Issues with BRE's Wilshire / La Brea Development


The block on the southeast corner of La Brea Ave and Wilshire Boulevard (map) has been going downhill for some time, in spite of having a historic bank building and a classic art deco car dealership (now a strip mall). The back of the block was townhouses until the '50s, but was replaced by a large parking lot, which is now rather seedy looking.

BRE Properties, a large California developer, purchased the entire block around 2007, and is driving forward with plans for a 500 unit plus retail development. The project has its own web site.

Environmental Impact Report

The project's Draft and Final Environmental Impact Reports are available online. (The Final one is short because it just refers to the Draft one; you have to look at both.)

Draft EIR Comments

The project had a public meeting for comments on the Draft EIR. The public comments and BRE's responses to those comments are online as part of the Final EIR. BRE's response to each comment was generally to restate it and then explain why it didn't matter. Often, BRE said that the comment was simply a personal opinion offered without supporting evidence, and as such, should be ignored.


One of the concerns expressed in the comments was that there might be insufficient water supply for this development.

Will Los Angeles also have to stop new developments because of its seriously overburdened water supply?

The sections of the EIR dealing with water supply are:

Problems from existing homeowners' point of view:

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