Alexander Daniel Kegel


Here's his 7th grade homework links


Or, It's a wiggleworm!

At 7:55 PM 7 August 2003, at about 34 degrees 01.620 minutes north, 118 degrees 29.229 minutes west, standing 20 inches tall, weighing in at 8 pounds 5 ounces, Alexander Daniel Kegel entered this world kicking and screaming! Alex is blood type O negative, which assures that he'll be hounded by the Red Cross for donations; let's hope he doesn't share his father's tendency to faint at the thought of having blood drawn.

Day 1: The Nuclear Family

Day 2: Dad and Alex Are Sleepy

(Dad's shirt by the Museum of Jurassic Technology)

Day 3: Mother Attempts to Communicate

Day 4: The Car Ride Home

Day 5: Already Holding Bottle by Himself

(Note: the bottle's an exception; most days Alex gets his milk fresh from the source.) Month 14: The Box