Leave Windows Behind - but bring your apps with you

Dan Kegel

To be presented at CeBIT 2009's Open Source Forum


Powerful trends today are making non-Windows operating systems attractive to many people and organizations, but everybody has a few key Windows applications they can't do without. Wine can be a useful tool for running legacy applications without having to purchase Windows for every computer. This talk will show you how and why you can leave Windows behind -- and still use key windows applications.


You can view the draft slides as html, ODP, powerpoint, pdf, or the old one-page version.


An archived video of the talk is online at streaming.linux-magazin.de/en/archive_cos09.htm.


Dan Kegel is a software engineer at Google working on the Chrome browser. He enjoys working on Wine in his copious spare time, and wrote the tool 'Winetricks' to make using Wine easier. He served as the release manager for Wine 1.0 in 2008. Dan started programming before MS-DOS came out, and has the scars to prove it.