Java I/O Wish List

I'm collecting wish lists from people who have opinions about what needs adding to Java's I/O classes. Here's the list so far. Eventually I'd like to have a microbenchmark for each one showing the improvement it would bring.

Just about anything you could wish for has been wished for. The Bug Parade lists numerous enhancement requests for I/O enhancements; some have been unfairly rejected (e.g. "HotSpot will magically optimize this case, so we don't need to fix this"), but others have thoughtful comments and analyses appended. Here's a list of enhancements; numbered items are roughly in most-important-first order.


Sun's "Benchmarking Hotspot Q&A" mentions a few common problems with microbenchmarks -- e.g. that Hotspot is smart enough to optimize away dead code -- so I'm trying to be careful to make the benchmarks do real work (e.g. do linecounts and checksums which get printed out).

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