Trendnet TV-IP311PI and Ubuntu 14.04

The TV-IP311PI is the first HD IP camera I've run into for a reasonable price from a semi-well-known brand, and is said to work with Zoneminder. So I picked one up for $175, along with a 4+4 port PoE switch ( TP-LINK TL-SF1008P, $45). Total outlay with tax: $239.

Network Connection

I wanted to control this on an isolated network (don't want the camera phoning home without permission, nor do I want anyone but me to be able to try connecting to it), so I plugged it into the ethernet port of my laptop, told Network Manager to configure the ethernet port statically, installed isc-dhcp-server, and after a fair bit of cursing and restarting dhcpd and eth0, got it to issue an IP address to the camera. (I could tell, since the address showed up in /var/lib/dhcp/dhcpd.leases.)

nmap showed the device listening on ssh, and sure enough, you can ssh to the device using its default password and username. Likewise, it's listening on http, and you can log into its admin web interface via a web browser using the same password and username.

Unfortunately, the web interface requires a plugin which is only available for windows or mac. (I suppose I could try it in Wine.) The Android app looks reasonable - the only funny permission it seems to want is in-app purchases - but to use it I'd need to plug the camera into a wireless router. Maybe later. Instead, I did sudo apt-get install vlc, looked up the magic URL from ispyConnect, and opened rtsp://XX.YY.ZZ.WW:554//Streaming/Channels/1 in vlc. Voila, streaming video.


In a quick test, the camera switched automatically between color and IR mode well enough, and the IR was enough to illuminate at least 30 feet. The video had a one to two second delay.

Picture quality

It has a 4mm lens, and says horizontal/vertial field of view is 70 / 52 degrees.

While viewing the video stream in VLC, I used the 'video snapshot' command to save these images of a car in my driveway at two different distances. The first pair of images are at default settings, the second pair at 3MP and "higher" video quality. All use VLC's zoom feature to show part of the image at full (?) resolution.

At 3MP + "higher" quality video, the license plate was just about legible at night at 50 feet. (The first three images had a floodlight on; the last one didn't. Also, the camera was moved slightly between the first and second pair.)

Configuring Zoneminder

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