OpenOffice 2.0 Roadmap

OpenOffice 1.1 is pretty good, and OpenOffice 1.1.1 will be a bit better, but OpenOffice 2.0 is really going to be something.

The plan for OpenOffice 2.0 is laid out in a document called the Q Concept. It's a comprehensive roadmap to making sure OpenOffice 2.0 is a truly world-class office suite capable of capturing a large share of the market.

The main thrust is that OpenOffice 2.0 will be much more compatible with Microsoft Office, and users of Microsoft Office will feel more at home with OpenOffice 2.0 than they did with previous versions.

For instance, OpenOffice 1.1 has a pretty good database frontend, but it's a bit hidden and hard to get used to; OpenOffice 2.0's database frontend will be much more intuitive.

Open Issues

I wanted to get a feel for what's left to do before OpenOffice 2.0 can be released, so I put together an overview of the bugs scheduled to be fixed, plus enhancements and new features, broken down in several ways. The table entries are counts as of March 1st, 2004; click on the count to see a detailed list (and click on that to drill down to individual issues).

(Note: these are the outstanding issues in the real bug tracking system; the data is a bit untidy, so you might have to play with it for a while before you get a feel for what it means.)

By Component

Word Processor 256 91 28
Spreadsheet 100 57 49
Presentation 80 16 19
Framework 75 37 155
Database Access 59 39 39
Drawing 25 10 4
Scripting 9 0 0

By Keyword

ms_interoperability 29 10 6
crash 7 0 0
needmoreinfo 7 0 0
valgrind 2 0 0
Q-PCD 1 2 223