Acworth, GA; Sr. Software Design Engineer, ChoicePoint
Ray McVay, Arlington, TX; Sr. Software Engineering Specialist, Northrop Grumman Information Technology
Raymond Ferguson, Madison, WI; NOC-Analyst, Berbee
Raymond Kocian, Ridgefield, CT; Research Scientist, Schlumberger-Doll Research
Raymond Leonard Haines, Columbus, Ohio; Support Analyst, OCLC
Ray Tayek, Lakewood, California; programmer, nanosoft
Rebecca Andrews, San Francisco, California; consultant, n/a
Rebecca Frankel, Boston, MA; Software Engineer, MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab
Rebecca Sobol, Boulder, Colorado; Editor, LWN.net
Red Lloyd, San Antonio, Texas; Senior System Administrator, Veridian
Rene Fromhold-Treu, Mountain View, CA; Consultant, Eike Consulting
Renu Bora, Los Angeles, California; CFO, Linux Public Broadcasting Network
Renwick Preston, Houston, Texas; Control Systems Specialist, S&B Engineers & Constructors, LTD
Reuben Partida, Pasadena, CA; Specialist, Verizon Advanced Services
Reuven Gevaryahu, Philadelphia, PA; Student, University of Pennsylvania
Rev. Nicholas R. Robbins, Bay City, MI; ,
Richard A. Eiken, Kansas City, Missouri; PC Consultant, Eiken Consulting
Richard A. Milewski, Sunnyvale, California; CTO, RamPage.Net
Richard Blumberg, Cincinnati, OH; Proprietor, Wm. Blake Fabricators
Richard Brennan, Lockport, New York; n/a
Richard Bullington-McGuire, Arlington, VA; Managing Partner, PKR Internet
Richard Clark, Warren, MI; Field Service Engineer, MBM Computer System Solutions
Richard Congdon, Rockport, MA; Senior Programmer, Harvard University
Richard Copeland, Marietta, Georgia; Senior Systems Engineer, n/a
Richard D. Cravens, Columbia, MO; , Independent Consultant
Richard Forno, Arlington, VA; Chief Technology Officer, Shadowlogic
Richard G. Misenheimer, Los Angeles, CA; Senior Engineering Consultant, n/a
Richard Harris, Pittsburgh, PA; Director of Technology, Anexinet
Richard Jason Armstrong, Phoenix, Arizona; Network Systems Engineer, Technica Corporation
Richard Johnson, Kansas City, MO; President, Northland Computer Services
Richard Kelsch, Lakeside, California; Owner, RK Internet Technologies
Richard Lesh, St. Peters, MO; President, Compass Genomics
Richard Linville, Spruce Pine, NC; Distance Education Technician, Mayland CC
Richard M. Atwater, Indianapolis, IN; Software Engineer, Charles E. Hill & Associates
Richard Moore, Newark, California; President, DACS Software, Inc.
Richard Murphy, Las Cruces, New Mexico; Mechanical Engineer, HTSI, NASA JSC White Sands Test Facility
Richard Nicoletti, Southborough, MA; Software Engineer, Millennium Pharmaceuticals
Richard Plevin, Brattleboro, Vermont; President, Richard Plevin and Associates
Richard Ross, Oxnard, CA; Lieutenant Commander, United States Navy
Richard Sawey, San Carlos, CA; Citizen, USA
Richard Schumer, San Francisco, California; Auditor, Curtis Hotel
Richard Tietjen, Guilford, CT; Publishing Technologist, McGraw-Hill
Richard W. Ernst, San Diego, CA; n/a
Richard W. Lipp, Overland Park, KS; Information Systems Manager, List & Clark Company
Richard Wynne, Raleigh, NC; System Administrator, AT&T
Rich Coe, Milwaukee, WI; Software Engineer, n/a
Rich Fuchs, Burlingame, CA; systems programmer, Research Libraries Group
Rich Gordley, Des Moines, Iowa; Lead Programmer, Diversified Software Technology
Rich Irvine, Minneapolis, Minnesota; SysAdmin/Senior Systems Consultant, ArchWing Innovatons LLC
Rick Bradley, Harlingen, Texas; CTO, EastCore
Rick Buford, Columbia, MO; System Administrator, CARFAX
Rick Frankel, New York, New York; President, cyberCode consulting inc
Rick Richardson, Wayzata, MN; Dad, Richardson Family
Rick Romero, Waukesha, WI; IT Manager, Valeo
Rick Thompson, Claremore, Oklahoma; Developer, aeonblue
Rick Wittstruck, Lincoln, NE; Computer Programmer, self-employed
Ricky Musci, Berkeley, California; Systems Administrator, The Nautilus Institute
Rik Farrow, Sedona, Arizona; Security Consultant
RL 'Bob' Morgan, Seattle, WA; Senior Technology Architect, University of Washington
R.L.Dempsey, Carrollton, Texas; unemployed, concerned user
Roberta A. Kennedy, St. Augustine, FL; Applications Specialist, n/a
Robert A. Cooper, Katy, Texas; Individual
Robert A. Glenn, New York, NY; Private citizen
Robert A. Jacobs, Omaha, Nebraska; Computer Analyst, Northrup Grumman Information Technology
Robert A Salzman Jr., Beaverton, OR; Sr. Member of Technical Staff, Responsys
Robert Bercik, Washington DC; Student, Computer Science, Georgetown University
Robert Bingham, Westerville, OH; Student, Ohio State University
Robert Brown, Northfield, Minnesota; Chair, Northfield Citizens Online
Robert Brown, Northfield, MN; Chair, Northfield Citizens Online
Robert Brown, Portland, Oregon; Network Manager, US District Court of Oregon
Robert Bruggner, Notre Dame, Indiana; Student of CSE, University of Notre Dame
Robert Burcham, Kansas City, MO; Software Engineer, Sprint PCS
Robert Burke, Santa Monica, California; Programmer, University of California, Los Angeles
Robert Bushman, Chandler, Arizona; Senior Software Engineer, Apollo Group
Robert B. Wamble II, Ramona, CA; Software Engineer, SeaSpace Corporation
Robert Chastain, North Plainfield, NJ; Senior Analyst, NA
Robert Cober, Scottsdale, Arizona; Lead Developer, Scottsdale Insurance
Robert Coli, San Francisco, CA; n/a
Robert Dodier, Boulder, Colorado; Programmer, Interested Citizen
Robert Eden, Cedar Hill, TX; System Administrator, n/a
Robert E. Gomez, Highland, IN; Senior Technical Analyst, Neurosource
Robert Elshire, Urbana, IL; Director, Illinois Genetic Marker Center
Robert Fowler, Miami, FL; Network Administrator MCP, n/a
Robert Freeborn, Hurst, TX; System Administrator, n/a
Robert Gentner, Mesa, Arizona; Systems Programmer, Avnet
Robert Grunloh, Tucson, Arizona; Support Systems Analyst, University of Arizona
Robert Guthrie, Little Rock, Arkansas; Software Engineer, Acxiom Corp.
Robert Helmer, El Cerrito, CA; Systems Administrator, Namodn
Robert Heyen, Boynton Beach, FL; Strategic Consultant, The Network Institute (www.tneti.com)
Robert J. Berger, Saratoga, CA; Chairman and Founder, UltraDevices
Robert J Brenneman, Poughkeepsie, NY; Software Engineer, IBM
Robert J. Wygand, III, San Francisco, CA; Founding Engineer, FileFish Inc.
Robert Kelman, Long Beach, CA; Consultant, Deloitte Consulting
Robert Kennedy, Austin, TX; Systems Analyst, The University of Texas at Austin
Robert Klein Tribit, Lindenwold, New Jersey; Systems Administrator, Mobility Technologies
Robert Langer, Two Rivers, WI; Engineer, Dramm Corp
Robert Lasch, Trevor, WI; Software Engineer, n/a
Robert Leary, Atlanta, GA; Internet Marketing Manager, n/a
Robert Leland, Arlington, Virginia; Sr. Software Engineer, Free2Create
Robert Love, Meadville, Pa; Systems Administrator, Stargate Industries
Robert Lucas Marshall, Santa Clara, Utah; Webmaster, Developer Shed
Robert Lusian, Spokane, WA; Software Engineer, n/a
Robert Melton, Arlington, VA; Software Developer, Metro DC Police Department
Robert Mena, Downey, CA; President, Quadratel Systems
Robert Minvielle, Notre Dame, IN; Electronics Programmer Specialist, University of Notre Dame
Robert Moeckel, East Wenatchee, WA; Track Manager, Pangborn Kart Track
Robert Morris, Carrboro, NC; VP of Engineering, Eyetide Media
Robert Murawski, Lyndhurst, NJ; Graduate Student/Research Assistant, Stevens Institute of Technology
Robert Nesius, Portland, Oregon; Systems Programmer, n/a
Roberto Rosario, Aguadilla, PR; Senior Integrator, Linux Solutions of Puerto Rico
Robert Parnes, Mechanic Falls, ME; Author, consultant, n/a
Robert P. Booth, Rantoul, IL; Owner, Booth Systems Engineering
Robert P. Shaw, Cleveland, Ohio; Network Administrator, Cronosys, LLC
Robert Ramsey, Iowa City, Iowa; IT Professional, Private Citizen
Robert Riemersma, Holland, MI; Quality Process Technician, Trans-Matic, Inc.
Robert S. Iacullo, Mountlake Terrace, WA; Software Test Analyst, Self Employeed
Robert Simmons, Ventura, CA; Web Designer, McVey Design
Robert Spotswood, Houston, TX; Computer Consultant, Self-Employed
Robert Werckmeister, Chicago, Illinois; Web Developer, Nuveen Investments
Robert Winburn, Eminence, KY; Retired, US Govt, Web Sales
Robert W. Mielke, San Antonio, Texas; Project Manager, Rackspace Managed Hosting.
Robert Woodraska, Sioux Falls, SD; IB Systems Administrator, Precision Computer Systems
Rob Henerey, Williamsburg, MA; Web Developer, cogitowebworks.com
Robin Cook, San Antonio, Texas; Systems Engineer, Edgewood ISD
Robin Hopkins, Irvine, CA; Unix Systems Administrator, n/a
Robin Miller, Bradenton, Florida; Editor, Linux.com
Rob Rennier, Olney, IL; System Administrator, n/a
Rocky Marquiss, Gillette, Wyoming; Computer Programmer, Campbell County Public Schools
Rod Martin, Springfield, IL; Owner, Network 23
Rod Nayfield, Denver, CO; Director, 'A Telecommunications Company'
Rogan Hamby, Charlotte, NC; Assistant Manager, Public Library
Roger Fujii, Burke, VA; Software Engineer, N/A
Roger Humphrey, San Rafael, CA; Sr. Software Developer, OSI Software
Roger K. Atkinson, San Diego, California; Sr. Operating Systems Analyst, Cubic Corporation
Roger Partridge, West Chester, PA; software development manager; member, IEEE
Roger Shaffer Jr., Chicago, IL; Electronics Engineering Student, DeVry Institute of Technology
Roger West, Phoenix, AZ; Member, SourceForge
Roger Whitehead, Greenville, SC; Computer Engineering Student, Clemson University
Ronald L. Chichester, Kingwood, TX; Adjunct Professor of Law, South Texas College of Law
Ronald R. Gage, Saginaw, Michigan; Owner, Linux Network Services (http://www.lns-saginaw.net)
Ron Golan, Los Angeles, California; Member, lula.org
Ron Hitchens, Lake Forest, CA; President, Ronsoft Technologies
Rory Louis Federico, Lemoore, CA; Personnel Supervisor Accountant, US Navy
Ross Peterson, Missoula, Montana; President, Trilocal Inc.
Ross Youngblood, Chandler, Az; Applications Engineer, Credence Systems Corporation
Roy James Milican, San Diego, CA; Network/System Administrator, Anonymizer Inc.
Russell Hemati, Dallas, TX; Systems Engineer, Independent Consultant
Russell Luzetski, Indianapolis, IN; Consultant, Praxis Solutions
Russell Stoneback, Austin, TX; Physicist, University of Texas at Austin
Russ Urquhart, Plano, TX; Technical Writer, Multigen Paradigm, Inc.
Rusty Carruth, Tempe, AZ; Staff Software Engineer, Schlumberger T&T, Inc
Ruthann Sudman, Rochester, MN; A concerned computer-literate U.S. citizen.
Ryan Boder, Columbus, Ohio; Student, Carnegie Mellon University
Ryan Breen, Durham, North Carolina; Director of Software Engineering, Porivo Technologies
Ryan Gillespie, Newark, DE; Programmer, University of Delaware
Ryan Koga, Stanford, CA; Programmer, UCSD
Ryan Little, Augusta, GA; Training Developer, n/a
Ryan Osial, Rochester, NY; Student, Rochester Institute of Technology
Ryan Smith, Nashville, TN; Creative Director, Monster Labs
Ryan Todd, Dallas, Texas; Network Administrator, EFO Holdings
Ryan Yoong, Wayzata, MN; Student, University of Minnesota
Sabrina L. Nelson, Castro Valley, CA; Freelance film/video editor, n/a
Salvatore LaFata, Macomb Township, MI; Help Desk Coordinator, EDS
Sam Denton, St. Louis, MO; Chief Systems Architect, WAN Technologies
Sam Harrison aka Trey Harrison, Seattle, WA; Chief Software Architect, Treyharrison.com
Sam Hill, Fort Worth, Texas; LAN Administrator, TCCD (http://www.tccd.net/)
Sam Mertens, Bethesda, MD; Software Engineer, n/a
Sam Steingold, Boston, MA; Senior Analyst, Xchange Inc
Sam W. Bowman, Valencia, CA; Electrical Engineer, Medtronic Minimed
Sam Wynn, Fort Worth, TX; Senior Embedded Software Engineer, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
Sandra L. Bartlett, Ann Arbor, MI; Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Michigan
Sanjay Linganna, Baltimore, MD; Quality Assurance Engineer, eOriginal, Inc.
Sarah Barwig, Pasadena, California; Software Developer, ArsDigita
Scott A. Clausen, Edgewood, WA; database programmer, n/a
Scott Ames, Corvallis, Oregon; Technical Support Representative, n/a
Scott Baumann, San Francisco, CA; Creative Director, Heavy Graphics
Scott Bell, Los Angeles, CA; Consumer, n/a
Scott Call, Santa Rosa, CA; Network Engineer
Scott Clark, Canton, MA; Principal Member of Technical Staff, General Dynamics C4 Systems
Scott Disher, Overland Park, Kansas; Consultant, OnLine Technical Solutions
Scott Dunbar, Kansas City, MO; Calibration Technician, Test & Measurement, Inc.
Scott D. Webster, Bergenfield, NJ; Owner, Etc Services
Scott Dylewski, Ph.D., San Jose, CA; Hardware Development Engineer, Agilent Technologies
Scott Francis, Murfreesboro, TN; Systems Administrator, Rum Consortium
Scott Francis, North Hollywood, MO; Systems/Network Manager, Tonos Entertainment
Scott Furman, Menlo Park, CA; Software Engineer, n/a
Scott J. Lopez, Chicago, IL; Unix System and Network Engineer, n/a
Scott Lewis, Great Falls, Montana; Software Developer/Service Technician, Davis Business Machines
Scott Lowe, Germantown, MD; Director of Information Technology, n/a
Scott Maxwell, Pasadena, CA; Software Developer, n/a
Scott M. Brylow, London, UK (US citizen living abroad); Independent consultant (technology management)
Scott McMullen, Dripping Springs, Texas; n/a
Scott Meyer, St. Louis, Mo; Student, Fontbonne College
Scott Parish, Arma, KS; System Administrator, Pittsburg State University
Scott Rachlinski, Baltimore, MD; Software Engineer, Advertising.com
Scott Rockwell, San Jose, CA; Member, QOS, LLC
Scott R. Wilson, Ph.D., Corrales, New Mexico; Engineering Manager, n/a
Scott Sesher, Raymore, MO; Systems Administrator, Sprint
Scott Thomason, East Troy, WI; Consultant, Interactive Business Systems
Scott Wilder, Denver, CO; Lead Java Developer, Digital Reliance
Scott W. Starkey, Dayton, IN; Computer Support Technician, Purdue University
Scott Yates, Des Moines, Iowa; Developer, Yatesframe.com
Sean Bruton, Dallas, Texas; Senior Engineer, NeoSpire
Sean McCune, Natrona Heights, PA; President, Red Hand Software
Sean M Lentner, Norwalk, CT; CEO, Lentner.com
Sean Perry, Palo Alto, CA; Student, UC Davis
Sean Reilly, Richmond, VA; Chief Technology Officer, Appgen Personal Software
Sean Russell, Bend, OR; Sr. Software Developer, Germane Software
Sean T. Brann, Boston, MA; Principal, Bigcity Interactive
Sean T. Canty, Kansas City, MO; System Intergrator, Sunset Systems
Sean Woods, Philadelphia, PA; Senior Network Engineer, The Franklin Insitute
Seon Lee, Potomac Falls, VA; Software Engineer, n/a
Sergio Rey, La Mesa, CA; Associate Professor, Department of Geography, San Diego State University
Seth Bjorn, Santa Ana, California; Network Engineer, Goodwill Industries of Orange County
Seth Delackner, Brooklyn, NY; Programmer, Contractor
Seth Gordon, Boston, MA; Scientific Programmer, Whitehead Institute
Seth Herstad, Urbana, Illinois; EE Graduate Student, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Seth House, Salt Lake City, Utah; Student, University of Utah
Seth Lytle, Somerville, MA; programmer, independent contractor
Seth Russell, Ellensburg, WA; Student, Central Washington University
Seth Taplin, Nederland, Colorado; Senior Software Engineer, DigitalGlobe
Shane Kerr, Amsterdam, (US citizen, voting in Virginia); Senior Database Software Engineer, RIPE NCC
Shane Williams, Austin, Texas; Systems Administrator, UT Austin
Shannon E. Bock, Rio Rancho, New Mexico; Business Systems Support Analyst, Unisys
Sharon Lake, Los Angeles, CA; Web Designer, n/a
Sharon Stevens, Tucson, AZ; Student, University of Arizona
Shaun Reynolds, Northfield, MN; Student, Carleton College
Shawn Allen, Vancouver, WA; Software Engineer, self
Shawn Campbell, Canton, Ohio; Student Network Administrator, Malone College
Shawn Cornelius, Broken Arrow, OK; Network Engineer, n/a
Shawn Dunn, Spring Creek, Nevada; Chief Cook and Bottlewasher, Dumpsterdivers.net, and Dunn Consulting, Ltd.
Shawn Fogle, San Diego, CA; Aircraft Mechanic, USMC
Shawn Kinzel, St Paul, MN; System Engineer/Administrator, Self
Shawn McCarthy, Bowie, MD; Systems Administration Manager, n/a
Shawn Yarbrough, San Antonio, Texas; Software Developer, nailstorm.com
Sherman Wang, Los Angeles, California; Student, University of California Los Angeles
Shilon Shoaf, High Point, NC; Vice President, Orion Adv and Design
Shimone Samuel, Pacifica, California; Web Developer, n/a
Shing Cheng, New York, New York; Graduate Student, New York University
Shmuel (Seymour J.) Metz, Annandale, Virginia; Atid/2
Shon Burton, Irvine, CA; President, Dataverse Corporation
Sinan Karasu, Seattle WA; Electrical/Software Engineer, bozuk.com
SI Reasoning, Birmingham, Alabama; Chief Technology Officer, Protection Products
Sky Golightly, Capitola, CA; Systems Architect, Walking Thunder Productions
Spencer Carter, Traverse City, MI; Lead Network Analyst, n/a
Spencer Cathey, Colville, WA; video game developer, unrapt.com
Sriram Kota, Miami, Fl; Consultant, Independent
Stan Gatchel, Dallas, TX; President, Process Sciences Laboratory
Stan Novacki, Arlington, VA; Systems Engineer, n/a
Stefanie DeFiglia, Washington, DC; Program Manager, n/a
Steffen Hulegaard, Tiburon, California; President, TXL, Inc.
Stephan A. Greene, Herndon, VA; Systems Engineer, n/a
Stephen Bovy, Los Angeles, CA; Software Engineer, Computer Associates
Stephen Degler, Philmont, New York; Director - Systems and Technology, Allegheny Energy Global Markets
Stephen Hughes, Dearborn, Michigan; President/CEO, Honeycomb Electronics, Audio and
Stephen J. Wright, Madison, WI; Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Stephen Kemler, Cleveland, Ohio; Network Administrator, Athersys
Stephen Kuenzli, Phoenix, AZ; Software Engineer, Motorola
Stephen Martin, Murray Hill, NJ; Senior Developer, Binary Blizzard Software
Stephen M. Deal, Perinton, NY; Systems Engineer, n/a
Stephen Mencik, Gambrills, Maryland; Senior INFOSEC Engineer, ACS Defense (affiliation shown for identification only)
Stephen Milton, Redmond, Washington; ISP Owner, ISOMEDIA.COM
Stephen Moore, Tucson, AZ; Computer Programmer, University of Arizona
Stephen Peters, Cambridge, MA; Doctoral Student, MIT AI Lab
Stephen Ronan, Cambridge, MA; Managing Director, Community Technology Centers' Network
Stephen R. Walter, Menlo Park, CA; Associate Chief Geologist, US Geological Survey
Stephen Saunders, Los Angeles, CA; President, Kodan Web Technologies, Inc.
Stephen Scrivner, Boulder, CO; Software Engineer, Micro Motion - division of Emerson
Stephen Waits, San Diego, CA; CEO, Waits Consulting
Stephen W. Hurst, Austin, Texas; Information Analyst, University of Texas at Austin
Steve Colwell, Santa Barbara, CA; Software Architect, CodeWell LLC
Steve Domenico, Louisville, Colorado; Webmaster, wildwoodguitars.com
Steve Feldman, Newark, NJ; System Administrator, University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ
Steve Fox, Rochester, MN; Software Engineer, IBM
Steve Guerrero, San Francisco, California; concerned citizen, n/a
Steve Johns, Greenbelt, MD; Software Engineer, Independent
Steve Kann, Roslyn Heights, NY; Chief Engineer, HorizonLive.com
Steve Kostecke, Providence, RI; Developer, Debian
Steve Lindt, San Jose, CA; Application Engineering Manager, LSI Logic
Steve Metter, West Carrollton, OH; Senior Architect, Digineer
Steve Murtha, West Long Branch, NJ; President, Simulation Tools
Steven Armstrong, Milwaukee, WI; Information Technology Consultant, Wisconsin Electric
Steven Bryant, New York, NY; Lab Manager, The Juilliard School
Steven Davis, Nurnberg, (originally Arizona); Solution Manager, T-Systems
Steven Edwards, Nashville, TN; Software Engineer, (independent)
Steven F. Crisp, Amherst, NH; Senior Principal Engineer, MITRE Corporation
Steven H. David, New York, NY; President, Steve David Productions, inc.
Steven H Snover, Pasadena, California; Deputy Sheriff, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
Steven K. Sharp, San Diego, California; Sr. Software Engineer, n/a
Steven L. Bratt, Brush Prairie, WA; Communications Services Manager, Vancouver School District
Steven L. Salzberg, Ph.D., Gaithersburg, MD; Senior Director of Bioinformatics, The Institute for Genomic Research
Steven M. Palm, Loves Park, Illinois; Software Developer, n/a
Steven Nolting, Leslie, MO; IT Manager, SN Design
Steven O'Toole, Irvine, CA; Software Developer, self-employed
Steven Pierce, Kenosha, Wisconsin; Manager - IS, ASF-Keystone
Steven Pothier, Tucson, Arizona; Senior Scientist, SAIC
Steven Spencer-Priebe, Crofton, MD; Telecom System Engineer, Science Applications International Corporation
Steven Thibault, Beverly, MA; Consultant in Engineering Systems, FM Global Insurance
Steven Thomas, Boyton Beach, FL; IT Consultant, eDiets.com
Steve Wahl, Chanhassen, MN; Software Engineer, n/a
Stuart D. Pompian, Hanover, NH; VP, Dartware, LLC
Stuart Levy, Champaign, IL; Sr. Research Programmer, University of Illinois
Stuart Schneider, Portland, OR; Contractor, n/a
Sudhir Kumar, Ashburn, VA; Principal Member of Technical Staff, Portal Software
Suman Karamched, Norcross, GA; PDM Consultant, n/a
Susan Farrell, Portland, OR; User Experience Specialist, ACM
Sylvester La Blanc, Anaheim, CA; Sr. Software Engineer, Anamex Corp.
Tara Andrews, Somerville, MA; Systems Engineer, Akamai Technologies
Tara de Wet, Tallahassee, FL; Student, n/a
Ted Chiang, Bellevue, WA; technical writer, (self-employed)
Ted Grzesik, Goffstown, NH; Principal Software Engineer, i2 Technologies, Inc.
Ted Nitz, Santa Cruz, CA; Network Administrator, APT Technologies Inc.
Ted Wright, Cleveland, Ohio; Engineer, NASA
Teresa L. Beumeler, Raleigh, NC; Accounting Assistant, Wright Construction Company
Terrance C. Hansen, Sandy, Utah; Software Designer/Developer, n/a
Terrence Egan, Cupertino, CA; Independent Software Developer, Geodesic Tripoint
Terry Badger, Paso Robles, CA; Computer Technician, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Terry Hibdon, Grandville, MI; Teacher, n/a
Terry Melton, Hoboken, NJ; Network Administrator, Engineering Information
Thack Douglas, Denver, CO; senior network administrator, gambro bct
Thaddeus Selden, Fredericksburg, VA; Scientist, Navsea
Theodore A. Jump, Austin, Texas; Senior Software Engineer, NewsStand
Theodore J. Allen, Geneva, New York; Assistant Professor of Physics, Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Theodore J Oliver, Tucson, Arizona; Database Administrator/System Administrator, Desert Archaeology
Thomas A. Brown, San Diego, CA; Retired
Thomas Bohmbach, Jr., Minneapolis, MN; Senior Software Engineer, MLT Vacations, Inc.
Thomas Bradford Smith, El Paso, Texas; President/CEO, Southwest-Technology Inc.
Thomas Gabriel von Schwerdtner, Wheaton, MD; Web Designer/Web Applications Programmer, n/a
Thomas G. Moertel, Pittsburgh, PA; President, Moertel Consulting
Thomas J. Mather, New York City, NY; Software Developer, Longitude
Thomas J. Philpot, Houston, Texas; Software Engineer, IBM
Thomas J. Teters, Ft. Collins, CO; Internet Tech., The Galactic WareHouse
Thomas K. Egan, Altoona, PA; Programmer and Web Designer, Liquidbinary
Thomas Malone, Long Beach, NY; Manager of IT Systems and Administration, Lancer Insurance Company
Thomas McElroy, Morrisville, NC; Staff Software Engineer, n/a
Thomas Parker, Burke, VA; Technology consultant, n/a
Thomas P Mensch, Oakland, CA; Contracting Programmer, Independant
Thomas P. Taggart, State College, PA; College Student, Penn State University
Thomas R. Corbin, Fairfax, VA; CTO, SamSix
Thomas Smith, West Lafayette, IN; Developer, Debian
Thomas Warnock, Syracuse, New York; Senior Software Engineer, AppliedTheory Corp.
Thomas Wiest, Orem, Utah; n/a
Thom Dieterich, Lynnwood, WA; Software Engineer, n/a
Tim Anderson, Walnut Creek, CA; President, T. Anderson Associates, Inc.
Tim Curtin, Essex Junction, VT; Test Engineer, IBM
Tim Kennedy, Tewksbury, MA; Sr. Hardware Design Engineer, Avid Technology, Inc.
Tim McClarren, San Francisco, CA; n/a
Tim O'Brien, Evanston, IL; Software Engineer, n/a
Timothy Basham, Bloomington, IL; Senior Programmer, AutoSafe Intl.
Timothy E. Jedlicka, Glen Ellyn, IL; Network Entomologist, US Citizen
Timothy E. Miller, Winston-Salem, North Carolina; Research Assistant, Vanderbilt University Physics Department
Timothy Gray, Rosevelt Park, Michigan; I.S. Specialist, Gray Technologies
Timothy H. Clapin, Laurel, MD; Systems Administrator, n/a
Timothy J. Stegner, Bolton, MA; Senior Systems Engineer, Computer Corporation of America
Timothy J. Wood, Seattle, WA; Vice President, Omni Development
Timothy Kuo, Sterling, VA; Engineer, Orbital Sciences Corp.
Timothy MacDonald, Houston, Texas; Unix Administrator, Houston Information Team
Timothy Musson, Cleveland; Software Engineer, Zin Technologies
Timothy P. Egbert, J.D., Ph.D., Salt Lake City, Utah; Senior Software Developer, n/a
Timothy R. Butler, St. Peters, MO; Chairman & CEO, Universal Networks (www.uninetsolutions.com)
Timothy Wall, Boston, MA; Director of Software Development, Oculus Technologies
Timothy W. Lewis, Toledo, OH; Computer Science Student, University of Toledo
Tim Sirianni, Cottage Grove, MN; SGI
Tim Thomas, Anchorage, AK; Editor, The Communique, Alaska Apple User Group
Tim Uckun, Missoula, MT; IT Director, USIS
Todd A. Mizukami, Alpharetta, GA; NOC Manager, America Online
Todd Chatman, Urbana, IL; Graduate Student, University of Illinois
Todd Eshler, Blacksburg, Virginia; Computer Engineering Graduate Research Assistant, Virginia Tech
Todd Flinders, Sacramento, California; System Software Specialist, California Department of Justice
Todd Hanson, Madison, WI; Software Engineer, Luhala Group
Todd Johnson, Evansville, IN; Unix Specialist, OneStar Long Distance
Todd Lamothe, Boston, MA; Student, n/a
Todd Lawson, Phoenix, Arizona; Attorney at Law, n/a
Todd Sackett, San Francisco, CA; Software QA Engineer, n/a
Todd Warner, Durham, NC; Software Engineer, Red Hat Inc.
Tod Schmidt, Falls Church, VA; Network Engineer, Cable and Wireless
Tom Arons, Davis, CA; Programmer/Analyst, University of California
Tom Barclay, Long Beach, CA; Systems Analyst, PacifiCare Health Systems
Tom Burton, Seward, AK; Student, Alaska Vocational Technical Center
Tom B. Younker, Decatur, GA; Owner/Member, Dare Computer, LLC
Tom Callaway, Durham, NC; Software Engineer, Red Hat
Tom Cloud, Jamestown, RI; Senior Software Engineer, Healthcare Automation
Tom Emmons, Chicago, IL; Technology Architect, Confirmative Technologies
Tom Howland, San Jose, CA; Computer Scientist, n/a
Tommy M. McGuire, Austin, TX; Graduate Student, Dept. of Comp. Sci., UT Austin
Tom Phoenix, Portland, Oregon; Perl Mentor, Stonehenge Consulting Services
Tom Rauschenbach, Peterborough, New Hampshire; Computer Programmer, U. S. citizen
Tom Raymond, Wausau, WI; Programmer/Analyst, Eastbay
Tom Rockwell, Lansing, MI; Graduate Student, Michigan State U.
Tom Scott, Bowling Green, Ohio; President, Vedatel
Tom Vanderpool, Kansas City, Mo; email administrator, n/a
Tom Voorheis, Ann Arbor, MI; Student, n/a
Tony Beauregard, San Antonio, TX; Manager, ISTI
Tony Duckett, Herndon, VA; System Administrator, n/a
Torleiv Ringer, Saint Paul, Minnesota; System Administrator, n/a
Toshi Isogai, Centennial, Co; Hardware Engineer, SEAKR Engineering
Tracy Budd, Arlington, VA; Senior Software Engineer, Exadata Analytics
Trammell Hudson, Bethesda, Maryland; CEO, Rotomotion Corporation
Travis J. Eckman, Jamestown, New York; Network Administrator, Allied Fire Protection Systems
Travis Morga, Shawnee Mission, KS; Systems/Network Engineer, CIO Inc.
Trever Furnish, Indianapolis, Indiana; Unix Administrator, Herff Jones
Trevin Beattie, West Hollywood, CA; Software Developer, n/a
Trevor Johnson, Gardena, California; Software Engineer; Contributor, FreeBSD Project
Trey Merrell, Newberg, OR; Programmer, Student
Troy D. Smith, Chicago, IL; Software Developer, Shoptalk
Troy Gutman, Lexington, KY; Programmer, Wyncom, Inc.
T. Shannon Gilvary, Union Beach, New Jersey; n/a
Tyler Palmer, Lawrence, Kansas; Software Architect/Network Administrator, DesignLab
Ty Norton, Redmond, Washington; Network Administrator, n/a
Ty van den Akker, Arlington, MA; Java Developer, Oculus Technologies
Valdis Kletnieks, Blacksburg, Virginia; Computer Systems Senior Engineer, Virginia Tech Computing Center
Vance Shieh, Kingwood, TX; student, n/a
Vartan Piroumian, Palo Alto, CA; Senior Java Consultant, Sun Microsystems
Vasant Ram, Richardson, TX; Electrical Engineer, none
Vaughan Johnson, San Francisco, CA; CEO, Vaughan Johnson Systems
Vic Parekh, Los Angeles, CA; Computer Programmer, n/a
Victor Didra, Quincy, WA; Graphics Artist, Quincy Valley Post-Register
Victor D. Odhner, Phoenix, Arizona; Programmer/Analyst; n/a
Vijay Ramasubramanian, Manchester, CT; Aerospace Engineer, n/a
Vincent Broman, San Diego, CA; Scientist, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center
Vitaly Luban, Mountain View, CA; Software Development Consultant, Los Altos Software Testing House
Vladislav Imshenetskiy, New York, NY; Software Engineer, Micromuse Inc.
Wade E. Masshardt, Madison, WI; System/Network Administrator, Wisconsin Alumni Association
Wade Hought, Mission Viejo, California; Consultant, n/a
Wade Newbern, New York, NY; Copyeditor, n/a
Wally Flint, Marina del Rey, California; Independent Software Developer, n/a
Walter Ellinthorpe, Herndon, VA; Field Engineer, United Messaging
Walter Josh Staiger, Akron, OH; Student, Case Western Reserve University
Walter K. Zydhek, Charlotte, North Carolina; NT Administrator, Genesis II Networks, LLC
Walter W. Asher, Troy, Tennessee; TAGMA of Northwest Tennessee
Walter Wilson, Lexington, NC; Student-Computer Science, College
Warren Ferguson, Cary, North Carolina; Senior Software Engineer, n/a
Warren Togami, Honolulu, Hawaii; Founder, Mid-Pacific Linux Users Group
Warren Turkal, Memphis, TN; Computer Science Intern, DotLogix, Inc.
W. C. Ryan Lewis, Janesville, WI; Owner, Red Moon Computers
Wendy Seltzer, New York, NY; lawyer and Fellow, Berkman Center for Internet & Society
Wes Groleau, n/a, Indiana; Software Engineer, n/a
Wesley Ferrel, Omaha, NE; Technical Engineer, Distribution Management Systems
Wesley P. Taylor, Bellingham, WA; Database Programmer, Premier Agendas, Inc.
Wesley Townsend, Guttenberg, NJ; Computer Consultant, Deloitte Consulting
Wesley Watters, Pittsburgh, PA; Graphic Artist, n/a
Wes Loder, Deer Lake, Pennsylvania; Campus Librarian, Penn State Schuylkill
Wes Morgan, Grand Rapids, MI; Computer Science Undergrad Student, Calvin College
Wes Price, Irving, TX; Systems Engineer II, Southwest Airlines
Whitney Tracy, Austin, TX; n/a
Wilbur Liebson, Tucson, Arizona; retired
Will Grzanich, Chicago, IL; Software Developer, Morningstar
William A. Birch, New Ipswich, NH; Chief Techical Officer, The lyte Research Group
William Barnett-Lewis, Madison, WI; Owner, Brain Candy Computing
William B. Cushman, Ph.D., Pensacola, Florida; President, Poiesis Research
William Biese, Kaukauna, WI; Systems Analyst, Claim Management Services Inc.
William Birch, New Ipswich, NH; CTO, The lyte Research Group
William Breen, Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania; Sr. Software Engineer, InterDigital Communications Corp.
William Chapple, Ponchatoula, LA; Director of IS, n/a
William Costa, Durham, NH; Information Technologist, University of New Hampshire
William Croft, Menlo Park, CA; Engineer, MITEM Corporation
William E. Shotts, Jr., Rockville, Maryland; VP, Technical Services, Media Cybernetics, Inc.
William E. Stuckey, Indianapolis, IN; Network and Information Systems Coordinator, School of Liberal Arts
William F. Mann, Sudbury, MA; Computer consultant, Self-employed
William G. Thompson, Jr., Bridgewater, NJ; Chief Japple Evangelist, Saucon Technologies
William Hubscher, Huntsville, Alabama; Media Relations Manager, Carleton Public Relations, Inc.
William James Stewart, Charleston, SC; Software Specialist, Buist
William Lamb, Aurora, Illinois; President, William Lamb Development, Inc.
William Leddy, Alexandria, VA; Director, St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School
William Lee Irwin III, Hillsboro, OR; Linux kernel programmer, IBM
William L. Moss IV, Atlanta, GA; Digital Technologies Specialist, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
William Riley, Kirksville, MO; Owner, R and D Technologies
William Schneider, Rochester, Minnesota; Esquire, Retired
William Warner, Seattle, Washington; Software Engineer, A large wireless carrier
William Wise, Norfolk, VA; Manager, Cell Signaling Technology
Will Secrest, Atlanta, Ga; IS Development Manager, Intercall
Will Sergent, Lakewood, OH; System Administrator, n/a
Will Symonds, Houston, TX; IT Consultant, thincpc.com
Will Wainwright, University City, Missouri; System Administrator, Washington University in St. Louis
Wilson Jones, Vinita, OK; Independent Programmer, n/a
Winfield Hill, Stoneham, MA; Dir of E.E., Rowland Institute
Wolfgang Rupprecht, Fremont, CA; Software Engineer, wsrcc.com
W. Wood Harter, Orange, CA; Owner/President, Side-Eight Software (www.side8.com)
Wyatt Bode, Lebanon, Pennsylvania; Manufacturing Information Systems Coordinator, Curwood Specialty Films
Wynette Richards, Albuquerque, NM; Software Engineer, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Young Hyun, San Diego, CA; Software Developer, San Diego Supercomputer Center
Zac Feuerborn, Boise, ID; Consultant, n/a
Zachary Erbaugh, Richmond, Indiana; Computing Support Specialist, Bethany Theological Seminary and Earlham School of Religion
Zachary Weinberg, Berkeley, CA; Consultant, CodeSourcery LLC
Zach Dennis, Columbus, OH; Resource Specialist, EPRI
Zach Johnson, Minneapolis, MN; Student, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Zephaniah Hull, Atlanta, GA; Developer, Debian

Please note: we are signing this letter as individuals, not as official representatives of the companies we work for or organizations we belong to.