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The rest of this stuff is... somewhat dated.

Making the Linux Desktop a comfortable choice

My 2005 page "Towards Linux Desktop Comfort" explored some of the issues the Linux community is working on to increase Linux's desktop comfort level. (And Chris DiBona liked it :-)

Learning about Unix

Here are some links I point people to when bringing them up to speed on Unix/Linux.

Linux on Laptops

I have tried Linux on a bunch of laptops. Here are my experiences.

Linux on Fancy Motherboards

I recently tried Linux on the Soyo Dragon SY-K7V. Here's how I got the sound working.

Linux Advocacy

Hacking on Linux software

Several years ago I started contributing to the Wine project, and kept a log of what I worked on. Since then I've done more QA; see my Wine QA Project page.

Using Linux

Current-ish examples: Here are a few old howtos: And a few really old ones:
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