Digital Cameras - Dec 2002

I needed to do some christmas shopping for a digital camera, but there are so many choices, I had to make notes to keep it all straight in my head. And what better way to make notes than on a web page?

I ended up choosing the Canon A40. It has excellent reviews, its Amazon sales rank is 42 (!), it uses the widely available and inexpensive Compact Flash memory cards, and it is well-supported under Linux.

What kind of memory do they take?

There appear to be five kinds of memory used in cameras on sale today: All of these require their own special readers. For more info on memory card types, see

What's in stores now

Here are prices from ads in the Los Angeles Times, 8 Dec 2002, for cameras with optical zoom for $250 or less:
$100	1.3Mpix	3x	fuji big job (incl usb card reader)                         samy's
$169	1.3Mpix	3x	canon a10 (uses CF memory, 4AA batteries)
$180	2Mpix	3x	fuji finepix2600 usb (incl 16MB SM; uncommon, discontinued) Ritz
$200	2Mpix	3x	fuji finepix2650 (uses xD memory, 2AA bat., USB) (incl 32MB xD Flash, case) Ritz
$200	2Mpix	3x	fuji finepix2650 (incl 32MB xD Flash)                       circuit city
$200	2Mpix	3x	fuji finepix2650                                            radio shack
$200	2Mpix	3x	hp photosmart 620 usb (SD memory)                           office depot ($25 gift certificate)
$200	2Mpix	3x	kodak cx4230 (uses MMC or SD memory)                        office depot
$230	2Mpix	2x	kodak dx3600 (uses CF memory; usb)                          Ritz
$230	2Mpix	3x	nikon coolpix 2000 (uses CF memory, 4AA batteries, USB)     Ritz (after $20 rebate; incl 16MB CF card)
$250	2Mpix	2x	sony dsc-p51 cybershot usb (incl 16 MB memory stick)        Ritz
$250	2Mpix	3x	canon a40 (8MB cf)                                          Ritz
$250	2Mpix	3x	canon a40 (incl. 32MB cf)                                   best buy
$250	2Mpix	3x	canon a40 (incl. 64MB cf)                                   office depot
$250	2Mpix	3x	canon a40                                                   samy's
$250	2Mpix	3x	olympus camedia D520 usb (incl. 32MB SmartMedia)            best buy
$250	2Mpix	3x	olympus camedia D520 usb                                    samy's
$250	2Mpix	3x	panasonic DMC-LC20 (incl. 8BM SD memory card)


See also the Usenet newsgroup (archived at google)

Linux Support

Here are a few links about Linux support for these cameras.

Manufacturer's Support

Here are a few links for firmware updates and the like for these cameras.


On 27 Jan 2003, Xose sent a whole bunch of good links:
more _interesting_ review/tricks for a40:

only spanish:

Canon PowerShot A-Series Users Group:

and one note:
"There are NO MORE A-40 cameras ... Canon will announce a replacement
for this great little camera soon ... stay tuned!"

... link about linux support:

and good unofficial news, support 1G flash:

about Battery and chargers:

usb reader for support memory cards if gphoto doesn't support your camera:

Digital film (aka compact flash memory card) comparisons: comparison of many compact flash cards The CompactFlash Performance Database "So you'd like to ... know which Compact Flash card is the fastest"

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