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The goal of this page is to help programmers who want to become fluent Unix users, programmers, and system administrators. (Given Unix's emphasis on empowering users, sometimes it's hard to tell where the boundaries are between those three categories!)

Unix Commandline Skills

Unix Programming Skills

The vi text editor

The vi editor was introduced in 1983 or so, and its antiquated user interface makes it painful to learn. So why use it? Well, believe it or not, vi is a very efficient way to edit C or C++ source code, it's installed by default on nearly all Unix and Linux systems, and it works well even when logged in via Telnet over very slow connections. You can read more about vi from the following sources. If you need a copy of vi, I recommend vim; it's free, and runs on nearly any platform, including Mac and Windows.

C / C++ / Assembly Programming Tutorials

See also my list of online C/C++/Assembly tutorials.

Other Online Unix Training Compendium Sites

For a discussion of the various licenses used for redistributable online training materials, see's list of free (and non-free) documentation licenses.
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