City Lights Efficiency

Los Angeles has a lot of lighting. Is it efficient?

BSL-operated Street Lights


In 2009, the city's Bureau of Street Lighting began replacing 140,000 standard streetlights with LEDs, finishing four years later. As of 2015, the city says it achieved the following reductions: The improvements come partly because the LEDs are more efficient, but also in large part because the new fixtures have precision optics that aim light exactly where it is needed.

Not yet efficient

Another 80,000 BSL-operated street lights have not yet been upgraded to LEDs. These are tricky to upgrade because custom kits may be required for historic street light types, but other cities have had success with this; see e.g. City of Redlands

LADWP-operated Utilitarian Street Lights

The LADWP maintains about 30,000 "utilitarian" street lights on wooden power poles. The ones I have seen are mostly cobra style HPS lamps and boxy ones which give a bluer light; I haven't seen any LED-based ones yet, though the LADWP says they do sometimes replace broken ones with LEDs (but supposedly "not in alleys", for some reason).

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