About Microsoft Front Page Extensions for Linux

The Front Page extensions contain cgi-bin utilities relied on by web pages generated with Front Page to do things like mail back form responses and handle search requests. They also contain an upload server that lets the Front Page program upload to and otherwise manage the web site.

If your users demand the Front Page extensions, this page may save you an hour or so getting started with them.

Installing Microsoft Front Page Extensions for Linux

This is if you don't want to use the RPM's. Not sure how much of this you need to do if you use the RPMs; possibly none of it.

Note: I haven't used the extensions; I was just fooling around to see how to install them. It seems to be a complicated process.

  1. Download the extensions from ftp://ftp.microsoft.com/products/frontpage/fp40.linux.tar.Z
  2. Uncompress them (required by the wierd install script):
    uncompress fp40.linux.tar.Z
  3. Extract the install shell script and doc. (You can extract the whole archive, but it would be a waste of disk space, since the wierd install script will do it again.)
    tar -xvf fp40.linux.tar frontpage/version4.0/fp_install.sh frontpage/version4.0/readme.htm
  4. Read the doc:
    lynx frontpage/version4.0/readme.htm
  5. Become root.
  6. Back up /etc/httpd/conf.
    cd /etc/httpd; cp -r conf conf.old
  7. Not sure if you need this step. As instructed by the Front Page docs, put access.conf and srm.conf into httpd.conf:
    cd /etc/httpd/conf
    mkdir old
    mv * old
    cat old/{httpd,srm,access}.conf > httpd.conf
    then edit httpd.conf to add the special directives
    ResourceConfig /dev/null 
    AccessConfig /dev/null 
  8. Make a user to own the front page stuff:
    /usr/sbin/adduser fpage
  9. Run the install shell script:
    sh frontpage/version4.0/fp_install.sh
  10. Answer the many questions...
I haven't gone much further than this. It rather looks like you might need to reinstall to add support for the extensions on new virtual domains; hope that's not true.